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Island Basement Systems has been sealing leaky elevator pits for years, and we provide an excellent warranty program for elevator owners. We commonly work with elevator maintenance companies (Kone, Richmond, etc) so that the waterproofing repairs coincide with regular maintenance.

If you have a water issue with your elevator shaft or pit, we can help. Call us today at 1-855-206-4811 or click below for complete elevator pit waterproofing services. We offer free estimates in Victoria, Nanaimo, Saanich, and throughout the surrounding areas.

Common waterproofing issues in elevators

The most common areas of leakage in an elevator pit are:

  • The void between the hydraulic ram and outer casing
  • Construction joints of the outer casing and raft slab (the slab of an elevator pit is usually a very thick concrete slab, which we call a raft slab)
  • Joints between the raft slab and the foundation wall
  • Wall leaks and honeycombing in the foundation wall
  • Thin or poorly installed raft slabs

We have a variety of elevator pit waterproofing methods. Our most common is the urethane injection system, where a waterproofing resin is pressure-pumped into the void, joint, or crack to create a water-tight seal. Our experts can evaluate your elevator and recommend the best solution for your needs.

whistler elevator pit waterproofing

This elevator pit in Whistler was waterproofed by Island Basement Systems

elevator sump pump

An example of a SuperSump system with battery back-up pump in an elevator pit, which was approved by the Safety Branch.

elevator injection sealing

An example of our injection sealing of the void between the hydraulic ram and outer casing.

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If you're having a water issue with your elevator, the local experts at Island Basement Systems are here to help. We provide complete elevator pit waterproofing solutions that are proven to be effective and long lasting. Call us today at 1-855-206-4811 or contact us online for a free estimate in Victoria, Nanaimo, Saanich, Duncan, Campbell River, Langford, Courtenay, Port Alberni, Squamish, Esquimalt, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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