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Powell River, BC Dependable Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair

Much less heating fule used....
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Powell River, BC Basement Repair, Crawl Space Repair and sump pump installation

For FREE no-obligation basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, concrete coating, HRV System Installation, sump pump installation estimate in Powell River, BC, please fill out the form to the right completely. Island Basement Systems will contact you shortly.

Responsible basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and sump pump company serving Powell RiverBritish Columbia

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services, including basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, sump pump installation and more. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to repair your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Powell River, BC.

Services we offer in Powell River:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Sump pump installation
  • Mold mold control
  • Crawl space structural repair
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Foundation insulation
  • Concrete Coating 
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation


Work Requests From Powell River, BC
Project Location: Powell River, BC
I have a rental with no ventilation in the sub-basement and is now mouldy, I've been in touch with someone to deal with the mold but I was told first I need to deal with the moisture so therefore I'm contacting you guys
Project Location: Powell River, BC
We need help in getting a proper sump pump with battery backup
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Smelly crawlspace with passive ventilation, fiberglass insulated the floor above, no insulated walls. Poor condition of the vapor barrier.
Project Location: Powell River, BC
My home is over 100 years old and it has a crawl space with wooden posts on concrete, and a partial basement. The crawl space is experiencing the following issues: - Surface water seeping in due to inadequate or broken perimeter / gutter drainage - Rats getting into the crawlspace and then into the partial basement. - There is currently no insulation in the crawlspace or basement, leading to significant heat loss. I am curious if your company would be able to assist with fully rat-proofing and addressing moisture issues in my crawl space. I look forward to hearing from you.
Project Location: Powell River, BC
We would like our crawl space walls insulated with rigid foam insulation. We are wondering if we also need a vapour barrier. House is about 2000 sq ft.
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Hello. We have seepage into our unfinished basement. Being new to the area, we're not sure whether this is a common issue, but would like to explore solutions.
Project Location: Powell River, BC
No insulation in basement - moisture - silverfish
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Good morning. Looking for a quote on having our vented crawlspace insulated and sealed with spray foam. We are also having new ductwork installed in the area and these two will require insulating. Crawlspace is approximately 1750 sqft and 2ft high.
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Hello I had my crawl space lined but not sprayed. Would someone be able to come out to my place to have it done? I was supposed to have it done last year. My floors are really cold :)
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Spray foam ceiling
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Needing to insulate hard wood flooring under the house approx 800 sq feet
Project Location: Powell River, BC
I was wondering if you Foundation inspections? I've had some drainage issues and I was wondering if you do inspections? If so, how much? When can you come and do it? Or is there someone local here in Powell River that does it that you know?
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Required estimate to insulate with rocsol 700 sq. ft. 4ft. high crawl space please.
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Just built a 720 sq ft shop that needs to be insulated.
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Water in crawlspace
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Crawl space moisture barrier/insulation
Project Location: Powell River, BC
We are interested in crawl space encapsulation. We have a concrete floored 1000 ft. crawlspace and have recently had two floods in it, one from the most recent snow melt + heavy rainfall and one from a bursting pipe. We have begun the process of insulating the ceiling of the crawlspace, which previously had none.
Project Location: Powell River, BC
Spray on crawl space insulation quote
Project Location: Powell River, BC
I need a 32' x 22' floor insulated. But it has to be done from an external crawl space underneath. It currently has insulation held up in place by stapled tarps, which is falling out (and likely promoting rodent nesting). I'm thinking spray foam might be the answer. What would you suggest and can you quote me on what it would cost to take out the current tarps, insulation and replace with???
Project Location: Powell River, BC
I have an old, open sump pump I would like replaced with a new closed unit.
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V8A 4B1, V8A 4B2, V8A 4B3, V8A 4B4, V8A 4B5, V8A 4B6, V8A 4B7, V8A 4B8, V8A 4B9, V8A 4C1, V8A 4C2, V8A 4C3, V8A 4C4, V8A 4C5, V8A 4C6, V8A 4C7, V8A 4C8, V8A 4C9, V8A 4E1, V8A 4E2, V8A 4E3, V8A 4E4, V8A 4E5, V8A 4E6, V8A 4E7, V8A 4E8, V8A 4E9, V8A 4G1, V8A 4G2, V8A 4G3, V8A 4G4, V8A 4G5, V8A 4G6, V8A 4G7, V8A 4G8, V8A 4G9, V8A 4H1, V8A 4H2, V8A 4H3, V8A 4H4, V8A 4H5, V8A 4H6, V8A 4H7, V8A 4H8, V8A 4H9, V8A 4J1, V8A 4J2, V8A 4J3, V8A 4J4, V8A 4J6, V8A 4J7, V8A 4J8, V8A 4J9, V8A 4K1, V8A 4K2, V8A 4K3, V8A 4K4, V8A 4K5, V8A 4K6, V8A 4K7, V8A 4K8, V8A 4K9, V8A 4L1, V8A 4L2, V8A 4L3, V8A 4L4, V8A 4L5, V8A 4L6, V8A 4L7, V8A 4L8, V8A 4L9, V8A 4M1, V8A 4M2, V8A 4M3, V8A 4M4, V8A 4M5, V8A 4M6, V8A 4M7, V8A 4M8, V8A 4M9, V8A 4N1, V8A 4N2, V8A 4N3, V8A 4N4, V8A 4N5, V8A 4N6, V8A 4N7, V8A 4N8, V8A 4N9, V8A 4P1, V8A 4P2, V8A 4P3, V8A 4P4, V8A 4P5, V8A 4P6, V8A 4P7, V8A 4P8, V8A 4P9, V8A 4R1, V8A 4R2, V8A 4R3, V8A 4R4, V8A 4R5, V8A 4R6, V8A 4R7, V8A 4R9, V8A 4S1, V8A 4S2, V8A 4S5, V8A 4S6, V8A 4S7, V8A 4S8, V8A 4S9, V8A 4T1, V8A 4T2, V8A 4T3, V8A 4T4, V8A 4T5, V8A 4T6, V8A 4T7, V8A 4T8, V8A 4T9, V8A 4V1, V8A 4V2, V8A 4V3, V8A 4V4, V8A 4V5, V8A 4V6, V8A 4V9, V8A 4W2, V8A 4W3, V8A 4W4, V8A 4W5, V8A 4W6, V8A 4W7, V8A 4W8, V8A 4W9, V8A 4X2, V8A 4X3, V8A 4X4, V8A 4X5, V8A 4X6, V8A 4X7, V8A 4X8, V8A 4X9, V8A 4Y1, V8A 4Y2, V8A 4Y3, V8A 4Y4, V8A 4Y5, V8A 4Y6, V8A 4Y7, V8A 4Y8, V8A 4Y9, V8A 4Z4, V8A 4Z5, V8A 4Z6, V8A 4Z8, V8A 4Z9, V8A 5A1, V8A 5A2, V8A 5A3, V8A 5A4, V8A 5A6, V8A 5A7, V8A 5A8, V8A 5A9, V8A 5B1, V8A 5B3, V8A 5B4, V8A 5B5, V8A 5B6, V8A 5B7, V8A 5B8, V8A 5B9, V8A 5C2, V8A 5C3, V8A 5C4, V8A 5C5, V8A 5C6, V8A 5C7, V8A 5C8, V8A 5C9, V8A 5E1, V8A 5E3, V8A 5E4, V8A 5E5, V8A 5E6, V8A 5E7, V8A 5E8, V8A 5E9, V8A 5G1, V8A 5G2, V8A 5G3, V8A 5G6, V8A 5G7, V8A 5G8, V8A 5G9, V8A 5H1, V8A 5H2, V8A 5H3, V8A 5H4, V8A 5H5, V8A 5H6, V8A 5H7, V8A 5H8, V8A 5H9, V8A 5J1, V8A 5J2, V8A 5J3, V8A 5J4, V8A 5J5, V8A 5J6, V8A 5J7, V8A 5J8, V8A 5K1, V8A 5K2, V8A 5K4, V8A 5K5, V8A 5K6, V8A 5K7, V8A 5K8, V8A 5K9, V8A 5L1, V8A 5L2, V8A 5L3, V8A 5L4, V8A 5L5, V8A 5L6, V8A 5L7, V8A 5L8, V8A 5L9, V8A 5M1, V8A 5M2, V8A 5M3, V8A 5M4, V8A 5M5, V8A 5M6, V8A 5M7, V8A 5M8, V8A 5N1, V8A 5N2, V8A 5N3, V8A 5N6, V8A 5N7, V8A 5N8, V8A 5N9, V8A 5P1, V8A 5P2, V8A 5P3, V8A 5P4, V8A 5P5, V8A 5P6, V8A 5P7, V8A 5P8, V8A 5P9, V8A 5R1, V8A 5R2, V8A 5R3, V8A 5R5, V8A 5R6, V8A 5R7, V8A 5R9, V8A 5S1, V8A 5S2, V8A 5S5, V8A 5S6, V8A 5S7, V8A 5S8, V8A 5S9, V8A 5T1, V8A 5T2, V8A 5T3, V8A 5T4, V8A 5T5, V8A 5T6, V8A 5T7, V8A 5T8, V8A 5T9, V8A 5V1, V8A 5V2, V8A 5V3, V8A 5V6, V8A 5V7

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