Crawl Space Repair - Why is Island Basement Systems Sending Us a Free Book About Crawl Spaces?

A customer in Victoria, BC was surprised by the fact that, when he signed up for an estimate, the company sent him a free book all about crawl spaces. In fact the book Crawl Space Science, written by Larry Janesky, is sent for free to every customer signing up for a crawl space repair estimate with Island Basement Systems.

But why would a company give away a free book?

According to Chris, while most professionals in industry try to compartmentalize different areas of the house, this book written by Larry does an excellent job of explaining how houses work as a whole system, and how crawl spaces can impact other areas of the house in many levels.  “I’m a big believer in education” – explains Chris. “I really hope that the homeowner will take this book, even if they don’t hire me, they will read it, they will understand the concepts, and if they do it themselves, great.”

Chris reminds us that there is a big housing stock in Vancouver Island that is in dire need of TLC. He expects homeowners to do whatever it takes to improve that housing stock, so that the next person buying these properties is not buying a home with a lot of problems. “Let’s get it fixed in a way that saves energy, saves money and lasts for the life of the home. That is what this book is good for.”

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