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Prevent cancer-causing radon

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Radon mitigation is also referred to as radon abatement and radon reduction. Radon mitigation contractors are sometimes simply called radon contractors.

Historically, cancer-causing radon has been under-tested on Vancouver Island. However, recently-discovered risks have urged BC Building Codes to change, including a requirement that stipulates new homes in the Duncan area be "radon ready."

For this reason, Island Basement Systems offers "radon ready" systems with all of our crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing systems. We also install efficient mitigation systems that are proven to reduce concentrations of harmful, cancer-causing radon gas.

Please note that we do not test for radon, we only provide radon mitigation systems.

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How radon mitigation works

Get tested for radon -- it is easy and well worth the piece of mind. If your home has high levels of radon, around or above 200 Bq/m3, we can help protect your home.

Already have a CleanSpace system installed? We can easily install a radon mitigation system in your crawl space. When installed by an experienced radon mitigation specialist, a radon abatement system will lower the concentration of radon gas in your interior air to the minimal levels recommended by Health Canada and other health and safety agencies.

A typical radon mitigation system consists of a large-diameter plastic pipe that connects the air beneath your foundation to the outdoors. An in-line fan sucks radon-rich air from beneath your foundation and expels this hazardous air to the exterior. Instead of entering your basement or other living space area through numerous gaps and cracks in the foundation, radon gas is extracted from beneath your foundation before it can permeate into interior space.

Hiring a radon specialist

Greater Duncan Radon Testing & Mitigation Certified Experts
Greater Saanich Radon Testing & Mitigation Certified Experts

The saying "you get what you pay for applies to radon mitigation, just as it does to many goods and services. A professional contractor can also explain more about the home radon levels that are considered to be "safe" or under the level that requires mitigation.

To make sure you'll be satisfied with your radon mitigation system, talk to a prospective contractor about installation options for the mitigation system. It's smart to locate the plastic exhaust stack and its inline fan at the back of the house and away from a bedroom window. Some homeowners opt to hide the exhaust stack inside the house, running the plastic pipe in closets or chases to keep it out of sight.

An experienced radon mitigation contractor will be able to provide these installation options, as well as provide more information about radon and why radon testing is so important.

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