Work Requests in Victoria

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Learn more about Island Basement Systems' recent work requests in Victoria, BC
Vicinity of Gladstone Avenue in Victoria
Every winter my basement floods
Vicinity of Jalan Place in Victoria
I have a heated concrete slab crawl space that recently had rats move in. Made a mess of some insulation and I'm looking to have it cleaned up and insulation replaced. Thank you.
Vicinity of Judge Pl in Victoria
We a spot in our basement that is wet with heavy rain fall once this year and once last year.
Vicinity of Foster St in Victoria
Crawl space leaks.
Vicinity of Bushby Street in Victoria
Basement floods when it rains heavily. Walls leak and foundation cracks let in water. We have a sump hole but it needs to be bigger.
Vicinity of Salsbury Way in Victoria
Hello we are getting water through one of the basement walls (ground level) and were hoping for an assessment and repair quote. Thanks
Vicinity of Fairfield Rd in Victoria
I have a crack in my basement foundation from the top to the floor. It doesn't appear to be leaking and the width of the crack isn't too big but I would like to have it sealed properly before doing some renovations. The height of the foundation wall is 50". Thank You, Jeff.
Vicinity of Kings Road in Victoria
Basement perimeter drains
Vicinity of Carey Road in Victoria
There is a suite under our office space and we have water coming in around the perimeter of the downstairs suite. It is not running water coming in.. there is a leak around the perimeter after the heavy rains. I would love to get a quote on how to fix this and get it resolved. Thanks kindly Debra. PS It might be best to email me as I hardly answer my cell phone. If we could set up a date after Christmas that would be great..
Vicinity of Obed Ave in Victoria
I have water working its way into our basement... which shocked me since I had the drains cleared/cleaned and repaired a section of the drain near the area where water is showing. I have spoken to a plumber about scoping the drains to ensure they are not compromised... but I am doubting if they'll find anything. I'm wondering if there is an actual crack or deficiency with the foundation...? Either way, I thought this may be a problem better suited to your business.
Vicinity of Bow Road in Victoria
Small leak in a basement corner only with very heavy rain
Vicinity of McBriar Avenue in Victoria
Basement flooding.
Vicinity of Haultain Street in Victoria
Would like to have our crawlspace, attic and sump pump checked. Want to make sure no issues with moisture and improve ventilation and insulation.
Vicinity of McAdoo Pl in Victoria
I have one corner of the house where the water comes in where the floor and wall meet. I had done some interior plumbing, do installed a sump at the time. i would like a quote to have someone do the rest.
Vicinity of Torrington Rd in Victoria
We have three young kids and a basement mudroom in our house that has poor heating. We hang all the kids wet gear up in the room and find it is not drying by morning. Installing a dehumidifier in the room seems like a good option, and the SaniDry™ XP Basement Air System might be a good fit. Rob
Vicinity of Ascot Drive in Victoria
Looking for a quote to encapsulate my crawl space
Vicinity of High Forest Place in Victoria
Smells in crawlspace
Vicinity of Mimosa PL. in Victoria
Waterproofing foundation around home office
Vicinity of Oakland Ave in Victoria
Our home is from 1913 and not energy efficient. We know we need lots more insulation, and with the current double rebates offered by Fortis/BCHydro, now seems like a great time to do this project. We have an unfinished basement and no insulation between the basement and the main floor, so the floor is freezing, and we also have an upstairs/attic space that is extremely cold. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!
Vicinity of Walnut Street in Victoria
I'm interested in getting an estimate for the cost of properly encapsulating and insulating the crawlspace of our very small house (531 sq. ft) built in 1914. I took a peek into the crawlspace recently and it looks a lot like the "before" photos on your website! I'm also concerned that there may be access to the main floor for rodents and insects so it would be fabulous to close up any potential entry points.
Vicinity of Cornwall Street in Victoria
Moved into old house 3 months ago with 2 older sump pump systems (one in basement, other in front yard). The sump pump in the basement drains a pit that causes excess moisture in the basement when the furnace is not running. There are 6 entry pipes into the pit of which maybe 2 are still used. The washing machine also drained into the pit, but I have recently added a 3rd sump pump exclusively for the washing machine. The sump pump in the basement pit drains into the sewer system which i have been told is incorrect since 1 of the entry pipes is from a drain outside the basement door. I would like to bring the basement sump pump system up to current standards. The sump pump in the front yard pumps the solid pipe underground drains up to the city storm drains. I have heard that the city storm drain on cornwall street is not very deep and have also noticed that most of my neighbours do not have below ground basements. In addition, as soon as it starts to rain, a small amount water flows continuously into the basement from the concrete driveway through the cracked and crumbling old 1911 foundation. Luckily there is drain close to where the water is flowing that drains to the pit. I'll be having the gutters unclogged in the near future which may help reduce the water flowing onto the driveway. Since I have only lived here since August and haven't experienced a full wet winter, the full extent of the water issue is not known as yet. A scope was done of the drainage system that provided me with the above information.
Vicinity of Davie St in Victoria
Doing renovations to the basement and found that there is some old wood stored in the cavity under the front stairs outside the foundation. Looks like either dry rot or some wood boring insects. Want to get it checked out to see what it is and what it would take to get it fixed. Thanks
Vicinity of Hilarie Pl in Victoria
We have done significant renovations to our home and we still get rodents in our house between the floors. They must be coming from our crawl space. Need an inspection and recommendation what we can do to ensure the space is sealed.
Vicinity of Brooke Street in Victoria
We have 2 sump pumps. One for the downstairs plumbing, the other outside for perimeter drainage. We need both to be inspected (and serviced, if necessary) and to ensure all electrical connections and alarms are working properly.
Vicinity of Beach Drive in Victoria
I have a outdoor sump pump that failed last year and I am considering a second battery operated sump pump so that I have protection during power outages.
Vicinity of Maimie Pl in Victoria
Wanting to clean up and seal crawl space. Want to replace/add insulation where missing.
Vicinity of in Victoria
I am in the ground floor suite of a condo building. The flooring under my sliding glass door is taking on water.
Vicinity of Coventry Ave in Victoria
We are looking to have our basement walls insulated, as well as a bit more insulation added to our attic and would like a quote.
Vicinity of Forshaw RD in Victoria
34 year old home with some moisture problems in the crawl space. Possibly some mold issues Looking to get these item's addressed the best possible
Vicinity of Coronation Ave in Victoria
Install dehumidifier in crawl space
Vicinity of Dale Street in Victoria
I have a dirt crawl space. I would like to look at vapour sealing it to reduce moisture. I use a dehumidifier now but would like to seal the dirt floor.
Vicinity of Gladstone Ave in Victoria
We have a 1970s house, and have a musty smell coming from our basement. We have a crawl space under the house (rock), and want to look at our options going forward.
Vicinity of Michigan Street in Victoria
Hi my building at the above address is looking to have their elevator pit sealed and is looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Salsbury Way in Victoria
70 year old house, on granite, where the foundation meets the granite...weeping slightly but ongoing. Granite toe extends into the basement area...OH JOY! Thanks for getting back to us. Cheers Lee
Vicinity of Craigflower Road in Victoria
We discovered a colony of termites in the crawl space. They have been exterminated. We can see signs of damage to wood supports.
Vicinity of Tattersall Dr in Victoria
Hello, Next summer we will be moving back into the home that we are currently renting out. It is a large basement footprint and a "1911" home like many older homes in Victoria. The basement us fairly usable but we would like to -seal out rats once and for all; -thoroughly clean the rock and concrete floor; -deal with portion of the floor under the addition that appear to be just dirt; -remove all wires and pipes that are no longer in use; -properly insulate the walls floor and ceiling; -and generally prepare the space for a small rec-room or storage room to be built. Does this sound like something you would be interested in generating a quote for? Chris
Vicinity of Doncaster Drive in Victoria
We have a finished basement that has high humidity. The floor is raised and the concrete appears to have linoleum on it. There is a wine cellar 'closet' that is underneath the front stairs where the sub floor is exposed. We would like to see what solutions are available to us to reduce the humidity (maybe a dehumidifier in the wine cellar).
Vicinity of Pipeline RD in Victoria
I'm exploring encapsulating my crawlspace to improve energy efficiency and air quality inside my house.
Vicinity of Regina Ave in Victoria
Hi, I am looking to install vapor barrier in the crawl space of my house. I am looking for an estimate of what it would cost. I live in a house that is approximately 990 square feet. Thanks, Katie
Vicinity of Dunsmuir Road in Victoria
During a basement reno project I discovered a foundation crack. It does not penetrate the foundation entirely but I feel it prudent to have it reviewed and if necessary filled/repaired. Looking for a quote and an assessment.
Vicinity of Shelbourne St in Victoria
Looking for a quote for crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Victoria
There is a pretty significant crack in the foundation, and it appears to be directly under the front stairs, which have cracked parallel to the foundation.
Vicinity of Patly Place in Victoria
Basement, 39 sm crawl space below frame house, built on exposed rock. Needs moisture sealing and insulation.
Vicinity of Robinwood Drive in Victoria
Already above
Vicinity of Lovat in Victoria
Our crawlspace is damp and has a dirt floor with no sump. Looking to get a quote to seal the crawlspace while taking into consideration that I would do some of the work for prep and cleanup, etc
Vicinity of Moorpark Place in Victoria
Crawl space in 30 year old house we purchased 1 year ago is smelly and had some flooding during our hard rains last winter. Looking for help on how to keep us safe and get rid of the smell.
Vicinity of Sooke Road in Victoria
Quote for "Darkened areas on underside of sheathing suggest excessive moisture formation in the attic which has allowed organic substances to form. Several things are possibly contributing to this including poor ventilation and kitchen/bath fans venting into the attic space"
Vicinity of Price Rd in Victoria
Water in crawl space after heavy rains
Vicinity of Cedar Hill Road in Victoria
Need more insulation in ceiling- looking for quote Have basement that we would like to insulate, there is some white crystal from water coming through concrete and wanted ideas and quote
Vicinity of Logan Ave in Victoria
Our house tends to be damp and I am thinking that a dehumidifier might help. Not sure what it costs to purchase and install a whole home dehumidifier or whether a smaller unit or two would work just fine for our purposes. I would appreciate hearing about dehumidifers and getting some recommendations.
Vicinity of Keats St in Victoria
A bit of water is getting into one corner of our basement as there is too much water flowing off the roof and the current downspout cant hand this excess water.
Vicinity of Gordon Head Rd in Victoria
I used my crawl space as storage. I cleaned it up my self and put in pvc garage flooring stuff in there. It was good for the first few years. But I saw ants and spiders this year, and it getting damp under the pvc. I was wondering whether u guys have some good ideas or not.
Vicinity of Morland Rd in Victoria
First sign of termites in crawl space
Vicinity of Pendene Place in Victoria
Im looking to finish my basement, but it's got multiple vertical cracks in the foundation wall. I'd like these, as well as the rest of my foundation inspected and an estimate on cost to repair the foundation before I start work. Thanks!
Vicinity of Gardenia Court in Victoria
Crawlspace has had most insulation taken down from walls due to previous ant extermination, so needs to be re-insulated. Crawlspace has had vents taped up, but maybe could be sealed better. Area where sewage and water lines enter/exit the building has been an entry point for ants in the past and needs to be sealed properly. May benefit from additional moisture-reduction measures.
Vicinity of Kings Rd in Victoria
We are trying to sell our home. Our crawl space isn't very pretty. The structure is 98 years old but was deemed sound when we bought it 22 years ago. We are interested in making it acceptable to a potential home inspection. Thank you.
Vicinity of Victor Street in Victoria
Looking for a subfloor system
Vicinity of Owlwood Pl in Victoria
We would like to clean, insulate, weatherproof, and rodentproof our crawlspace. Thanks!
Vicinity of Estevan in Victoria
WE need to replace out draintile/ storm and sewer lines
Vicinity of Edgeware Road in Victoria
I have noticed a vertical crack in my foundation recently and some growing cracks in the drywall inside. I would like someone who is knowledgeable about foundations to take a look to determine what is happening and what would be required to repair it.
Vicinity of Carloss Place in Victoria
We need to ventilate the crawl space that is windowless and the air smells stuffy which in turn blows into the house through our furnace.
Vicinity of Darwin Ave in Victoria
Insulating basement
Vicinity of Rowland Ave in Victoria
I have an unfinished basement, approx 725 sq ft that I would like waterproofed before continuing with finishing the basement. During heavy rain fall last January, we noticed that water had come in along some of the bottom perimeter of the basement foundation.
Vicinity of Mark Lane in Victoria
We have some rot on a joist that is a cantilevered deck. It needs repair or replacement. Please help!
Vicinity of Telegraph Bay Road in Victoria
Hi Chris, you beefed up our floor joists and spray foamed our crawlspace several years ago. I would like to have some additional insulation added to our roof and have our currently uninsulated garage cavities spray-foamed from the inside (the walls are drywalled already). Can you come by at some point and give us a quote? T
Vicinity of Inverness in Victoria
About a foot of water in the elevator pit
Vicinity of Leigh Place in Victoria
Hello, I would like to get a quote for properly insulating my crawlspace. Thank you
Vicinity of Neild Rd in Victoria
Hello, I am building a 750sf bungalow and am looking for a quote to supply and install the insulation. Install would be happening in a month or so. Regards, Dave
Vicinity of Glen Lake Rd in Victoria
House is cold, lots of moisture and mold in attic, the main floor walls open up into attic so I don't think we have proper sealing of air
Vicinity of Burnside Rd W in Victoria
Water seepage during heavy rain in basement suite.
Vicinity of Forbes St in Victoria
Hi there, I would like to get a quote/consultation regarding air sealing and installing blown in insulation in my attic space. Thanks
Vicinity of Moore Pl in Victoria
We have had some water enter our basement in heavy rains. We had some investigation of our perimeter drains done, and have been advised that a French drain system in our basement should resolve oir problem. We would like to get a quote to install such a system.
Vicinity of Tolmie Avenue in Victoria
Tow things: 1. We had an energy inspection done in December. Recommends sealing and insulation. Require quote. 2. We plan to also address basement drainage and/or waterproofing in the near future. Require quote.
Vicinity of Arbutus in Victoria
Basement flood
Vicinity of in Victoria
Have a water issue in my basement with all the rain in Victoria...need an assessment/estimate. Wet carpet will be pulled up in the next few days and hoping to have the area inspected by your company before new flooring gets installed
Vicinity of Chandler Avenue in Victoria
My crawl space is dry but smells and I think it is affecting the air quality in my basement. Would like you to come and have a look, determine what is required to seal it. Thanks
Vicinity of Bay St in Victoria
Crawl space advise Heating,, ventilation, humidity
Vicinity of Robalee Place in Victoria
Looking to update insulation on our 1995 home for better energy efficiency. Would like to discuss our options for upgrades.
Vicinity of Amblewood Dr in Victoria
Water coming into one part of basement. Appears to be only along one short wall.
Vicinity of Karen Crescent in Victoria
I would like a quote on insulating a garage.
Vicinity of Lincoln Road in Victoria
Finished renovation and need insulation in attic, roughly 1800 sqf.
Vicinity of Glanford Ave in Victoria
We have a sump pump inside our basement suite that needs a battery back up system for power outages. Our perimeter drain flow into our house then get pumped out. Very poorly designed.
Vicinity of Shorncliffe Rd South in Victoria
Foundation leak.
Vicinity of Goldstream in Victoria
Home inspection revealed inadequacies in crawl space. Requires continuous vapour barrier, insulation and ventilation.
Vicinity of in Victoria
House built in 1986 has 3 ft crawlspace with numerous pieces of fibre glass insulation between the floor joists that have fallen out. would also like to wrap (insulate) the hot water lines
Vicinity of Kisber Avenue in Victoria
I have an insulated crawlspace and my hardwood floors are always cold. I was looking for some ideas about warming up my floors and making my house more energy efficient.
Vicinity of in Victoria
Cool air in the living room and kitchen. House is 4 years old.
Vicinity of Chimo Pl in Victoria
One of my crawl space corner is leaking water (the water is probably from excess of water of the drain tile) when heavy rain. So likely there is a need to replace some of the drain tile.
Vicinity of in Victoria
I am looking for some air sealing work , i have jad a home energy audit and have a few areas of concern
Vicinity of Antrobus Cres in Victoria
Musty smell coming from crawl space
Vicinity of Monterey Avenue in Victoria
Hi there, We have an accepted offer on a house in Oak Bay and have just received the results of the building inspection and there are some issues with the foundation. How quickly would you guys be able to have someone on site to be able to review the job and provide a quote? Time is of the essence due to subject removal and we will need to attempt to re-negotiate the price with the seller. Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience, and thank you in advance. Christine & Simon
Vicinity of Kilgary Pl in Victoria
Sagging/squeeking floors in 1950's rancher style home w/ 3'ft crawl space.
Vicinity of Reynolds Rd in Victoria
Cracked foundation on 1960s house. Drilled 2" hole through foundation wall and a week later noticed a vertical crack. Small cracks in other areas too
Vicinity of Ross Durrance Rd. in Victoria
I would like to replace the floor insulation in my cold crawlspace. It consists of fibreglass bats held up with chicken wire because of sagging caused by condensation. There is no vapor barrier on the floor of the crawlspace and it would be hard to install one since the ground is very uneven and rocky. The house is on cement footings so there is no foundation or exterior wall that defines the crawlspace from the outside, just a wood skirt backed by board insulation that was installed to prevent the pipes from freezing. Rigid board insulation would be my preferred replacement, perhaps installed with a vapor barrier under the joists if you think that is advisable. The overall floor area is approximately 1300 square feet.
Vicinity of Rogers Close in Victoria
I have a fine crack in the crawlspace foundation that I would like to have sealed.
Vicinity of Graham Street in Victoria
Need to evaluate how to better insulate my home
Vicinity of in Victoria
There's a beam in our crawlspace that may need to be repaired.
Vicinity of Vining Street in Victoria
Just bought the house at address above. It has an unfinished basement which we plan to finish. The current owners says There is some water leakage into the basement when there are heavy rains. We are wondering if there is a solution that can address the leakage from the inside rather than having to dig up the yard and install perimeter drains.
Vicinity of Iona in Victoria
Moisture and mold in crawl space
Vicinity of in Victoria
24" Crawl space under mobile needs addressing for vapour barrier, insulation, etc. One area at back of house need to be dug to 24" as well.
Vicinity of Musgrave St in Victoria
Noticing some mould growing along the top edges of exposed bricks in one room in our basement.
Vicinity of Sandell Place in Victoria
Would like to seal ground-level concrete basement floor to prevent seepage of moisture from below.
Vicinity of Ker Ave in Victoria
We're looking for an on site quote of attic insulation in our home. We may not have a high enough R value, our soffits might be blocked and we're unsure if our bathroom fan and rangehood are venting properly. I called and left a message earlier in the week, but received no reply.
Vicinity of McIver Ave in Victoria
I have a client whom I am trying to get a good honest quote for. She needs the following services done in the crawlspace (900sqft): -furnace reinsulated -bottom re-vaporbarriered -flooring studs insulated -small patch in foundation to patch with cement -new crawlspace door installed -dryer ventilation rehooked up (easy) I broke my arm and cannot do this myself. Im looking for a team who can.
Vicinity of Forrester Street in Victoria
Hi, I would like a quote to fix wood rot below my bathroom floor (close to the bathtub). Thanks
Vicinity of Rock Hill Place in Victoria
There is a crack that I've discovered in the external foundation of our home. The room on the other side of crack has been damp for some time.
Vicinity of Donald Street in Victoria
Looking to get Vapor barrier installed in a 2.5' Crawl space in approx 900 square feet area of a 1930's home.
Vicinity of Glastonbury Rd in Victoria
The crawl space under my 1987 built home has always had a musty smell and has efflorescence on the concrete floor. The crawl space floor is sloping and dampness appears at the bottom in the winter but we have never had any evidence of water. This is something I have put off for years but as we get closer to the point where we may be selling our home, I would like to have it dealt with. I am interested in getting a quote.
Vicinity of in Victoria
Our converted attic has R20 insulation and gets very hot during the day from March to October. Remaining attic access is limited. We're looking for the most cost effective way to keep it tolerable during the warmer months - ideally without pulling down drywall. Maybe insulating part of the roof is better than nothing?
Vicinity of Cedar Hill Cross Roda in Victoria
There is crack in one of basement walls. I would like to seal it with Poluy euthrance. Would like a quote on it. I can send the pictures for it
Vicinity of Grandview Drive in Victoria
The floor in two areas which rests on crawl space has cracked tile marks. We are unsure if they are just settlement cracks or something more. We are hoping to get an opinion/free quote to see if any work is needed to either repair/replacement or reinforce the foundation.
Vicinity of Wicklow St in Victoria
Floor drain backing up into unfinished basement. Multiple locations of leaks through foundation walls during heavy rain. Pre-existing sump pump is running around the clock. Minimal exterior drainage exists. We have intentions on finishing a portion of the basement in the future so would like to solve water issues promptly.
Vicinity of Powderly Avenue in Victoria
Seem to have general moisture problems. no basement in house. want to make sure no black mold
Vicinity of Howe St in Victoria
Need new perimeter drain system
Vicinity of Brookleigh Rd in Victoria
Crawl space issues please call
Vicinity of Walter Avenue in Victoria
My crawl space is damp and humid. I need a new covered sump pump and whatever else is needed to bring the humidity down and prevent mold.
Vicinity of Hamsterly Rd in Victoria
I want to finish my basement which has foundation on a rock with a small amount of seepage during heavy rains
Vicinity of Craddock St in Victoria
Basement floor replacement
Vicinity of Haro Rd in Victoria
Leaky crawl space.
Vicinity of Pembroke Street in Victoria
We have a crawl space with mice and super cold. I would like to get it insulated where the mice don't have batt insulation to live in and they can't get in while encapsulating the space to provide moisture barrier and heat etc.
Vicinity of Balmoral Rd. in Victoria
Sump pump needs replacing. One pump works, other doesn't. Currently, manually plugging in/out, so as to pass the alarm. Hydromatic Pumps, Pump + 15ish years old.
Vicinity of Burnside Road West in Victoria
Very cold walls. House built in 1958.
Vicinity of Regina Avenue in Victoria
Water in basement
Vicinity of Marifield in Victoria
Water coming up through cracks in concrete basement floor after being dry for past 9 years (duration of home ownership).
Vicinity of Edward Street in Victoria
Water entering basement
Vicinity of Goyette Rd in Victoria
Some spots of water coming up through crawlspace floor + associated mold growth.
Vicinity of Forest Park Drive in Victoria
We have a sump pump in our basement and it stopped working during the recent power outage. We have a battery backup but it too failed. I've been able to get it working again, but wanted to make sure it was repaired correctly. I would also like to know if the pump needs to be replaced ( old) and other options available to us with respect to having the pump connected to a generator. Thanks.
Vicinity of Millstream Road in Victoria
We have a 3' crawlspace that i would like to remove the fibreglass insulation and vapour and replace it with spray foam insulation. The crawspace is dry with a concrete floor.
Vicinity of St. Andrews St. in Victoria
I have a basement with old pink fibreglass insulation stuff in the ceiling - easily accessible because it is visible - and would like a quote for removing it. I read your info re remedying basements - plugging access holes and disinfecting - as I have been in this home for 13 years and have never even had a mouse until recently - we got rid of them - but now there is a rat! and I am terrified! I need the whole caboodle cleaning up. I would like an estimate asap. Thanks
Vicinity of Foster St in Victoria
We are having water leaking and seeping issues in the basement that appear to be coming from ground of foundation.
Vicinity of Derby Rd. in Victoria
We are looking to remove old insulation in our crawlspace and have it re-insulated.
Vicinity of Zinnia Rd in Victoria
Our basement crawl space is not sealed and we have a rat problem.
Vicinity of Cadboro Bay Road in Victoria
Water is seeping up through the cracks in our basement floor. We recently did a renovation and the perimeter drains but it is now worse. Could you help us? Thanks, Lynne
Vicinity of Craigflower Road in Victoria
I have a house from 1914 that I recently had a huge renovation done. The exterior was completely re-done, re-sheated with plywood, wrapped with this styrofoam/foil insulation, and then covered with Hardiplank. Our basement has always been a cold/wetter area, but since the renovation, the basement has become very dank. I purchased a dehumidifier to clean it up, as I was noticing bad smells and mold. This has helped the basement tremendously, but it is not a long term solution (and I have heard it is not healthy for the house). I am planning on getting some electric baseboards installed within the basement to start heating it, but I was wondering if you could suggest something we can do to increase ventilation. I was looking at possibly an air exchanger, but am open to idea. The main floor of the house is heated by a ductless heat pump.
Vicinity of Hampshire Rd. in Victoria
Crawlspace not properly sealed against rodents, etc.. Not sure about moisture or other issues - haven't noticed a problem.
Vicinity of Oakmount Rd in Victoria
Problem: water seepage into the crawl space of my house. last year when i had my roof de-mossed, i went into the crawl space and discovered a significant (as in 2') of water below the stairwell. i installed a second sump, but i am now wondering if the area also collects water when there's a heavy rain. water also seeps in by the small door that leads into the crawl space. the house sits on rock, was built in 1947 without any drain system into the back or front. I would like to get an estimate on how much it would cost to seal the crawl space. (| work during the day but you'e welcome to visit and have a look when i'm not home). thanks. Lesley
Vicinity of Yale Street in Victoria
I would like the ceiling of my crawl space insulated in order to keep my home warmer.
Vicinity of Gloria Place in Victoria
Musty smelling basement
Vicinity of Glen Lake Road in Victoria
Dirt floor in crawl space. Not enough height for heat pump. Not really insulated causing a lot of heat loss. Wondering if it should be encapsulated. Thanks.
Vicinity of Cedar Hill Cross Road in Victoria
I have a sagging crawl space support system in one particular area of my house.
Vicinity of Darwin Avenue in Victoria
Hello, We are noticing cracks in the walls in part of what was an extension done a few years ago on our house. Our backdoor is also becoming crooked. Thanks! Megan
Vicinity of Nicklaus Drive in Victoria
Have my crawl Space cleaned out
Vicinity of Cowichan Street in Victoria
I have a cement-floor room under my sundeck and water seeps in by the door during heavy rain. I have already had my drains redone. I want to be able to use this room for more storage, and want it to be drier. Can the cement floor be sealed or something similar?
Vicinity of Pilot in Victoria
Hi I wish to buy a Zoeller Sump pump to replace my Pump. If you want to do a quote and save me the job of the replacement, then all the better, but I definitely need a pump. The smaller one will do. I would also be interested in one battery backup system. How often do you recommend replacing the Zoeller pumps? Chris
Vicinity of Hodgson Pl in Victoria
Basement insulation on renovation. I want a quote on: -spray foam for exterior walls -batted insulation in ceiling/floor joists Wall cavities and ceiling are all open. Partial remaining batts will be removed and disposed of by myself.
Vicinity of Scott St in Victoria
Asthma and Allergies
Vicinity of Agnes in Victoria
We have a 1960's house with a 3 foot crawl space with a humidity problem. When I cleaned the crawl space I noticed some small cracks in the foundation wall that will need to be repaired. I want to resolve the root cause of the humidity problem. This may involve installing a vapor barrier or upgrading the perimeter drainage.
Vicinity of Moss Street in Victoria
We have a small amount of water in our unfinished basement every winter.
Vicinity of Morland Rd in Victoria
Our crawl space is quite damp and musty smelling. We are looking at getting it sealed, and whatever other repairs that may be required. Thanks Jason
Vicinity of Purdys Burn Pl in Victoria
Not sure my crawl spâce has appropriate ventilation. concerned about a musty smell.
Vicinity of Clovelly Terrace in Victoria
Hi there, Just moved into a home with a dirt/ exposed rock crawlspace and am considering some options to - encapsulate - or - encapsulate + install de-humidifier - install interior perimeter drain + sump - installing additional column supports/ foundations Some efflorescence and dampness is noted in crawlspace. 1947 home. Looking forward to chatting about this. John
Vicinity of Yew Street in Victoria
Looking for a quote for perimeter drains and possibly some concrete work.
Vicinity of Killdeer Road in Victoria
3 small attic spaces that have had rodent infestation. Need to have insulation removed, area cleaned and sealed to prevent them getting in. Need job done as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Mount Stephen Ave in Victoria
Have a crawl space built on bedrock access from side of house. Would like to have it cleaned and sealed so can store things there. Seems to be insulated in most spaces but not sure if it's the best way, and floor has loose dirt, etc.. that needs cleaning out. Would love to get an estimate and have it done relatively soon. Thanks!
Vicinity of Munn Rd in Victoria
Crawl space- we pulled out the batt insulation to install subfloor heating only to find rats had burrowed into much of the insulation. We've removed and disposed of the insulation but the area needs to be cleaned and sealed (vapour and rodent barriers). We are also needing advice regarding insulation that would be appropriate to use with subfloor heating. Thank you! Vanessa
Vicinity of Inez Ave in Victoria
I am purchasing a house built in 1944 that has evidence of water leaking into the basement. I would like to get this repaired.
Vicinity of Haultain Street in Victoria
Foundation cracks requiring sealing. Will possibly need drywall work inside finished basement suite after cracks repaired.
Vicinity of Haultain Street in Victoria
I have a dirt crawl space that I'd like to secure against pests and preserve foundation beams from moisture exposure.
Vicinity of Doncaster Drive in Victoria
We finally got access to our crawl space and the insulation is falling down from the floor joists. There is also a damp smell in our house. We'd like to see what our options are for insulating the space. Thanks! Kerrie
Vicinity of Lakewood Place in Victoria
Hello, Every winter when the rain is the heaviest 4-6 timers per year, our crawlspace floods and there is about 8 inches of water throughout. There is no mold. a sump pump is out of the question and it would be difficult to provide drainage to a lower part of the property. I am mostly concerned with moisture under the wood flooring so my questions is: would it be effective to spray foam under the floor to prevent moisture from coming up? Thanks
Vicinity of in Victoria
I have a musty crawlspace and front entrance. A vent from the crawlspace to the outside has been covered with insulation by a previous owner so there is only one small vent available. There are some black spots on some of the insulation but I do not know if it is mold.
Vicinity of Cook St in Victoria
Hello, I have a basement which I would like to get a skim coat on. 2/3rds of the basement has a poured concrete floor but the remaining 1/3rd is only gravel. We have constant issues with dirt and rats digging underneath the concrete foundation walls, tunnelling in so it is time to upgrade. At the same time I would also like to get a quote for spray foam insulation on the walls in the basement as the old insulation needs replacing. Please let me know when I could get a quote. Thank you for your time, Brett
Vicinity of Wakefield Pl in Victoria
Upgrade the crawlspace insulation/ventilation heat to current standard. Help to check attic condition for more insulation may needed.
Vicinity of Freeman Ave in Victoria
We need to insulate within our walls , we live in a 1950's bungalow
Vicinity of Bellevue Rd in Victoria
Hi there, my current home has a crawl space that I believe is responsible for producing a musty smell due to damp conditions. The crawl space is clean and dry and the ground is covered with a concrete slab - however I think the space may require encapsulation and an outside draining dehumidifier... sealing off band joists and other gaps, hot water tank, etc. Do you use spray foam insulation? I'll have to get back to you on the square footage, but do you have an approximate quote for this kind of service? Thank you very much!
Vicinity of in Victoria
Crack in foundation at back of home beside back door. Also sump pump info for air cond. in summer.
Vicinity of Vincent Avenue in Victoria
Despite our having the main exhaust fan shut off, we are getting smoke and smoky smells in our house due to our neighbours burning wood every day, We would like to know where the smoke is entering the house so we can address the problem.
Vicinity of Sevenoaks Road in Victoria
Hello, I'm am looking to make my floor as sound proof as possible. I have heard spray foam is a good option. If I am making sense I would like to know how much you would charge for doing 650 square feet of a 2x8 floor. Thano you
Vicinity of St. Charles St. in Victoria
Water has started pooling in my crawl space with the onset of this afternoon's rain. It was dry before the rain started - a painter had been down there.
Vicinity of Mowat Street in Victoria
Our home inspector recommended that we address the moisture in the crawl space in our newly purchased home. A cement slurry covering was suggested but we are interested in alternative ways of sealing/insulating the crawl space.
Vicinity of Orillia St in Victoria
Enclosed on three sides under the homes front concrete steps, is a 3x3 metre area with dirt floor. I hope that the dirt floor can be covered so as to prevent any moist air from condensing in the area. Thank you.
Vicinity of Haro Rd in Victoria
Crawl space water after heavy rains
Vicinity of Constance in Victoria
Vicinity of Fairburn Drive in Victoria
Water in crawl space.
Vicinity of Karen Crescent in Victoria
I am looking to get a quote for the installation of roughly 80 cubic feet of blown in insulation (possibly more, depending on the quote). I have a basement bedroom that sits directly under my upstairs living room with hardwood floors. The joist space in the floor/bedroom cieling is empty, so there is a lot of noise transmission. I understand that the insulation won't necessarily get rid of impact noise, but I am hoping it will help a bit. The room is roughly 12' x 12', joists are 2x8's on 16" centers, generally. The cieling is finished, and I'm looking for blown in as I'd prefer not to drop it and I understand holes could be cut in each joist space and then covered back up afterward. I am availble by phone at any time, cheers, Travis
Vicinity of Sayward Street in Victoria
Old house in Fernwood with unheated crawl space. Need options to improve heat efficiency and deter rodents.
Vicinity of in Victoria
Our basement suit flooded this morning, we got the water out with a shop vac and have heaters and fans going but there is noticeable water under the floorboards. Is your company able to help with removing this final amount of water with a higher power vac or the like?
Vicinity of Forbes in Victoria
Quote on insulating our home.
Vicinity of Kildew in Victoria
Cold floor in original part of the house built in 1951
Vicinity of Ridgebak Cresent in Victoria
Need concrete injection in foundation crack causing water leak.
Vicinity of Leeds Pl in Victoria
Truss roof. approx. 1000 sqft. no gables. 8 air vents on the roof. currently has one layer of pink batts. we would like blown in. need install of air venting at edges. also help with rebate offered by hydro.
Vicinity of Dalton Street in Victoria
As we move into winter I would like to see how tight our home is and what I need to do to reduce the heat transfer.
Vicinity of Hapy Valley Rd in Victoria
We have a problem of water seeping into our basement/crawl-space, possibly through cracks in the bedrock on which the foundation rests but definitely between the transition of the poured concrete and the bedrock.
Vicinity of Brookridge Place in Victoria
I am looked my for a company to get my attic insulated ASAP. Just completing a large Reno on a house and looking for R40 blown in insulation to go into the attic. If you can do it soon, you'll be booked in.
Vicinity of Kisber Ave in Victoria
I would like a quote to insulate our crawlspace.
Vicinity of Yew Street in Victoria
We are looking for an estimate to underpin our house. Do you provide this service?
Vicinity of Brittany Drive in Victoria
Quote for crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Cedar Hill Rd. in Victoria
I have wet insulation in my crawl space that needs removing. It's a tight space as well.
Vicinity of Torquay Drive in Victoria
In need of spray foam insulation for the whole house.
Vicinity of Richmond Rd in Victoria
We are wanting an assessment on two of our houses. There are cracks on the walls/ outside structure and would like an assessment on what needs to be done.
Vicinity of Gerda Road in Victoria
I have crawl space problems, some rot in the base of the house that needs repair. We tried to sell our home and the inspection uncovered the problem. Want to repair it so I can put the home back on the market.
Vicinity of in Victoria
I've recently purchased an older mobile home in a park where a friend resides. As we were discussing improvements he recommended your services for releveling and insulation. I believe I also need a new vapour barrier. I was hoping for an estimate.
Vicinity of Griffiths St in Victoria
We live in a 1913 home. Our master bedroom is on the 2nd floor (the attic) and gets (very) cold in the winter months. We're hoping to get some spray foam insulation (or another upgrade) to significantly increase the R-value of the attic space. We're hoping we could explore options with you. Thanks, Tim
Vicinity of Wollaston St. in Victoria
We're hoping to have someone take a look at the basement and crawl space in our home, to get an idea of how we might be able to make the space more usable, and less likely to cause us issues down the line. We're hoping to minimize the risk of water damage (our house sits on a slope), and there is also some damaged/sagging pink insulation in some areas. We think that the whole area could be more effectively sealed and useful. Any help to get an initial sense of the type of work that it might need would be helpful. Thanks!
Vicinity of Lindsay St. in Victoria
I have an almost full height basement that is in need of a checkup - there is a small area on one of the concrete seams that shows as damp if it's been raining excessively. Would also like the air flow / moisture levels checked. Thank you, Sherri
Vicinity of Roseridge Plc in Victoria
Cost, damage to existing foundation
Vicinity of Tovey Crescent in Victoria
We have a set of steps on the front of our house that are open to our basement underneath. We have been getting water seepage coming through. We just had new slate put on the steps but it has not fixed the problem so we need to have them redone properly and want them sealed properly.
Vicinity of Feltham Road in Victoria
Would like a free estimate. Plumber created an opening (downstairs bathroom ceiling) trying to figure out where a leak was coming from. The opening is less than 60cm across. I'm at home 11am-4pm Monday and Tuesday. Please contact me through email. Thank you
Vicinity of Central Ave. in Victoria
Water entered finished part of basement during heavy rains last week
Vicinity of Burnside Road West in Victoria
Leaking somewhere makes water came in basement .
Vicinity of St. Andrews St. in Victoria
We have a crack in the foundation of our basement and water is coming in.
Vicinity of in Victoria
I have a full height unfinished basement/crawl space that has some exposed rubble/bedrock that i want somehow sealed up or covered with concrete or something to give me a nice surface that I can actually keep clean.... getting quotes! Thank you - please EMAIL as to when you could possibly come give me a quote :)
Vicinity of Obed Avenue in Victoria
Cold floors
Vicinity of Crease Ave in Victoria
Dirt crawl space. want to deter rodents.
Vicinity of Shelbourne Ave in Victoria
Do sell parts? I need a float switch for a small sump pump
Vicinity of Kisber Ave in Victoria
Last year during the heavy rain falls, we had rainwater in the basement. Can you take a look at the foundation crack for a repair option. Thanks
Vicinity of in Victoria
Do you dig out crawl spaces or do underpinning.We would like to deepen our crawl space.
Vicinity of Simcoe Street in Victoria
Older basement needing drywall/insulation finishing
Vicinity of Normandy Rd in Victoria
On a cable install the cable technician discovered rat feces in our crawl space.
Vicinity of Bermuda Pl in Victoria
We are interested in adding a basement window that will require a well. We are also looking at ways to finish/semi-finish our basement and you offer several options we would be interested in considering.
Vicinity of Costa Vista Place in Victoria
Looking to find the air leaks and have advice on how to fix them.
Vicinity of Del Monte Ave. in Victoria
Musty smells coming up from crawl space, possible moisture entry/accumulation in crawl space.
Vicinity of in Victoria
Some issues in the crawl space were identified as a result of a building inspection. We'd like to have you come and give us an estimate.
Vicinity of Selkirk Avenue in Victoria
We have a basement that is unfinished. We want to eventually put in a suite and a second bathroom, but it is wet wet wet whenever it really rains.
Vicinity of Tattersall Drive in Victoria
I am looking to reduce the noise from a PVC waste water pipe inside a wall 8' x 16" x 6" thick.
Vicinity of Oak St. in Victoria
I have an attic that is in need of insulation
Vicinity of Ralph Street in Victoria
We have tenants complaining of odor coming from our crawlspace. We've had a plumber coming in - no issues. May be an uncapped sewer line and potentially some mold. We are looking for a quote on how to help ventilate the crawlspace better.
Vicinity of Wolsey Place in Victoria
We purchased a 2000 sqft bungalow with a crawl space. It is dry and in good condition. The space has a cemented floor with air vents to the outside but no insulation to the upper floor. It also has a baseboard heater that was on all the time. Interested to find out what is the recommended way to insulate the crawl space to warm up the main floor and reduce heating costs.
Vicinity of Rita Rd in Victoria
Would like a quote to close our garage in.
Vicinity of Reeve Pl in Victoria
Request a quote for attic insulation upgrade at home?
Vicinity of Rockcrest Ave in Victoria
Looking for a company that installs foam on rv's in victoria Thanks
Vicinity of in Victoria
I am interested in a Home Energy Audit Estimate, and for an estimate on what would be required to improve the insulation in my crawl space.
Vicinity of in Victoria
We'd like our attic insulation upgraded ASAP to qualify for the rebate program. Thanks!
Vicinity of Rolston Crescent in Victoria
Constant moisture in crawl space and high humidity in house.
Vicinity of Belton Ave in Victoria
To whom it may concern, my wife and I purchased our home 3 years ago and even though the crawl space has been on my list of to do's, i have felt intimidated by not know exactly what should be done. I live in a 1912 character home in and the home is a Balloon Frame construction with a dirt crawl space and the house is being supported by wood posts support wood beams supporting the floor. It is very poorly insulated with droopy fiberglass insulation, the is pooling water during the winter months, a couple posts have completely rotted out and one post is simply not even there anymore, and the floors are always cold in the winter. I could use some help determining what should be done to help protect my homes foundation and create a more energy efficient home for this up coming winter.
Vicinity of Aquarius Road in Victoria
Having mould remediation done on large crawl space and need quote on sealing it after
Vicinity of in Victoria
Needing a vapour barrier I live in Langford and a modular home and I have a concrete barrier around my for a skirt around my trailer and I find there's smell down below because there is cracks in the foundation that will be rock foundation and I've been wanting to get this done since I moved in last Christmas so if you could give me a call so we can do an estimate that would be awesome thank you
Vicinity of in Victoria
I'm a realtor and I have a client thats is purchasing a house conditions come off Friday . It's a 1990's built house located in Sidney and the crawl space seems to have quite a bit of moisture with lots of effloresence and some deterioration on the cement wall .
Vicinity of in Victoria
Need quote for attic blow in Hydro rebates?
Vicinity of Piedmont Drive in Victoria
I need to have my crawl space cleaned out and looking good. I'm putting the house up for sale.
Vicinity of Scottswood Place in Victoria
Hi. We are looking for a quote for insulating our crawl space. We would like to get rid of the damp smell. Thanks.
Vicinity of McNair St in Victoria
Hi, I noticed some crumbling, musty smell and tiny holes in concrete on the basement wall. Would like to havevit looked at. Thanks!
Vicinity of St. Charles St. in Victoria
Crawlspace assessment/upgrade. Vapour barrier replacement.
Vicinity of Penshurst Rd in Victoria
Hi - we're looking for an estimate to get our crawl space power-vacuumed, cleaned up. Thanks!
Vicinity of Dunn Ave in Victoria
I would like an estimate for installing a French drain in my driveway.
Vicinity of Lochside in Victoria
Seeking an estimate to draft proof my home: attic, and electrical outlets and around chimneys in attic. weather stripping around doors., Findings from recent energy assessment will be provided.
Vicinity of Obed Ave in Victoria
I have a cracked foundation wall and floor...
Vicinity of Finlayson in Victoria
I have a crack in my homes foundation. Was hoping you might shed some light on how to repair it. I don't want to lift the house
Vicinity of Gosper Cres. in Victoria
We are thinking about putting new flooring downstairs but before that we would like to ensure we can get rid of some extra humidity and were wondering about getting an estimate
Vicinity of Kingsmill Rd. in Victoria
We are moving into a new house and need our crawlspace tidied up. Some of the insulation has fallen down etc. We just want to ensure it is sealed up properly and tidied up.
Vicinity of Empire St in Victoria
We are moving into a new home this Friday, and we would like to insulate the crawlspace and the underfloor. The house has a concrete foundation and a concrete pad which looks in good condition.
Vicinity of Estevan Ave in Victoria
We have one part of our basement that leaks water in under specific conditions. We do not have general leakage, but just under our front steps when water accumulates there.
Vicinity of Burton Ave in Victoria
I would like to get a quote on insulation of the walls for my house.
Vicinity of Meadowland Drive in Victoria
Need estimate to seal crawl space rough concrete floor
Vicinity of Princess Ave in Victoria
Hi, I am interested in having an assessment completed of my basement and a quote for an installation of a dehumidifier. thanks,
Vicinity of Delete Street in Victoria
Dirt floor crawl space that needs insulation and moisture control.
Vicinity of Arundel in Victoria
Sagging floors. Looking to reinforce/repair foundation to accommodate addition to house
Vicinity of Obed Ave in Victoria
No vapor barrier in crawl space
Vicinity of Nancy Place in Victoria
Sump pump servicing
Vicinity of Clinton Pl in Victoria
I'm concerned with the crawlspace and possibly perimeter drains. House is a 1987, we've lived here for 7 years, and the house has always had an odor. We have seen a stream of water in the crawl space occasionally. The house is freezing, floors freezing, and hydro bill is so high and we're still cold. I think the crawl space needs to be properly sealed/insulated, and checked for any water problems
Vicinity of Old West Saanich Road in Victoria
1977 home with a large addition is drafty, electric forced air furnace (1977) seems inadequate and expensive to run. Wood stove is now the primary heat source, difficult to keep house comfortable in winter. Large basement un-insulated.
Vicinity of Salsbury Way in Victoria
Crawl space is uninsulated. House area above is cold.
Vicinity of Charlton Rd in Victoria
Starting a reno and would like new insulation in the crawl space, attic and walls. Please contact by email, I am out of town in the moment Thanks
Vicinity of Lampson St in Victoria
Musty smell coming up through the vents and crawl space. Also concerned with possible rodent damage.
Vicinity of Twin View Drive in Victoria
Insulate crawl space
Vicinity of Elk Lake Drive in Victoria
Our house seems like it was the guinea pig for someone learning the trade: many funky things. One concern is the foundation, due to sloping floors and unstable flooring.
Vicinity of Carnsew Street in Victoria
We have an older house with an unfinished basement. The insulation on the basement walls is deteriorating in places and there is no insulation in the basement ceiling. We are looking to add insulation in the basement ceiling and replace the insulation in the basement walls.
Vicinity of Belton Avenue in Victoria
Crawl space insulation old and horrible. dirt floor. needs fixing. house is 1500 ft2. would like an estimate to remove old insulation and install new.
Vicinity of Werra Rd in Victoria
Water in crawlspace.
Vicinity of Lotus St. in Victoria
I am in the process of renovating a house . The attic is ready to be insulated at this time . I like that you use " green " insulation . I would like to get an estimate . Thank-you
Vicinity of Richardson Street in Victoria
Crawl space insulation upgrade. Insulation falling.
Vicinity of Hillside Ave. in Victoria
I have bought a little house in Nanaimo that I hope to renovate next fall and winter. I feel strongly that if I have a well insulated and clean crawl space the main floor will be warmer and I will increase the storage space tremendously. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of WICKLOW STREET in Victoria
I have water coming into my basement, I plan on finishing off the basement but need to find a solution to keep the water out and the basement dry.
Vicinity of Atkins Ave in Victoria
Seeking estimate for blown in cellulose insulation in attic of home.
Vicinity of Grandview Drive in Victoria
I am looking for free quote for the following: 1) Crawl space insulation/encapsulation 2) Quote on crawlspace dehumidifier installation 3) Energy audit of our house
Vicinity of Moss Street in Victoria
I have a sump pump with a pit that needs to be re-lined (currently lined with rotting wood) , I also need a backflow valve put in and I'd like a battery back up installed as well. Can I have someone come and do an estimate for me? Thanks so much! Ian
Vicinity of Faithwood Rd in Victoria
I'm trying to get quote for attics insulation.
Vicinity of Eric Rd in Victoria
We bought a house in April and brought out Christmas stuff that has been stored down in the crawl space and it was damp and early signs of Mold and would like to have this looked into.
Vicinity of Burnside Rd W in Victoria
General basement leakage. Creating a proper ground seal.
Vicinity of Harriet Road in Victoria
We need blown in insulation installed in a 900 square foot attic. When might you be available to come by for a quote? Thanks, Dan
Vicinity of Fulton Road in Victoria
Need Estimate for whole house spray foam Insulation..
Vicinity of Wyndeatt Avenue in Victoria
Just discovered a 3-5 mm wide crack in the foundation that was not previously present. Likely associated with recent cracks that appeared in walls and ceiling and of main floor and doors that are now jamming. Would like estimate on cost for repairs. Crack is at the front of the house on the south side approximately 45 cm from the front entrance stairway. Foundation is approximately 2.4 m in height at this location. Interior walls, ceiling and floor are finished on the inside of the structure adjacent to the site of the concrete fracture.
Vicinity of Clutesi St in Victoria
I have found mold growing on a number items in my concrete crawl space
Vicinity of Rebecca Street in Victoria
Hey Chris and team, so last yr you provided a quote for back up sump etc for my house on rebecca st where you guys did cleanspace liner, etc. In 2004 and 2009. Anyway, i wasn't all that flush last year so needed to defer the backup battery sump but i definiteky want to get installed before this winter. Sorry i can't find the number and name for the guy i was working with last year, but if he could give me a shout and if we could revive the old quote, I'm ready this time to have you do the work. Thanks Allison
Vicinity of Henderson Road in Victoria
Hello, I have a foundation crack in my basement that needs repair. Could you please contact me to set up a time for you to come by to provide an assessment of what needs to be done and an estimate of cost for the repair. Thank you, Glenn
Vicinity of Richardson St in Victoria
Hello, I will be starting a renovation for a customer of mine in mid November at the mentioned address. Just wondering if you would be able to come and inspect the basement and price out a few different options. Thank you. Graham Frick Gute Renovations ltd. 250 882 9189
Vicinity of Irma Street in Victoria
Crawlspace air quality evident in house, occasionally. No moisture barrier on exposed soils. Difficult to access large portion of crawl space due to existing soil.
Vicinity of Brypark Pl in Victoria
We have a 70's home, just want to see what the efficiency of the house is. And the cost for the testing.
Vicinity of Lyall St. in Victoria
Water and moisture in crawlspace. Thanks,look forward to your call.
Vicinity of Admirals Road in Victoria
Would like to get an estimate on repairing foundation.
Vicinity of Shaw Avenue in Victoria
I would like to get a quote to insulate our suite (sound), also we put a dryer opening on outside wall and would like to know how much it would cost to reinsulate this area. What day & time do u have available to do a quote?
Vicinity of Fowler Rd in Victoria
I need to address our outside crawl space vents. They are useless and loose. Also maybe some joist support in crawl space.
Vicinity of Swan Street in Victoria
The foundation at the back of my house is spalling. I wish to repair and stop this process.
Vicinity of Painter Rd in Victoria
Needing to re-insulate approx 1400 sq ft attic with rafters once vermiculite removed. Could I please get a quote. thanks.
Vicinity of Hampshire Road in Victoria
Need an estimate for insulating our attic.
Vicinity of Desmond Drive in Victoria
I have a crack in my exterior foundation. I'm not really sure how long it has been there but I would like an opinion on whether I should be worried about it. Your company installed my basement sump pump many years ago and my basement has remained dry ever since. I was most pleased with your work and customer service.
Vicinity of Oakland Avenue in Victoria
We have a vertical crack in our house foundation. Please contact us. Thank you, Jan Burian
Vicinity of Lidgate Court in Victoria
Looking for a quotation on attic insulation.
Vicinity of Donovan Ave in Victoria
I bought an older home (20's????????) and the crawl space is a mess. I am not just talking about the garbage and rat poo! There has been a moisture problem down there for years and subsequent repairs to the posts have led to a very uneven floor! I am looking for someone to give me a price on cleaning up and putting vapour barrier on the dirt portion (which is a large portion) of the basement/crawl space. Thank you! Noel Cavanaugh
Vicinity of Symphony Pl in Victoria
Hi, I have cracks in my basement floor and it's damp at it's lowest points. Also, damp in corners. The driveway is also sinking... the problems not new, I've just lived with it but now seems a good time to get it fixed.
Vicinity of Baldwin Place in Victoria
In renovating our basement we found a place where water has been leaking slowly through a cement basement wall (likely from plant irrigation system above outside). We have removed a large section of drywall and can see a network of cracks about 2-3 mm in diameter but spanning a total distance of approximately 2-3 m. Would love a professional opinion and hopefully a professional fix if the cost does not break the bank :-) Thank you
Vicinity of Newton Street in Victoria
Looking for a quote for my crawl space.
Vicinity of Lee Ave in Victoria
We purchased a home and have found that there is some water seepage in the basement from under the front stairs...(concrete. We want to explore the tile flooring options that float? We did have a water problem last year coming in from the back door and we think some cracks in the floor perhaps ? but had the drain tiles redone.. however want to explore options, as we pulled up basement carpet during the restoration. thanks Jenny and Graham
Vicinity of Elsey Lane in Victoria
Horizontal cracks in foundation
Vicinity of Chapman St in Victoria
I need an estimate for spray foam to a basement ceiling which is under our front porch. about 225 sq ft.
Vicinity of Wilkinson Road in Victoria
Waterproofing basement floor
Vicinity of in Victoria
Need quote for insulation and vapor barrier for a crawl space in a 1945 home in Duncan. About 950 sqft. Current insulation is damp, falling out, some mold starting and no vapor barrier in place. Home inspection says no serious damage but work needs to be done this summer before the next rains. This home is one we have made an offer on, and the repair is one last condition remaining in our offer of purchase so we would need an approximate quote on the work before April 28.
Vicinity of Denison Road in Victoria
Require reducing the damp odor in the crawl space
Vicinity of Glanford Ave. in Victoria
Water getting into basement through crack in foundation
Vicinity of Fairfield Rd in Victoria
I have a small water leak in the bottom corner of my garage, right where the floor meets the foundation corner. On the other side of the wall, on the outside is where the downspout drain is from the Eaves.
Vicinity of Synod Road in Victoria
We completed the installation of a new bathroom in the basement on Sunday. During the storm on Monday and Tuesday water started leaking through the floor where the concrete floor meets the bedrock. This is the first basement leak I have noticed in the 8 years we have lived here.
Vicinity of St Ann Street in Victoria
What er leaked into the basement. The water has been mopped up.It appears the water seeped through a crack in the floor. This happened after the very heavy rains of last week-end. The house was built in 1912. We do not have a sump pump.
Vicinity of Raymond St South in Victoria
Water leaking into a finished basement under a raised floor into the centre of the basement which is on slab.
Vicinity of Blair Avenue in Victoria
Floor at the basement is wet.
Vicinity of Cadboro Bay Rd in Victoria
Our basement floor (carpet) is wet and we cannot find where the water is coming from. Thanks.
Vicinity of Wollaston St. in Victoria
Water flowing into the basement with the heavy rains. Seems to be coming in from run off and a saturated back yard...
Vicinity of Irving Rd in Victoria
We have a basement crawl space for our house built on bedrock. There is a plastic membrane and concrete poured over the bedrock to seal it however during large rain events there is some pooling of water. I would like to identify the source of the leak as well as potential solutions.
Vicinity of Barrie Road in Victoria
I want an estimate to encapsulate , my crawl space
Vicinity of Fell Street in Victoria
Hi there, We've recently purchased an old home with a less than perfect basement and foundation. We'd like to finish the basement but our foundation does leak at the moment. We will be adding perimeter drains in the spring, but we'd to talk to someone about the foundation as well. Thanks!
Vicinity of Matilda Dr in Victoria
Need insulation in the roof/atttic area of my house. Would like someone to come out and give me an estimate in the next two weeks.
Vicinity of Dunsmuir Rd in Victoria
Leak in interior basement floor. Drywall has been removed, leak appears to be from floor & not exterior wall. The wall is the exterior wall of home. Home built in 1932 approx. drain tile never been updated. Home renovated in 2010 but no foundation work. Could I please make appt for estimate on repair. Thank you
Vicinity of Redfern Street in Victoria
I would like to replace my sump pump and have a proper lid installed. My crawl space has already been encapsulated, and with new gas appliances installed in the crawl, I am worried about wrecking them if the ancient pump fails.
Vicinity of Hillcrest Avenue in Victoria
Cold living area floor in winter, poor insulation under flooring in crawl space.
Vicinity of Rutledge St in Victoria
Estimate for attic insulation
Vicinity of Bessborough Avenue in Victoria
Quote for new attic insulation and increased venting. Current attic vermiculite is being removed. Small patch of black mold to be removed in Attic. Request quote for Thursday 1 Oct (afternoon) or Friday 2 Oct 15 (any time).
Vicinity of Rambler Road in Victoria
I'm looking for a modular, egress compliant window well for new construction. Do you have such a product. Thanks
Vicinity of Gore St in Victoria
Looking to get a quote to have crawlspace properly insulated and proper vapor barrier installed
Vicinity of Emily Carr Drive in Victoria
We would like to upgrade the crawl space at our investment property at 1115 May Street in Victoria to properly insulate, improve vapour barrier, and install wire mesh to keep out rodents. We would also like a quote to finish attic to create a warm dry area for some additional storage space.
Vicinity of Angus Rd. in Victoria
While the crawl space is fully enclosed and dry with seemingly no cause of smell, there is a musty smell emanating from the crawl space both in winter and summer to the same degree. It is now particularly due to months of drought but we believe it is equally as dry in the winter, the same smell persists.
Vicinity of Anson Sttreet in Victoria
Crawl space and attic causing health problems. Spray foam insulation or other remedies not a large unit approx 1100 square feet
Vicinity of Highrock Avenue in Victoria
Crawl space is insulated but floor is concrete with uneven thickness and with a drainage T through it. I want to reduce moisture level and seal floor. Crawlspace is 4' and used for storage and contains natural gas furnace.
Vicinity of Nottingham Rd. in Victoria
Attic is insulated,but we think it needs upgrading.
Vicinity of Kerwood St in Victoria
Hello, I have cold floors over my crawlspace and need help insulating PROPERLY......I presently have fibreglass pink that is falling out from between the joists in some areas and no outside wall insulation ..... I need a quote please
Vicinity of Foul Bay Road in Victoria
We are looking at insulation in the walls and attic if needed. E-mail is the best way to reach us!
Vicinity of in Victoria
Hello: I am interested in obtaining an estimate to insulate our attic & skylights. We are in an older townhouse (1979) (top floor approximately 1000sf) and we've been told there is approximately R12 of insulation in the attic(cellulose). We would like to increase this to R50. We also have three skylights which we would like the insulation improved on (currently @ R20). Can you provide me with an estimate via email or contact me to set up an appointment to view? Thank you, Jennifer
Vicinity of in Victoria
Damp crawl space, cold floors
Vicinity of Baxter Ave in Victoria
Quote on blown in insulation in the exterior walls. 50's house.
Vicinity of Old West Saanich Road in Victoria
Damp crawl space
Vicinity of Clare St in Victoria
Looking for a quote to blow cellulose sound proofing insulation in some interior basement suite walls and ceiling. Thanks, David
Vicinity of Dunnett Cres in Victoria
Estimate cost: attic crawl space insulation (1316 sq.ft)
Vicinity of Mariposa Ave in Victoria
Musty basement room
Vicinity of Sooke Rd. in Victoria
Hi I have I have a crawl space about 900 Sq Feet Dirt, and I need to water proof it,its in Sooke I need to seal it have a water bump , & Dehumidifier instaled. Can you Kindly give a rough Idea about the cost.
Vicinity of Victoria Ave in Victoria
I have 2 concerns. 1) There is a substantial crack in my foundation (one only) 2) I believe I have a a moisture problem and may need to look at waterproofing the foundation.
Vicinity of Hurst Avenue in Victoria
I'm interested in getting an estimate on refreshing my crawl space. It has an odour and we would like a vapour barrier & floors insulation installed.
Vicinity of Summerhill Cresent in Victoria
Looking to get my basement ceiling sprayed for sound proofing and insulation purposes. Please let me know when you are able to come give an estimate.
Vicinity of Christopher Place in Victoria
Soft floor. Some bore holes showing.
Vicinity of Spring Rd in Victoria
We have an old cottage on our property that has a wet basement every winter. I am wondering if a sump pump might be the answer. I am interested in having your company having a look at the space.
Vicinity of in Victoria
Sound transfer between condo unit common wall.
Vicinity of Claremont Ave. in Victoria
We have a small amount of water coming into our basement when there is a lot of rain.
Vicinity of Haagensen Court in Victoria
Request for quote.
Vicinity of Shelbourne Street ( in Victoria
I share a wall with one other townhouse...the smell of the next door neighbour's cooking has been coming through the wall/ electrical/ sink. I've tried to "spray foam", caulk and place "electrical foam sealers" in the electrical outlets and no luck. I need more done. There is obviously a hole / leak / area that has no been addressed and the air quality has been compromised. Thanks so much! Tammy
Vicinity of McBriar Avenue in Victoria
We need insulation and air sealing in the attic, crawl space and walls. Hopefully you can help.
Vicinity of Burnside Rd W in Victoria
We have found mold on items in our basement along the concrete walls, and in general the humidity of the house is probably high.
Vicinity of Prince Robert Lane in Victoria
Dirt crawlspace needs to be sealed for rodents and heat loss. Radiant heat in joist spaces above. Thanks, Kyle
Vicinity of Dutnall Rd in Victoria
Basement wall has one vertical crack that needs to be evaluated due to past leakage.
Vicinity of Emily Carr Drive in Victoria
We've had a camera inspection of the drainage system and there are areas which do not drain. We've had the system flushed so there are no obstructions. When it rains our crawl space starts to accumulate water. Please give us a call as to what solutions there may be. Thanks.
Vicinity of Granite Street in Victoria
Mouldy smell in bedroom above crawl space
Vicinity of Sunset Avenue in Victoria
Crawl space with open earth. Rock (1904) foundation possibly needing attention. No moisture concerns but insulation missing. Thanks
Vicinity of St Charles in Victoria
Hi there, I'd like to get an estimate for some work on a crawl space in a house I recently purchased. I'm looking to convert it to an insulated crawl space, and there is also some cleaning up needed. If possible, late afternoon Friday or anytime Saturday next week would be ideal for me. Thanks! Matt
Vicinity of Montreal St. in Victoria
The crawl space under our character house is filthy and rubble strewn, we would like to get under there to fully insulate the flooring (it is nonexistant) and duct work.
Vicinity of Lauder Rd in Victoria
Looking for an assessment and/or quote for a vapor barrier install in the crawl space of our home. No water problems/dampness currently - but house had an issue in the past that was repaired.
Vicinity of Linden Avenue in Victoria
We have a basement and crawlspace that need to be waterproofed. We would like a visit to discuss.
Vicinity of Millgrove in Victoria
Improvements to crawlspace
Vicinity of Beaver Lake Road in Victoria
Looking at improving our crawlspace efficiency.
Vicinity of Stonington Pl in Victoria
We recently installed a new heat pump heating system, pressurizing the crawl space and closing off the vents. The house was originally built with baseboard heaters and crawl space was not constructed to be a space to be occupied. Now we have a moldy musty smell coming up from the crawl space each time the heating / A/C system turns on. We have since swept the crawl space, painted some areas of the concrete floor but cannot seem to get rid of the smell. Looking for cost effective solutions to eliminate smell problem
Vicinity of Lost Lake Rd in Victoria
I have a 40 x 50 garage I'm building and I need a quote on getting the concrete waterproofed. It's about 700sq that needs to be waterproofed.
Vicinity of Anderson Ave in Victoria
We had you out for you visit in early February, I was very impressed with your evaluation of our home. Due to budget constraints we ended up going with another company for some of the work. However, I am interested in speaking with you about a options for the vapour barrier on the crawlspace floor and drain tiles. We have had the sewer lines upgraded and the crawlspace spray foamed but have not done anything with the ground yet. There is lots of water pooling, the crawlspace is basically soaked all winter. We have done some digging and have determined that the drain tiles are not doing much, if anything at all. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Tanya
Vicinity of Balmoral Road in Victoria
I have a dirt floor crawlspace under a Heritage home that I would like encapsulated and insulated.
Vicinity of Blackwood St in Victoria
Moisture coming through the foundation in the basement, would like it inspected.
Vicinity of Glasgow Ave in Victoria
Hi there, We're considering purchasing a house in Victoria (the address noted in the form above) and when we walked around with our realtor yesterday, we noticed several cracks in the foundation as well as some water on the basement floor. Our realtor recommended that we get an idea of how serious the damage is and what the likely cost would be to repair it prior to considering making an offer and getting a further building inspection. Would you be available some time this week to inspect the site and give an estimate? If you could let us know a date/time that would work, our realtor can contact the listing agent to arrange for us to view the property. Thank you very much, Jen
Vicinity of Tulip Ave in Victoria
Hi, we are starting to renovate our house, and are at the point of pricing, and deciding upon our new insulation choices. We are leaning towards spray foam, but price might be a consideration. We are starting on a smaller master suite renovation, and then will move to our larger 4k+ house renovation. Can I schedule a visit to quote the job? Best Dave
Vicinity of in Victoria
I purchased a single-wide mobile home 4 years ago and the crawlspace beneath was improperly insulated with home-done wiring that are all falling free from the underside of the home. Rodents and moisture seem to be getting into the structure and the damage and rising home heating costs are starting to be noticed. I would like your business to come see if you can help me make it a safe, dry, warm environment home again. I may not be available via phone until after 7pm (working during the day) though my wife may be there to answer questions.
Vicinity of Heath Drive in Victoria
Need estimate/advice on basement waterproofing for leaking foundation wall on old home
Vicinity of Albany St. in Victoria
I've been living with a wet basement for years and I think now is the time to do something about it. Every time we have a heavy rain a portion of my basement gets wet. It seems that the water table in my yard rises and seeps in through the foundation. The house was built in 1916 and as a result, the foundation is quite porous by now. I would appreciate your assessment of the situation and recommended cure. I am available most days; please email with a date to meet. Kindest regards, Jeff
Vicinity of Emily Carr Drive in Victoria
We have a small crawlspace area (cement floor) below a room that is always cold in the winter. There is some insulation in place, but I'm thinking of replacing it with some good spray foam insulation?
Vicinity of Spring in Victoria
In older home with older sump pump, seems to work but thinking of replacing sooner than later. Sump drains excess water from back as well as laundry in basement.
Vicinity of Balmoral Rd. in Victoria
I am interested in using spray foam to insulate my joist cavities. Is there a general price / linear foot you can give me so I can budget for this project? The spray location is in an encapsulated crawlspace with the foundation walls being insulated with R12 rigid foam board. The area for the spray foam is just the top 4 in of the foundation, the sill-plate area as well as the joist cavity. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! best, Mat
Vicinity of Gull Rd. in Victoria
Would like to add insulation about my garage - approx 350 square feet - perhaps check overall insulation in attic.
Vicinity of Delora Drive in Victoria
We noticed after this last couple of weeks we have water infiltration in our crawl space.
Vicinity of Carrick Street in Victoria
Just purchased a property and there is water in the crawl space. Am requesting an estimate on sealing the crawl space and insulating.
Vicinity of Harriet Road in Victoria
Water stay in crawl space when has rain please come to inspect and estimate Thanks Joe
Vicinity of Waterloo Rd in Victoria
Basement with musty odours, some mold and minor water leakage.
Vicinity of Pembroke in Victoria
Water seepage in basement
Vicinity of Gorge Rd West in Victoria
Water is coming in to the basement through the foundation wall
Vicinity of Rainville Rd in Victoria
Have a situation with soil under a hallway and cross members that do not connect.
Vicinity of Gosper Crescent in Victoria
I want to add insulation to my attic, (only approx. R24 with existing batt's) approx. sq footage 1100' on the top floor of the house. As well as a couple exposed basement walls in my tenants suite. I'd also really like to insulate inside my finished garage (under the master)if possible.
Vicinity of Mars Street in Victoria
Interested in taking advantage of live star energy rebate. We have a cold, damp crawl space and are curious to know what the cost would be to have it insulated.
Vicinity of Del Monte Ave in Victoria
I have a 1600 square foot rancher. I would like to inquire about spray foam insulation in the crawl space. Please can I get an estimate? Thank you, Virginia
Vicinity of Glenora Pl in Victoria
Hi, we've redone our perimeter drains a couple of years back, but we have one side of the house which persists in causing us issues due to a variety of circumstances - dampproofing on the walls isn't suitable against the sprinkler-laden soil, some drainage issues due to accessibility issues, etc. The interior drainage system I read about is of interest, so I would be interested in an opinion and estimate, please. Thanks for your time. Kai
Vicinity of Kings Road in Victoria
Cracks in foundation of 1953 house. water leaking into garage- possible problem with drain-tile.
Vicinity of Russell Street in Victoria
Hi, we are interested in getting a quote to fix our leaky concrete basement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Carey Road in Victoria
Nasty crawl space. Dirt floor. Looking to have it encapsulated.
Vicinity of Jacklin Road in Victoria
I am interested in options for the attic in our home. The current insulation was not found to be in the best of shape during the home inspection. We would like to make our home more energy efficient.
Vicinity of Haro Road in Victoria
Our house has 3 separate crawl spaces that are unsealed and uninsulated. We also had a minor rodent problem down there last winter. I would like to get the draughts into the house eliminated, entry points for the rodents eliminated and the side walls insulated before the winter. We've had exterminators visit and all the dead nasties have been removed but we're expecting them to come back when the temperature drops. Is this something you can help with.
Vicinity of Charlotte Drive in Victoria
I would like to have an estimate done on our attic. We are at an R 12 now and would like to bring it to an R50.
Vicinity of Treanor Ave in Victoria
I have a room in my basement that I want to use as a guest room, but it has no window. I do not think the job will require a window well, as there is adequate space above grade for a 2'X4' window. Also, I don't think it will require breaking foundation. The only concern is that it may require an unconventional header in order to maximize the window size. I look forward to hearing from you
Vicinity of Gair Rd. in Victoria
Hi, The home is currently vacant and I would like an estimate on the basement/ crawlspace waterproofing; house is approx. 708 sq ft., built in 1935. Hoping you are available before the 16th.
Vicinity of View Royal Avenue in Victoria
Hello, I have a cabin near the ocean that has a foundation problem on one side. The wall has bowed and looks like there was some attention given at some time but not enough. The wall is approx 30 feet long and now is being supported by 4 steel posts approx 1.5feet from the exterior wall. If possible could I get an estimate at your earliest time. thank you Joe
Vicinity of St Patrick St in Victoria
I have a small leak in the basement floor, through a crack in the concrete floor under weight-bearing studs. Also have a musty smell, which is probably connected, but not certain. I have taken the drywall off the studs where the leak is. Needs some expert diagnosis first I guess. Do you do this kind of work? It is about 10 ft from the perimeter drain.
Vicinity of Begbie Street in Victoria
We will be moving into the house above on May 22. The basement of the house will be needing insulation and we were advised by the housing inspector that spray foam insulation would be the best option. The house was built in 1905 and rests on a rock. The part that needs insulation is surrounding sloping rock and dirt, possibly other areas of the house, too. How much notice is required to get someone in to provide a quote? We will be getting an energy audit shortly after moving in and would need the insulation shortly after that. Thank you, Kevin
Vicinity of Finlayson St in Victoria
Have a rock bottom crawl space. have insulation in up, still have cold floors and want to see if it can be better. Looking at spray foam? Best option
Vicinity of Baxter Avenue in Victoria
We have a finished basement and are experiencing issues with humidity and swollen window sills.
Vicinity of Scott Street in Victoria
I need an estimate for crawl space repair.
Vicinity of Moorpark Pl in Victoria
I am renting an early 80's house which is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Base board electric heating, aluminum windows. The BC hydro programs has grants available only for ridiculously low income levels (at least in Victoria and Vancouver)
Vicinity of Service Street in Victoria
House insulation in existing home.
Vicinity of Albina St in Victoria
Hi, we talked at the home show in victoria. I am interested if you could come out and give me some insight as to why our condo has colk walls. Thanks
Vicinity of Dalhousie Street in Victoria
I have a cold area garage, the dimensions are 7 feet by 16 feet. I would like to have spray foam insulation applied to the joists as there is living space above this area. Would like to have a quote for R-20 and R-28 closed cell foam. Thanks, Shawn
Vicinity of Cliffwood PLace in Victoria
You did my crawl space last year. I need a small job now, about 40 lineal foot sealing off joist headers in 1 room. It may be too small a job, but I would like someone to come and look at it and let me know if it is doable and at what cost. Thanks
Vicinity of Robertson Street in Victoria
50's house that needs new windows but even still, the walls are likely not insulated well enough nor the attic. My concerns are what if i do want to open the walls for wiring or..?
Vicinity of Cambridge St in Victoria
Greetings, We were out for a walk in our neighborhood recently, and observed the application of icynene injection foam in existing walls. We have a 1940's home with lath and plaster, and are interested in obtaining a quote for the application of injection foam through our exterior walls. Kind regards, Jennifer
Vicinity of Murray Drive in Victoria
We have a 1940 house with some renovations completed. Two of the bedrooms (on the most exposed corners and furthest from the heat pum) are noticably colder than the other rooms. We would like a quote on spray foam insulation. Can it be done from the outside? thanks,
Vicinity of Walter Ave. in Victoria
Approximately 1200 square foot crawl space, there is a 3 foot opening into the crawl space with room only to crawl. Nearing the back of the house it is limited in access (one bedroom corner is likely not reachable, or difficult to reach)... possibly a long sprayer (if it exists can work). Given the potential access limitations, I would like arrange an estimate/quote and some information on what is meant by an ignition barrier (i.e. is it an extra step that I need to use this type of insulation). Also, whether this might be eligible for a BC rebate (if you know)? Thanks, Oliver
Vicinity of Pembroke Street in Victoria
I would like to increase insulation of the exterior walls and attic of the two small cottages on my property. In addition, I would like to learn more about possibly remediating/insulating the crawl space in one of the cottages, without removing access to the sewer drains underneath which may require repairs in the future. Thank you!
Vicinity of Isalnd Hwy. in Victoria
Interested in a free estimate regarding our crawl space.
Vicinity of Alumroot Close in Victoria
Building a new house in East Sooke: Require spray foam insulation in cantillevered upper floor and around skylights.
Vicinity of Sandowne Rd. in Victoria
Wondering about possible water under my garage floor. Not an emergency; no flooding in 10 yrs and hope to keep it that way. Could you please assess? Fridays are best. thanks -- Marg
Vicinity of Kingsmill Rd in Victoria
We have a wet crawlspace and would like an estimate for insulating and installing a vapour barrier.
Vicinity of Tait St in Victoria
I would like to get a quote for attic and wall insulation please.
Vicinity of Crownwood Lane in Victoria
I have a craw space under a part of my house. The height of the crawl space varies from 6' to 3'. The floor has a vapour barrier with concrete over . The base under is bedrock. The walls are mostly insulated with vapour barrier, but some of the foundation walls are not. The under side of the floor above is not insulated . Please call me to discuss this for a free estimate and inspection.
Vicinity of Jelinek Place in Victoria
Hi There, I have a work shop that needs to be insulated. I'd like an estimate on using spray foam insulation. Thanks, Glenn
Vicinity of Quadra Street in Victoria
Require estimate for spray foam insulation for a new home.
Vicinity of Albina St. in Victoria
Vapour barrier and insulation of crawlspace for a small house. Some cleaning/junk removal is required in the crawlspace before work can be done.
Vicinity of Currie Road in Victoria
Hi, We are looking for a quote to retrofit insulation for walls,attics, and porch overhangs, plus sealing of some leaky areas in the attic around th chimney. Thanks
Vicinity of Tulip Avenue in Victoria
Hi, we have a 300 sq ft (17'x18') cantilever/addition floor that currently has no insulation. There is approx 3ft crawl space underneath so easy to get under and spray. Please may we get a quote for spray foam insulation? Thanks, Andy
Vicinity of Pelly Place in Victoria
Would like a quote to insulate crawl space and possibly waterproof. Energy assessment done May 29, 2011 Thanks Allan
Vicinity of Cheeseman Road in Victoria
We would like to insulate some exterior walls (blown in from the outside) and improve the insulation our attic.
Vicinity of Foul Bay Rd in Victoria
Just wondering if you guys insulate behind drywall that is already in place by drilling holes in the wall and then spraying the foam behind? We do not have insulation in our exterior walls, but we are not planning on taking down the drywall. I don't need an inspection yet, I am just curious if that can be done. We have an 800 sq ft main floor. Thanks. Please reply via e-mail.
Vicinity of Selica Rd in Victoria
My house is a Rancher, built in 1984, with no crawl space, and sits on a concrete slab; roughly 1500sqft. I have 2 x vertical cracks that have roughly a 1/4 inch gap, and 3 more vertical cracks with no gap. On one of the larger gaps it seems the separation is uneven. I understand cracks are common when the slab ages and settles, but would like to have the cracks looked at to ensure the slab is ok, and to get it repaired to prevent any water from seeping in. I just saw your website and curious if your able to take a look at my foundation. Thank-you, Clayton
Vicinity of Kangaroo Road in Victoria
The house(1973) is built on a slope and the lower corner of the foundation (garage side) appears to be leaning out and possibly sunk. The foundation wall is about 8.5' abouve the footing with about 6' exposed and the lean appears to be about 1.75" over the 8'6" height. The foundation length for thi wall is about 27'. The gap between the garage slab and the foundation wall appears to be about 1.75" at the outside corner. I am looking at what could be done to remedy this issue and the cost and time involved. I purchased the house 20 years ago and the problem existed at that time. I have not noticed any significant change over the last 20 years but I would like to do some renovations and the alignment issues this causes makes any renos problematic.
Vicinity of Hampshire Road in Victoria
Please call, need an older sump pump replaced, would like to go with a pedestal unit I think. Jim
Vicinity of Swan Street in Victoria
Can you provide me with an estimate of the cost of intalling a pump in my basement?
Vicinity of Moss Street in Victoria
Single family home with dirt crawlspace. Looking for a quote for a vapor barrier install.
Vicinity of Westall Ave. in Victoria
Hi there. I have a 1952 bungalow in Victoria (900 square feet) with a 3 foot crawlspace. It is about to go on the market and I want to make sure the crawlspace would present well to a building inspector. It's quite dry and the foundation has no cracks. There has been some work done to the joists (in one area they were broken and then sistered to level out the floor) so there is some vapour barrier and insulation missing. The house also has what looks like thick aluminum foil stapled to the bottom of the joists. Some of that is missing, where the joists were repaired. I don't know if it is really old, or if it needs to be there at all. All in all, it just looks messy and I need someone to come and clean it all up, make it look all sellable and ensure it all meets code. And I need it done, ideally, in the next few weeks. Chris
Vicinity of Tyndall Ave in Victoria
Sound proofing a basement, and wanted to get an idea of how much of an improvement the insulation would make.
Vicinity of Majestic Drive in Victoria
I have a carport with bedrooms above it so I need the ceiling of the carport sprayed. I would like a estimate as soon as you can
Vicinity of Mapleton Place in Victoria
I need a spray foam job for 27ft Bayliner bildge
Vicinity of Orchard Ave. in Victoria
2 times in the last 3 years we have had water come into our basement (during the mini-hurricanes!) and would like a quote to get this fixed up. thanks! Rob
Vicinity of Piedmont Gardens in Victoria
We would like to receive a quotation to for a spray foam application on the underside of our home. The home is constructed on a slope with the main floor exposed from below. It is currently sheathed in OSB with Pink insulation suspended within. We would like to have an estimated for the following: - remove existing OSB - remove and dispose of existing pink insulation - spray insulate the rafters (voids) - re-install OSB in a seamless, non-overlapping, and with out gaps manner. Thanks Glen
Vicinity of Elliston Avenue in Victoria
I would like a FREE no-obligation estimate & inspection for basement waterproofing, foundation repair or crawl space repair.
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Victoria
Having water issues !! , can we set up a time for you to come have a look and give me a quote , please and thank you Valerie
Vicinity of Parkside Crescent in Victoria
Can I get an estimate on a repair to the foundation of my house please?
Vicinity of Spilsbury Pl in Victoria
Have some water leakage from foundation in small area
Vicinity of Lambie Dr in Victoria
Renovating a basement. looking at spray foam for all four exterior walls (Width 23' x Length 33' x Height 8' - approx 880 sq ft) plus a garage ceiling (23' x 10' - approx 230 sq ft) Would appreciate if you could give me an estimate
Vicinity of Rainville Rd in Victoria
I have a restaurant down town Victoria bc I look after with all the maintenance and we are have issues with water coming in front the outside walls and paths getting in to the lower part of the pub. Do you guys do this kind of repair work
Vicinity of Holland Avenue in Victoria
Hello. We are building an addition that has a four foot high cement crawl space with 4 passive air vents. We understand that Saanich requires mechanical ventilation of the crawl space. We would be looking for your recommendations of the most effective and economical way to ventilate and damp proof this space so that it meets the code requirements.
Vicinity of Agate Lane in Victoria
I have a concrete slab crawlspace that is showing efflorescence and humidity. Looking for a solution. Thanks
Vicinity of Gerda Rd in Victoria
Need someone to come and put a dehumidifying system in my damp crawl space immediately
Vicinity of Lonsdale Pl in Victoria
We need help with our crawlspace. We have water and also the beginnings of mold and would like an estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Telegraph Bay Road in Victoria
A furnitured basement, leaking water was found on the central area and under a middle wall after a big rain, but couldn't find the place where water leaked into the house. How to solve the problem? Thanks.
Vicinity of Denman Street in Victoria
Have a semi finished basement. The west side of the basement has water seeping up through the concrete. Through any cracks. This got much worse after the last heavy rain. Would like to see what my options are for fixing this problem. I want to be able to finish off the basement without worrying about water getting in.
Vicinity of Tolmie Ave in Victoria
My crawl space is not completely lined. Approx 1400 square feet. Recently purchased the house. It appears that there was some water damage in the past in the North West corner of the space. Looking for an estimate on the cost to protect the space
Vicinity of Torquay Drive in Victoria
Drain tiles in front of house are old and clogged. I'd like your estimate on a fix. Thanks, Chris
Vicinity of Dellwood Road in Victoria
The crawlspace is accessible from the basement, it is vented and needs to be insulated for an energy grant we have applied for.
Vicinity of Oldfield Road in Victoria
We bought our place 4 years ago and the finished rooms in the North West corner of the basement flooded. I replace two corner drains but flooding re-occurred two weeks ago with the heavy rain. Our basement has 8 foot ceilings. Miles plumbing was able to inspect the south and east perimeter drains. They said the east drain is okay, but the South drain needs to be replaced and there is no evidence that there is a drain on the West side of the building and they could not send a camera up the North side of the house's perimeter drain. The water flows from the North West to the South East of our property. Miles plumbing said that the perimeter drains on the North, West and South sides of the house should be replaced.
Vicinity of Fifth St in Victoria
Former above ground 'basement/garage' of 1947 house was, over the years, converted into a rental suite - previous owners were unable to maintain the property - street side corner room has a leak - gutters and downspouts need replacing/repair, this may be contributing to the problem
Vicinity of Logan Avenue in Victoria
I am concerned parts of the foundation that appear to be breaking off. The house is approx 90 years old.
Vicinity of Richmond Ave in Victoria
We have a 1908 house with a stone and mortar foundation and a sump pump installed. Recently had water ingress to a depth of 2 inches and have had to remove carpets etc. Basement is three quarters finished with a bedroom, rec room and laundry room. Currently assessing repair/new flooring options.
Vicinity of Isabell Ave in Victoria
Insulating crawl space
Vicinity of Wishart Rd in Victoria
House was built in 1954. Property is slopped, higher in front than at back. I have a sump pump, eavestrough drains are free flowing, and I have a catch basin at the basement door. BUT everytime it rains heavily, my finished basement floods. This time it started coming in through the foundation walls, especially where the concrete floor and foundation walls join. I need help!
Vicinity of Reynolds Rd in Victoria
We have several problems--water coming up through the floor (at joins in the slab)and seeping in through outside walls. Whenever we have large amounts of rain and the city drain systems gets overloaded--so do we. We seem to flood every 2 years or so. I want to know what it would cost to make our basement dry and safe to live in.
Vicinity of Wascana Street in Victoria
Water is seeping in through cracked foundation wall in the basement. Our basement is below the water table. We are interested in a quote for a sump pump installation and any other advice on waterproofing our basement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Wilkinson Rd. in Victoria
Recently had water entering basement after a large rain storm. We suspect there is a crack in foundation wall. Possibilty weeping tile issue" House is located at bottom of a hill. Neighbours have heightened their soil line by 1 foot causing more rain water to drain onto our property.
Vicinity of Trent St. in Victoria
I have a 1948 approximately 850 square foot bungalow with a crawl space. The attic is insulated, but not most of the walls except for a small addition. I've had the crawlspace insulation, but had a rodent problem so I think it needs to be redone. The house is always freezing in the winter, especially with the sort of current conditions. I'm interested in getting a quote for some sort of spray in foam insulation. Thank you. Sheryl
Vicinity of Waterloo Road in Victoria
I want to seal and insulate my dirt crawl space. I'm on a small budget for my home renovatins. I'm wondering about doing most of the work myself, but want to use high quality, long lasting products. How much does a good crawl space liner cost? Thanks
Vicinity of Tulip Ave in Victoria
We have a 1940's house with a settling, or settled, foundation. Cracks are appearing in teh walls as we move into winter, possibly a result of colder weather (?). The house has already partially subsided and so the floors are a bit off level. We are curious what we can do to minimize further subsidence and level off the existin structure. Thanks, Neil.
Vicinity of Service Street in Victoria
Our house was built in 1952 with a basement. We have lived there since 1978. In 1981 after a very heavy rainfall, we had a flooded basement that is not finished. In the Spring of 1997, after a few more floods, my husband dung a trench around the perimeter of our backyard which stopped the floods; however, we have a musty smell, some water seepage on heavy rainy days and we have noticed the concrete floor and walls have turned powdery. We have had it inspected for mold and none was found. We currently have a sub-floor in our TV room which we are wanting to have removed...we don't know what the floor is like underneath. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Victoria
Just put in suite in basement need to insulate walls and ceiling. Would like to know the cost of the spray foam and if there are any grants available
Vicinity of Killdonan Rd in Victoria
Want sump pump installed asap
Vicinity of Beechwood Ave. in Victoria
We plan to gut the interior of this home to the studs. Replace all mechanical, windows, doors, insulation and finish over the next 6 months. Can you meet with me to see the house to review your recomendations. Thanks Bill
John M. Victoria, BC
I have a 1200 square foot addition at my cottage that I would like to get an estimate on for spray foam. I also have some questions re the requirement (if any) for air space requirments between the foam and roof. Thanks John
Vicinity of Daisy AVE in Victoria
I have a crwl space approx. 911 sp ft and is aprox. 12" to 24" deep. The walls are partly above ground. I would like to fill in the crawl space if possible. I am in the process of redesigning the house and getting quotes on the foundation up. I have Wedensdays off. Thanks Bruce
Vicinity of Oliver Street in Victoria
We have an unfinished basement - half our basement is bedrock (crawl space), the other half concrete. Water leaks into the basement through the foundation(?) and over the bedrock.
Vicinity of Mitchell Street in Victoria
1912-built home with little/no insulation on main floor. Lath and plaster walls.
Vicinity of Hampshire Rd. in Victoria
We'd like to insulate our garage, as we have our washer and dryer in there and it's terribly cold in the winter time. Thanks in advance for calling us and arranging for an estimate. Barbara
Vicinity of Rease Ave. in Victoria
1947 house on dirt crawl space. Ground has been sheeted over with plastic at some point. Perimeter drains are old clay tile type that I beleive are completely plugged. Smelly when damp.
Vicinity of Aurora Way in Victoria
I require a larger tank with new pump and backup along with backup power supply the one currently installed is pumped directly into the house cutter drain system so do not require outside drain to be installed just connected to the current pipeing system.
Vicinity of Chesterfield Rd in Victoria
Insufficienct support of beams in crawl space, causing unlevel floors
Vicinity of Morley St in Victoria
We have a few lath and plaster walls in our home that appear to be uninsulated. need some type of insulation blown into them that qualifies under the energy retrofit program (our energy audit was done at the end of last summer)
Vicinity of Mars St in Victoria
We have an older exsisting sump pump for our basement suite. Looking at upgrading.
Vicinity of Colville Rd in Victoria
Hi there. My crawl space is in desperate need of assistance and I am in the process of getting estimates to see what I can afford. All the old insulation is falling down and it is a dirt floor with no vapor barrier. A second project would also be re-insulating my attic if funds allow. I am interested in someone taking a look and letting me know how much this might cost. Thanks a lot.
Vicinity of Burdett Ave in Victoria
I am looking to insulate the walls within my 1930s home. currently rated R1 by energy assessment. I am currently seeking cost estimates, and options available. I am also conciding the pros and cons of each technology. Joseph
Vicinity of Richmond Ave in Victoria
The upper walls have no insulation and I wondering if the insulation can be bloen in from the outside.the house has aluminum sidig on it
Vicinity of Armstrong Avenue in Victoria
I need a quote on what it would take to repair our basement that leaks pretty much every winter. We had someone give a quote of $10K about 2 winters ago, but that wasn't a written quote and obviously pricing likely changed. We need to have an idea what to budget in order to get it fixed before the upcoming winter.
Vicinity of Quadra Street in Victoria
I'm looking at buying an old character house that has some less than sturdy support beams (2-3 of them) in the crawl space that need replacing. Can you give me a ballpark estimate as to how much it costs to replace each beam? Any estimate would be great. Thanks.
Vicinity of Grange Rd in Victoria
Hello i have existing floor with drywall below and i was wanting to insulate for sound and i don't really want to rip down the drywall, what is the best way to go about that ? Thanks for your time Collin
Vicinity of Kenneth in Victoria
I have a 1250 sq/ft house. It was built in 1955 and has no insulation in the walls or crawl space. I don't want to re-due the whole house. Is there a way to get insulation in the walls with little damage to the house? What does this normally cost? How is it done? Can you do it? My crawl space is also not insulated under the floor and I would consider this as well, what is that worth?
Vicinity of in Victoria
It's a townhouse, about 800 sf, 8 f high, has washer and dryer in it. I want to intall a 3-piece bath, two egress windows and two bedrooms.
Vicinity of Cedar Hill X Road in Victoria
We would like to get 2 estimates: one for our crawl space and one for our free standing garage that we are turning into an artist studio/family gathering place for our family
Vicinity of Quadra in Victoria
We have an existing sump pump pit that the pump has been removed from. We would like to replace the pump. We would need some concrete drilled out in order to get the water out of the basement in the event that the pump has to remove water.
Vicinity of Fernwood in Victoria
It's a dirt floor 3ft deep . an old 1912 home The outside foundations were done 3to 4 years ago
Vicinity of Rita Road in Victoria
Dealer returned lead 5/17/10 manual credit given to reflect on May invoice CLT I have a down slope driveway leading to a under house garage. I would like to close the garage in for an extra bedroom and raise the driveway up level.
Vicinity of Westwind Drive in Victoria
Crawl space has concrete surface, but there is a large crack in it. Basement has had some water seepage from the exterior.
Vicinity of Beckwith Pl in Victoria
My home is 23 years old the crawl space has cement floor when it rains heavy for two days I get water in the crawl space around the bay area and goes away after a week .Without saying I have moisture and mildew also the 2x10 that sits on the inside of the foundation wall around the house is wet in spots more so in the bay area
Vicinity of Jamaica Road in Victoria
Cement floor moisture coming up and pooling
Vicinity of Richmond Avenue in Victoria
We have a 1912 Craftsman style house and we have settling of the foundation. Looking into costs to repair. Work from home so have a very flexible schedule. Correspondence by email preferred. Thanks.
Vicinity of Dalhousie Street in Victoria
We have a 1000 square foot basement with seven foot ceilings and would like to have spray foam between the original 2x4s, whereas I have built a second wall in front of the original to make room for insulation. An estimate of the area to be spray foamed would be seven feet high by thirty feet long.
Vicinity of Old West Saanich Road in Victoria
Older home - some water seeping to area near furnace - seems to be ground water seeping between wall and floor. Eaves have been diverted as weeping tiles are very old but still have some water this time of year when ground is saturated.
Vicinity of Ferndale Road in Victoria
Would like to find out the cost of installing foam insulation in basement.
Vicinity of Sedgwick Dr in Victoria
Our master bedroom and bathroom is above the garage and the floor is cold. We are looking at ways to keep the floor warm during the winter months.
Vicinity of Qu'Appelle St in Victoria
New garage, just poured foundation wall. Requesting quote for waterproofing exterior. 100' of wall, 3' high. All excavated, easy access.
Vicinity of Bay Street in Victoria
I am currently paying a lot on my monthly gas/heating bills and want to find ways to better insulate my home during the colder months
Vicinity of Chambers St in Victoria
I have a 100 year old house on a rubble foundation. I want to dig the basement down two feet to get a full 8ft basement and replace the entire foundation.
Vicinity of Judah St in Victoria
Half basement, half crawlspace with dirt floor. Crumbling, previously 'repaired' foundation about 16" thick in places. We'd like a quote/estimate to provide full 8' basement with concrete floor roughed for bathroom and laundry. I'm available after 4:30 midweek or most of the day Monday or Friday. Thanks, Lindsay
Vicinity of Lakehurst Dr. in Victoria
Looking to add blown in insulation to the attic and spray foam between the floors as the downstairs has a drop down ceiling with no sound control at all. Also, not much for insulation on exterior walls in the area between floors, no vapor barrier either.
Vicinity of Royal Oak Dr in Victoria
I have a 12 year old sump-pump in my basement. It has worked well over the years by operating when needed and resting when not needed. My question is that during this current round of heavy rain, the sump-pump has been in continuous use for three straight days, even though there is no water in my basement so far. The water level in the pump hole has not moved for the three days. Is this a potential problem with the continuous operation of the pump ? Your comments are appreciated. Thanks
Vicinity of Yale Street in Victoria
I have been recommended to you. I am in the beginning stages arranging to have perimeter drains put into my home as I want to develop my basement of my 1916 character home. I do not have flooding just damp patches. Look forward to hearing from you. Suzanne
Vicinity of Cedar Hill Road in Victoria
It leaks with heavy rain and the floors are damp
Vicinity of Scott Street in Victoria
1950's square home with an attic. Crawl space has noticeably pooling in it. It is approximately a 50' by 10' area. Hoping to have someone come for an estimate of repair. Also have a crack in the rear portion of the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Vista Hts in Victoria
I just purchased my home 2 months ago, have a suite, kitchen tap let go and flooded suite. Gyproc removed, due to still being damp and discovered studs were rotten. They appear to be dry and from some time ago, (original problem may have been resolved), but would like to know for sure before redoing walls and replacing carpet. Please call asap, as I have tenants who are unable to reside in suite. thank you.
Vicinity of Faithwood Rd. in Victoria
The floor of the crawl space is parged concrete. We recently thought of installing an oak floor but found humidity readings of 14% in the subfloor below current carpet and an 18% humidity reading of the subfloor in the crawl space. I am pondering various alternatives from a dehumidifier to the extreme of a heat pump. I find that information on the net regarding these devices is only partial. Even the manuals that come with dehumidifiers do not provide vital info such as "does the machine have an automatic restart in the event of a blackout?" My crawl space area is about 850 sq.ft and the height varies between about 42" to 24".
Vicinity of Claremont Ave. in Victoria
High humidity in the Basement with moldy smell. Would like to find solution.
Vicinity of Diamond Street in Victoria
Needs steps up to the crawl space and steps down inside crawl space, planning to have ti done some time in the Fall,
Vicinity of Westall Avenue in Victoria
We have a house that is just under 1,000 square feet and the insulation in our crawlspace needs to be replaced. We are interested in having the spray foam put in place instead of regular batt insulation. As far as we know there are not any issues or repairs required in our crawlspace and it is dry. We would really appreciate it if you could provide us with an estimate sometime the week of June 29th as we are on vacation that week and therefore our schedules are quite flexible. Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from you!
Vicinity of Rothwell St in Victoria
Home currently has an uninsulated crawlspace walls. Walls are concrete. Interested in options to insulate. Crawlspace height varies between 24" to 32"
Vicinity of Eales Road in Victoria
I have just built a 10' x 16' storage building and am enquiring about the cost for spray foam insulating. The walls are 6' high and the ceiling is bare to cedar roof. the unit is 2x4 constucted. Thanks. Jody
Vicinity of Telegraph Bay Road in Victoria
Hello, We have a 2320 square foot home on crawl space located in upper Cadboro Bay Area. The space is about 2 to 4' in height and has an unfinished cement bottom. We have a few areas within the home that has experienced cracking above door ways and unlevel floors. The home is built upon 12" lumber @ 16OC but the span in a few of these areas is 12-14' to nearest beam. I would like an estimate on additional beams to be installed using your floor jack system. Trevor
Vicinity of Caleb Pike Rd. in Victoria
Home was raised, turning crawl space into basement. 2/3's of the floor is flat level finished concrete, 1/3 was just poured as a cap over the dirt and to complete the seal to the wall/foundation. I've removed the 1/3 cap and wish to have a complete level floor, but notice that water is/was getting inside the perimeter. It's only a small amount but I'd prefer knowing there's proper drainage to handle any serious water, before I pour the new floor. I'd appreciate being scheduled as soon as you can, as I'm sure your system will put my mind at ease. Thanks
Vicinity of Scott Street in Victoria
1912 House; 6.5"H unfinished basement with no drain(s). One entire foundation wall built on top of exposed rock outcropping; main seepage entry point. Damp floor.
Randy D. Victoria, BC
Have aclient who wants to insulate crawl space floor.
Vicinity of Oliver Street in Victoria
After a couple of days of heavy winter rains we can get substantial seeping of water into our basement. There are two spots at floor level and near the corner of the basement where the water appears to enter. We are interested in fixing the problems and having a dry basement.
Vicinity of Joseph St. in Victoria
Hello. I live in a 1912 two storey wood frame house in Fairfield. In 1990, I had waterproofing done along one wall of my basement. They opened the cement floor along the wall and installed drain tile, and also installed a rubber sheath on the wall. It has worked beautifully ever since. I do have a little bit of occasional leakage in a few other places in the basement. Do you do waterproofing inside basements? If so, I might be interested in an estimate. Thank you in advance. Barb
Vicinity of Griffiths St in Victoria
The basement is basically unfinished. It has cement floor. My son lives in the basement and I would like it to be a healthy living environment. My dream is have it finished by your team. My husband would like to have it designed as a living in suite. As this is to be a gift to my husband I would have given my son's cell phone number as a contact number and my email is private if you wish to contact me via email for an estimate date or further details.
Vicinity of Denman Street in Victoria
It is a full height basement that was raised about 10 years ago. The front is below ground, but the back is a walk out basement. It has concrete floors and partially finished walls. It is supposed to have proper drainage (although we can't find the building inspection right now), but there has been flooding in part of the basement these last two days. An estimate would be great...we are interested in finishing it so would like to have it waterproofed.
Vicinity of in Victoria
We are beginning an addition in February and would like to be sure our drainage is addequate and well planned for. We have Bilston creek running through our property and will be building outside of a 200 year flood plain. Your services would be a great help.
Vicinity of Sumas St in Victoria
The basement of our newly purchased older home has flooded. The carpets in our portion of the basement is flooded, and I think I can see where the surface water is seeping in. The foundation doesn't appear to be continuous, so I guess the water is coming in where there is a gap in the concrete. This is 1912 house.
Vicinity of Gorge View Dr. in Victoria
Basement 7 - 8 ft ceiling height, unfinished, below grade at the front, walkout at the back. Would like to finish basement at some point, but want to make sure there will be no moisture issues.
Vicinity of Agnes Street in Victoria
I would like an estimate for crawl space issues - mildew, water, insulation or encapsulation etc....
Vicinity of Walnut St in Victoria
We recently bout a 1914 home. One side of the foundation wall needs to be replaced, there is some repair to the rest of the foundation and we would like to replace the floor. I have had trouble finding a cement contractor who would do this job, specifically the foundation work.
Vicinity of Hampshire Rd in Victoria
Our house was built in 2003 with a sump pump in the basement. It has not been serviced since installation but appears to be working. We would like the system checked and a backup added.
Vicinity of Montford Cres in Victoria
The basement is ground level at the back of the house and below ground at the front. We have some slight leakage through the foundation (bottom of the wall) in a corner of our storage room, located at the front of the house. Might be a drain tile issue, or it might just need some sealant.
Vicinity of Daffodil Ave. in Victoria
Hi, I am looking for you folks to do a basement waterproofing inspection & repair estimate. Thanks, Julius
Vicinity of Rebecca Street in Victoria
I'd like to schedule a consultation at my home at address above for crawl space. home is going to be undergoing major renovation and retrocommissioning. home is in LEED for Homes pilot project as to be much publicized case study on greening existing affordable homes, accentuating the unsexy, but most critical side of greenbuilding related to energy efficiency and the role of the building envelope for energy efficiency and air quality. Received home energy report by Joy Beauchamp of citygreen yesterday, hideous (as expected) air leakage throughout home, crawl space insulation, ventilation and dampness is big concern and will be major address in retrocommissioning component of renovation. i left voicemail too this morning. thanks

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