Work Requests in Nanaimo

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Learn more about Island Basement Systems' recent work requests in Nanaimo, BC
Vicinity of Sunridge Place in Nanaimo
Home Inspection yesterday revealef a few small drying cracks in 2003 foundation and some minor water leaking into crawlspace. Assesment for a fix would be appreciated. Ive got photos on hand and would like to arrange a site visit asap. Thanks
Vicinity of Douglas in Nanaimo
Quote to install a French Drain
Vicinity of Sunset Road in Nanaimo
Looking to replace carpet in basement with TBD
Vicinity of Nelson St in Nanaimo
Looking to get cost on basement system/ crawlspace. Lay down Poly & seal to keep moisture away.
Vicinity of Hammond Bay in Nanaimo
I had an energy inspection done and am looking to have someone come in and insulate/make my home air tight. Thanks.
Vicinity of Irwin St in Nanaimo
I spent my first winter in my new old house and part of the basement flooded in the heavy rains. The water came up from underground, through some old, porous concrete flooring. I'd like for that not to happen again, and I'm told I need to install a sump pump!
Vicinity of Chelan Place in Nanaimo
We have some cracking in our basement foundation and needing to know if we need to fix and how. We just had a perimeter drain scope which shows our system is working
Vicinity of Gillespie in Nanaimo
What is the cost to have an existing sump pump serviced and is there a better or best time of year to have the work done ? Thank you.
Vicinity of Ventura Drive in Nanaimo
Hello, I have an attic of a house that needs more insulation. The house is 2500sf but 2 stories. We had a home inspection a year and a half ago and he suggested we get more insulation. The house is from 1984 and has blown in newspaper type insulation. The ceiling also has a bunch of pot lights and things like that, so I am interested in hearing if we likely need to have a bunch of sealing up of cracks done. At the inspection there were no water or rodent issues.
Vicinity of Bush St in Nanaimo
I'm looking to buy This house but the foundation had a good crack in it. It's a deciding factor as to if I buy the home
Vicinity of Venlaw Road in Nanaimo
We purchased our home in November 2019. We have a foundation wall in our basement that is cracked. The wall faces our carport and I can see the crack from inside our home and also from the outside in the carport area. This wall looks to have been repaired from a previous homeowner, however from the looks of the repair, it was not professionally done. Upon the lifting of some old laminate flooring, noticeable mold and moisture was on the concrete floor. We would like an estimate for the cost of repair.
Vicinity of Fourth Street in Nanaimo
Looking to have crawl space done on a 70 year old house , not nearly as bad as your before pics but also need a good outside seal as we have rodent droppings etc
Vicinity of Winchelsea Place in Nanaimo
Low crawl space means concrete dust from floor in face when in there. Worry about possible entry points for subterranean termites, Insulation could be improved. Waterproofing on one of the 4 walls would be reassuring although no problems thus far with water.
Vicinity of Park Ave in Nanaimo
Need an annual sump pump inspection. Also, have some other water concerns.
Vicinity of Beverly Dr in Nanaimo
We have an attic that needs Insulation sprayed into. Our floor sq footage is 1250. I would like a quote. I've already been quoted 1$ per SQ foot from someone else. Thanks
Vicinity of Sheridan Ridge Road in Nanaimo
My home is about 4 years old. It is a bungalow with an attached Garage. The garage was drywalled, but with no insulation. The garage door is not insulated either. I am wanting to insulate the exterior walls and door so I can have moderately warm garage for a workshop. Thinking blown in or liquid insulation, and new door? or insulation added to door? Is this something you do?
Vicinity of Emerald Dr. in Nanaimo
House style : rancher. Problem : support beam in crawl space sagging
Vicinity of Singleton Rd in Nanaimo
Its time to get 100 % quote for repairing in the crawlspace
Vicinity of Icarus Drive in Nanaimo
I am curious about whether our attic and crawl space are sufficiently insulated, as my house is now 22 years old. Would you be able to give me a quote? We don't access the attic at all, and use our crawl space for light storage.
Vicinity of Bay St in Nanaimo
Seeing water seeping into corner of crawl space.
Vicinity of Park Ave in Nanaimo
I need to poly my crawl space. Possibly insulate. And also setup correct drainage out of it.
Vicinity of Bay St in Nanaimo
Discovered water seeping into basement at the floor level at the back corner area (new ). Insulation behind drywall dry; no sign of leak traveling downward in the wall. Trying to solve where leak is coming from and a course of remediation. Have sealed off interior area (basement laundry) ...cut away drywall and in process of drying area and mold removal
Vicinity of Salal Drive in Nanaimo
Had the Energy savings report and they advised we needed to add some insulation in our crawl space.
Vicinity of in Nanaimo
We have a 14x66 mobile home plus a 15 x 20 porch that we would like to get a price on vaper barrier installation. Thank you
Vicinity of Fifth in Nanaimo
Large cracks in drywall and sagging floor
Vicinity of Orchard Circle in Nanaimo
Want crawl space insulated. Assess rest of house for energy efficiency. 1978 built - 1200 square foot rancher with crawl space with slurry cement floor. All but one window replaced. Vinyl siding over original wood siding.
Vicinity of Nelson Rd. in Nanaimo
We are remediating a flooded basement due to our heat-pump not working correctly (condensate overflow for months!). Since our cement full-height back wall was spray sealed before the work began to build it in 2012, we assumed all should be OK, but we have concerns now and would like someone to view the white calcification on the floor in a couple areas to see if we have a problem that needs addressing or not.
Vicinity of Churchill Ave in Nanaimo
Crawlspace remediation
Vicinity of Emery Way in Nanaimo
Looking for pricing to insulate 500 sq/ft crawlspace under main floor of 3 level split. Thanks.
Vicinity of Cinnabar Drive in Nanaimo
Just wonder if someone could look at crawl space to see if would benefit from spray foam or insulation. Cold floors in the winter
Vicinity of Elizabeth Street in Nanaimo
I would like to vastly improve my insulation in my 1940 home while retaining its character, especially the interior walls. Our main floor has little to no insulation. I am interested in potential solutions to our efficiency problems. Possibly an exterior foam retrofit.
Vicinity of Ranchview in Nanaimo
There is water behind a wall in the basement. I think it is possibly coming from the foundation. Was hoping to get it looked at
Vicinity of Coal Tyee Cres in Nanaimo
A house I'm trying to buy has a crack in the foundation and house is sinking on one side
Vicinity of Bush St in Nanaimo
I'd like to know the cost to vapor barrier an 980 square foot crawl space. The area has water pooling in the corner due to the down spouts going into the perimeter drain and under the house
Vicinity of Wellesley Ave in Nanaimo
Crawlspace renovation quote required
Vicinity of Waddington Rd in Nanaimo
Several cracks in cinderblock foundation
Vicinity of Barrington Road in Nanaimo
Would like a membrane laid in crawl space to seal the area and smell
Vicinity of Carlisle St in Nanaimo
Our house is 60 years old and we have a wet basement, we have run our roof leaders far away from the house. I believe the water is due to a high water table and old perimeter drainage as the leakage is at the basement slab and wall joint. I would like some recommendations on a solution. Thanks Evan
Vicinity of Eighth Street in Nanaimo
High water table with a below ground basement. We have water seeping in.
Vicinity of Erin Place in Nanaimo
My crawl space has clearly had rats in it. Due to efforts to get rid of them, I think that they are gone but the evidence is still there and I'd like it cleaned up and the space inspected. There are pieces of fibreglass insulation that need to be removed too.
Vicinity of Girvin in Nanaimo
Looking to get a quote done for perimeter drain and foundation issues.
Vicinity of Victoria Rd in Nanaimo
Kitchen floor very cold due to badly insulated crawl space below
Vicinity of Chelsea Cres in Nanaimo
I see a crack in our foundation that should be looked at.
Vicinity of Bowron Place in Nanaimo
Musty smell in crawl space
Vicinity of McGirr Rd in Nanaimo
Hello, I am looking to get a quote on spray foam insulation in a crawl / basement. Contact is best by email. Thanks, Scott
Vicinity of Willowmere in Nanaimo
Hello, I do have a partially wet basement after rain. I would like to have a free estimation and inspection. Thank you! Aurel
Vicinity of Fitzwilliam St in Nanaimo
Looking for an estimate to insulate and encapsulate our crawl space
Vicinity of Woobank Rd in Nanaimo
Crawl space - Moisture barrier & Spray foam along rim joist.
Vicinity of Rostown in Nanaimo
Hi there, I would like to get a quote on a floor joist repair. The house I've recently purchased currently has a set of cement stairs under an old deck that has created a place for moisture to sit up against the house and create a section of rot. I was planning on doing the demolition of the deck and stairs myself but would like a quote on the repair if possible.
Vicinity of Hallen Ave in Nanaimo
Crawlspace requires vapour barrier over dirt floor.
Vicinity of St George in Nanaimo
Floor slab is leaking when we have heavy rain
Vicinity of Kenworth Rd in Nanaimo
I am with Budget Rent A Car & Self Storage in Nanaimo and am looking at installing a Sump Pump in one of our parking lot catch basins that floods in the winter with heavy rain... please contact me to discuss. Thank you ..
Vicinity of Lower Chippewa Road in Nanaimo
Please note that the property in question is 374 Dogwood Dr in Ladysmith. The problem is a serious crack in the concrete basement floor with unknown cause. Please contact me to set up an appointment. Thanks. Ian.
Vicinity of Rovere Place in Nanaimo
I'm looking for a free quote itemizing an assessment of the work to be done in our crawl space.
Vicinity of in Nanaimo
Just bought a full small duplex, approximately 1120 sqft in total. The crawl space is quite wet and I need a quote and suggestions on repairs. Thanks
Vicinity of Oakley St. in Nanaimo
Our crawl space needs insulation upgrade. As well as moisture and ventilation concerns .
Vicinity of Hammond Bay Rd in Nanaimo
Foundation crack
Vicinity of Kentucky Pl in Nanaimo
Had a home inspection and buyers backed out as result of moisture. Need to remedy.
Vicinity of Sarum Rise Way in Nanaimo
We have slab cracks in our crawlspace unreinforced concrete slab which need to be repaired by a qualified foundation repair contractor. Our insurers have asked us to obtain a quote and proposal for the work required.
Vicinity of in Nanaimo
Need to install crawls space vapour barrier for a customer looking for a contract price
Vicinity of Brechin Rd in Nanaimo
I am adding a bedroom to the downstairs of my house and I need a window to a room that is mostly underground. Therefore I will need a window well and window. I am looking for quotes for the work. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bird Sanctuary Drive in Nanaimo
I need to coat the ridged foam on the foundation of my addition sq16''
Vicinity of Stewart Ave in Nanaimo
Vicinity of Sandra Road in Nanaimo
Looks like small amount of water coming into basement bathroom through the foundation.
Vicinity of in Nanaimo
We are considering a property to purchase but there is some water in the crawlspace and we would like to know how much it would cost to take care of the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.
Vicinity of Holland Rd in Nanaimo
Discuss options for improving insulation and energy efficiency.
Vicinity of Dogwood Rd in Nanaimo
Crawlspace very damp leading to colder wet air on main floor. Needs skim coat, plastic on ceiling I think is done wrong, no insulation.
Vicinity of Wild Dove Road in Nanaimo
Crawl space flooding
Vicinity of Princess Street in Nanaimo
Leaky crawl space. Would like to arrange an estimate on the next available Monday or Tuesday.
Vicinity of Dufferin Street in Nanaimo
Need vapor barrier in crawl space of mobile home 14 feet by 66 feet and couple small patches etc in underbelly.Loooking for quote(appoximate)as my subjects need to be removed today.Thanks
Vicinity of Comox Road in Nanaimo
Sump pump not kicking in when water level goes over the float. When I shake it a bit t kicks in and drains, but fills up with water again within a couple of minutes.
Vicinity of Dustin Place in Nanaimo
I have a house that has a drainage issue. We have gotten water seeping into our basement. We have had our perimeter drains, flushed and had it checked with a camera. We have a high water table in this area and now we have seepage into our basement. Just trying to get to the root cause and solving the issue. Thanks
Vicinity of Labieux in Nanaimo
Need someone to assess my crawl space as there is water coming in . Need ASAP
Vicinity of Long Lake Road in Nanaimo
I'm a Nanaimo realtor buying a house in Yellowpoint. Need to talk to someone about a leak coming in there and estimated costs.
Vicinity of Greytone Place in Nanaimo
I have a 2 ft. Crawlspace; would like to get a quote on insulating under the floor and possibly the walls.
Vicinity of Hammond Bay Rd in Nanaimo
Water is coming in the basement and we have 2 vacuums going and can't keep up with the flow
Vicinity of Haliburton St in Nanaimo
Hi there, I have a dirt crawl space that I would like to get a concrete skim coat done for 1070 SQFT. Please contact me so we can arrange an appointment and get a quote. Thanks!
Vicinity of Victoria Rd in Nanaimo
Need a quote for my crawl space around 650 sq ft by 3.5ft in height. Want an exhaust fan and vapour barrier installed covering floor and up 3ft of concrete surrounding walls. How much roughly?
Vicinity of Wharton St in Nanaimo
There is a crack in my basement that seems to be causing a leak. Our wall has been opened up and I can see water trickling out a crack in the foundation. The crack is slightly more than hairline and is long but only seems to be leaking from the bottom. Thank you!
Vicinity of Townsite Rd in Nanaimo
Cold floors above the crawl space so wanting to determine whether additional insulation and/or addressing any air leaks would improve that.
Vicinity of Dan's Rd in Nanaimo
I am looking to get my crawl space concrete floor sprayed. It's about 1000sq ft...
Vicinity of Fuller ST in Nanaimo
1. Water leaks into the crawl space 2. Moister and odors, mold in the crawl space
Vicinity of Schooner Way in Nanaimo
Bob, You called the other day about doing an estimate. I mentioned that we had a change of plans. Well we have had another one! Can you please do an estimate on our crawlspace?
Vicinity of Waterbury Road in Nanaimo
Insulating floor above crawl space 800 sq ft
Vicinity of Sunderland Ave in Nanaimo
Crawlspace is unconditioned, has some foam board type insulation on foundation walls but still has exterior vents. Has dirt floor with plastic underneath a few inches. No insulation between floor and crawlspace and no insulation on water pipes. Floor inside is very cold and worry about pipes possibly freezing.
Vicinity of Victoria Rd in Nanaimo
During heavy rain (usually starting in November) basement has water in it up to 1 inch deep.
Vicinity of Bramley Road in Nanaimo
In need of crawl space insulation + poly. 700 sq ft mobile home.
Vicinity of Devon Pl. in Nanaimo
1. Found evidence of termite damage in crawl space. 2. Interested in improving cleanliness of crawl space (it's dry but very dusty w/ uneven skim coat floor). *Please email for fastest reply (M-F, 9am-5pm).
Vicinity of Drake St in Nanaimo
I feel that the air quality in my house is poor- lately musty, & that this may be secondary to my crawl space air quality.. I live in an older house that is over a dirt crawl space- there is a cement foundation, with dirt crawl space
Vicinity of Sunset Road in Nanaimo
Vicinity of Eagle Crescent in Nanaimo
Cold, drafty house. Heat pump/furnace efficiency. Insulation concerns.
Vicinity of Extension Rd in Nanaimo
We need to insulate our attic better with blown in
Vicinity of Brightman Road in Nanaimo
Damaged perimeter drain and a leaking basement. Partially inground. Basement is mostly unfinished
Vicinity of Heritage Dr in Nanaimo
Mice/rats have gotten into the crawlspace and insulation. Would like to remove and replace 800 sq.ft of insulation.
Vicinity of Extension Road in Nanaimo
We would love to get a quote for updating our perimeter pipe. Thanks!
Vicinity of Howard Avenue in Nanaimo
Vicinity of Nottingham Drive in Nanaimo
Dust rodent droppings insulation repair
Vicinity of June Avenue in Nanaimo
I am looking to have my dirt floor crawl space sealed and insulated. The house is 960 sq feet in size and was built in 1953. The gas furnace is in the crawl space and the space is dry
Vicinity of Craig St in Nanaimo
Crawlspace on dirt, i am looking to seal the space. Thanks rusto
Vicinity of in Nanaimo
Want to have a vent/fan put into crawl space of our Condo. Presently Crawl Space becomes pressurized when HVAC runs and dank cement order invades home.
Vicinity of Estevan Rd British Columbia Canada in Nanaimo
We have some water damage in our basement and would like to asses the extend of the damage and determine the best solution.
Vicinity of Kaitlyns Way in Nanaimo
I need a quote for inst
Vicinity of Richardson Rd in Nanaimo
Live in 75 yr old house with no insulation. Would like to blow insulation into walls from outside. We will remove and drill holes to access. Doing first floor only of 2 story home (30' X 30'). Also blowing into ceiling of first floor. We will pull back carpet on 2nd floor and create access holes. What would this cost?
Vicinity of Pine Street in Nanaimo
Offer to purchase property in question, subject to inspection report. Inspection report identifies possible water seepage problems with foundation. Need independent advice on problem(s) and cost of remedying.
Vicinity of Edbe Rd in Nanaimo
I'm looking at dropping a shipping container home on a piece of rec property. Still early in the planning but trying to get an idea of costs to spray foam the inside of a 40ft shipping container with an appropriate foam (I'm told closed cell as it acts as a vapour barrier as well as an insulator). Windows and doors would be cut in prior to spraying but i'm not at the point of knowing what sq footage this is removing from the overall surface so perhaps you can give me a quote based on spraying the entire inside which would be 7'1 wide x 7'1 tall by 39.5 long. Any advice suggestions are most welcomed.
Vicinity of Akenhead Road in Nanaimo
I have a very small crawl space. The floors are extremely cold in the winter. It is an older house. (1951)
Vicinity of in Nanaimo
We are looking for a pre-purchase inspection of a house which we KNOW has drainage issues, and will require remediation.
Vicinity of Tuchodi Ave in Nanaimo
Vicinity of Stirling Ave in Nanaimo
I would like to request estimate for crawlspace. My crawlspace has a dirt floor, covered with plastic and requires waterproofing.
Vicinity of Angus Road in Nanaimo
Looking for an estimate to redo some piers in our crawlspace. Thanks
Vicinity of Sunderland Avenue in Nanaimo
Dirt crawl space, moisture, heat loss
Vicinity of Cedar Road in Nanaimo
Hi there, Do you perform energy audit on buildings at the hydro meter? My hydro bill this year is so much more than last year even though not much has changed with my consumption. Thanks, Theo
Vicinity of Merlin Street in Nanaimo
We have an odour. It started when we removed the old crawl space plastic and put down new plastic.
Vicinity of Country Club Drive in Nanaimo
I would like to have your company come out at your earliest convenience to give a quote on my crawlspace. Some moisture is coming though a few little cracks and I am selling the house soon and need to fix this.
Vicinity of Chapel Street in Nanaimo
I have a sm commercial space ---approx. 500 sq ft that I insulated with spray foam.
Vicinity of Beaufort Drive in Nanaimo
Small leak appeared in basement bedroom suite with carpeted floor and about 50% of the carpet is damp due to the leak. I'm unsure how to best go about repairing the leak and the house itself is pretty old.
Vicinity of Village Dr in Nanaimo
Looking for estimate to have my attached garage insulated. need to have injections for the walls. attic is accessible through hatch.
Vicinity of Kentucky Pl. in Nanaimo
Water ingress at north east corner of house in crawl space. Suspect drainage concerns. Crawl space is approx. 24" from T.O.S to U/S Joist. Unvented space. Would like to review the area and receive quotation to repair.
Vicinity of Kenwill Drive in Nanaimo
Would like to increase the sound proofing between a finished suite and main level of house
Vicinity of Townsite in Nanaimo
I would like to set up an appointment to have an estimate on how to deal with my dirt crawl. Possibly march 2 in afternoon
Vicinity of Haida Trail in Nanaimo
I have 1200 sq.ft main floor with drywall removed from most walls and ceilings (exposed vapor barrier and fibreglass batts in walls and ceilings.) Looking for an itemized quote for the following: 1.) Remove and replace old vapour barrier ceilings and walls (most nails have been removed but there are some remaining from the wall demo) 2.) remove fibreglass batts from ceilings (some areas have evidence of past rodent activity) 3.) re-insulate ceiling with blown-in insulation to increase r-value, adapt venting as needed 4.) remove and replace fiberglass insulation in exterior walls about 1200 sqfeet of wall areas (150 linear feet x 8 foot high ceilings) (quote for both fiber glass and roxul)
Vicinity of Meredith in Nanaimo
I'm looking for an estimate to get my crawl space insulated with sprayfoam total area is 384sq total wall length is 64'x6' insulated to r12 min Thanks for the estimate
Vicinity of Bournemouth Road in Nanaimo
Our basement is on a slab and the floor in one room near a exterior wall is very wet
Vicinity of Sherwood Dr in Nanaimo
I would like a quote to clean a 750 sq ft crawl space (cement/dry) where rats have got in and pulled down pink batting, The tenant has put down traps and caught two. then none since. The 1983 house is in central Nanaimo
Vicinity of Churchill Ave in Nanaimo
I would like a quote on cleaning my dirt crawl space, which is wet, moldy, insulation falling down, etc. Can you give me a call please?
Vicinity of Capilano in Nanaimo
Hey there, I need new insulation in my attic, was hoping to get a quote. Thanks
Vicinity of Carrington Rd. in Nanaimo
Leak on finished basement
Vicinity of Evergreen Way in Nanaimo
Looking for an estimate to fill a cracked cement foundation
Vicinity of Woodhaven Drive in Nanaimo
Dirt floor crawl space looking to seal it and perhaps do renovations. Looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Cathedral Crescent in Nanaimo
I have bought two older houses with fiberglass insulation in the crawl spaces. It is falling out and not doing its job. I was wondering roughly what it would cost to spray them. Each house is roughly 800sqft. I am not ready to do this yet but was wondering if you could give me a rough estimate as to what one house would cost or for the both. They are located side by side. Thanks and hope to hear from you.
Vicinity of Fairbanks St in Nanaimo
I had a building inspection done and the crawl space is wet with some wood rot. do you have any openings to have a look at it asap?
Vicinity of Westhill Place in Nanaimo
Vicinity of Lambert Ave in Nanaimo
Need living areas under deck and roof areas spray foamed. 2x10 joists 4'x12' & 10'x13' Please advise cost and when this can be done Thanks
Vicinity of Schoolhouse Road in Nanaimo
Hello, need a quote for spray foaming a 10' Sea-can Thanks,
Vicinity of NA in Nanaimo
Looking to have a 40' HC shipping container walls and ceiling done. Will strap with wood studs to accommodate thickness... looking for a minimum of R20. Located in Nanaimo. Thanks
Vicinity of Heritage Dr. in Nanaimo
Just moved in January this year and during our renovation we found out puddle of water in our crawlspace. Long story short, there is a hole in the wall and I need your advice, Thanks, Sally
Vicinity of in Nanaimo
Our crawl space was infested by rats, we are hiring an exterminator and are wondering the cost of repairing the crawl space after the extermination. The insulation needs to be replaced and I believe we also need vapor barrier installed. Please e-mail with a rough estimate if you can. It is about a 4ft crawl space with dirt bottom and about a 1100 sqft home.
Vicinity of Village Dr in Nanaimo
Garage insulation.
Vicinity of Cedar Road in Nanaimo
Mould on insulation from improper ventilation from the bathroom fan
Vicinity of Glen Oaks Drive in Nanaimo
We have a crawl space with a concrete floor and fiberglass insulation that seems to always fall down. We would like to get a quote for proper vapor barrier and spray foam insulation.
Vicinity of Parkway Dr in Nanaimo
We are in the process of buying a home - 6227 Shoreline Dr. The inspection discovered rodent activity in the attic. The rodents are coming in through holes in the roof. The roof will need to be replaced. Do you do insulation removal and disposal? We are in a time crunch and need to know all our costs for financing ASAP. Upper floor space 620 sqft In addition to upper 620 sqft, there is a vaulted LIVING ROOM 18'-4" X 11'-2" 16'-3" VAULTED CEILING (can only access once roof is off) and DINING ROOM 12'-0" X 10'-0" 12' VAULTED CEILING (can only access once roof is off). The attic above the carport would also need new insulation 22'-11" X 18'-5" Is it possible to provide a rough estimate? I can provide floor plans. Thanks, Nicole or Jason
Vicinity of Garner Cres in Nanaimo
Hello, In all honesty Im not sure exactly what needs to be done with my crawl space, but I wonder whats going on down there and how it could be made better in terms of moisture and smell. thank you
Vicinity of Grant Ave in Nanaimo
I have a 3' dirt crawl space that needs old insulation and debre removed , sealed , re insulated, and vapour barrier added. Possible structure supports? Thank you
Vicinity of Cottam Rd. in Nanaimo
We have a 1000 s/ft. crawl space that stinks. It has a cement foundation but there is no exterior venting. It flooded years ago and has stunk ever since. Do you have some sort of sealant that could be sprayed on the joices, walls and floor that would stop this smell from emitting throughout our house? HELP!!! I'm tired of the smell!
Vicinity of Spruston in Nanaimo
We have an earth floor crawl space on a steep hillside. It has vapour barrier and ridgid insulation on the foundation walls but smells musty. No visible Mold or damage but it needs attention. I also think the bank should be reinforced to better support a post footing.
Vicinity of Hamilton Ave in Nanaimo
Looking for info and a quote on insulating inside of basement perimeter of an 850 square ft home. I think the strip around the inside perimeter to be sprayed is about 3-4 ft high
Vicinity of Kingfisher Place in Nanaimo
We have a Vanee gold series hrv that just quit on us. The electronics look alright, controller is sending a signal to the unit which is installed in the garage. The inlet and outlet valves open but the fan does not start. Thinking it's an electrical issue. Do you troubleshoot or repair these units?
Vicinity of Watfield Ave in Nanaimo
I would like an estimate on crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Howard Ave in Nanaimo
Odour in crawl space
Vicinity of Bay St. in Nanaimo
Attic insulation upgrade required
Vicinity of Dockside Way in Nanaimo
Need to re-insulated attic.
Vicinity of Cariboo Dr. in Nanaimo
Water leaking into my basement bedroom along the baseboard.
Vicinity of Kennedy St in Nanaimo
Have leak in basement.
Vicinity of Howard Ave in Nanaimo
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Gail Place in Nanaimo
Crawl space Moisture problem smells damp
Vicinity of Howden Dr in Nanaimo
Crawl space joists no insulation, attic only has about 3 inches as per home inspection.
Vicinity of Garside Road in Nanaimo
This estimate is for insulation in the attic. There is currently very little there.
Vicinity of Glen Oaks Drive in Nanaimo
We have a low height crawl space that is poorly insulated we need to find a way to reduce the heat loss.
Vicinity of Jeevans Road in Nanaimo
Hi there, Looking to add insulation above our garage. The exterior walls are all insulated just not the attic above. The area is approx 20x20'. I was told to go with an R value of at least 50, preferably 60. Thank you
Vicinity of Parkside Way in Nanaimo
Airflow from our crawlspace to exterior walls.
Vicinity of Bellflower Way in Nanaimo
Interested in waterproofing and/or sealing crawl space.
Vicinity of Landmark Crescent in Nanaimo
I would like to get a price and more details on a home energy audit. Our biggest concern is cold floors and main floor area. We have a vented crawl space with concrete floors, no wall insulation and batt insulation between floor joints (I assume no vapour barrier on the inside of the batt). Our house is a fairly open 2,800 sf 1980s home with electric heat and an average monthly electrical bill of $260 plus we burn about two cords of wood in an efficient wood stove. We'd like to take a look at our options and develop a plan to make our house more comfortable and efficient.
Vicinity of Dufferin St in Nanaimo
Uninsulated crawl space with insufficient vapour barrier. Heat escapes through laminate floors. Floors feel damp and cold when outside temp drops. Laminate flooring will be ruined in next 2 years without something being done. House is always cold. Cement block foundation. 1000 square feet.
Vicinity of Carmel Place in Nanaimo
We believe to have a moisture concern in our crawl space and we would like to have it looked at. Also about having more blown insulation over our garage which is approximately 600 sqf and to see if there is enough in the rest of our house which is a 1600 sqf. rancher
Vicinity of Troy Anne Way in Nanaimo
We had a pest control check our house for rodents and then reccomend a contractor to seal holes etc , we still have the same problems
Vicinity of Cadogan Street in Nanaimo
Nasty crawl space.... House built in mid 1950's. No ground seal solution in place. Perimeter drain system has collapsed - which is a seperate issue - however it does add a great deal of water to the crawl space area.
Vicinity of in Nanaimo
Need attic insulated per home inspection
Vicinity of in Nanaimo
Need a quote to install 2 sump pumps in a crawl space
Vicinity of College DR in Nanaimo
I need an estimate to upgrade attic insulation roughly 1500sq/ft
Vicinity of Nelsonwoods Place in Nanaimo
There is a crack in foundation which extends halfway across the crawl space floor. The crack is evident in the foundation on the outside of the building.
Vicinity of Vancouver Avenue in Nanaimo
We live in a 99 year old house and we have a couple of wet spots in our basement.
Vicinity of Dick Ave in Nanaimo
My basement is mostly dry had some problems before but have fixed them but........ cinderblocks have cracks between and wondering if waterproofing would help and make it more waterproof and attractive.
Vicinity of B Barons Road in Nanaimo
Would like an estimate to do a sea can steel container in spray foam installation? 20 feet long
Vicinity of Monterey Drive in Nanaimo
Energy costs seem to be increasing compared over the last the periods
Vicinity of Turner Rd in Nanaimo
Looking for quote on HRV system and installation.
Vicinity of Chestnut in Nanaimo
Some insulation needs to be replaced in crawl space. Has fallen down. It is dry though.
Vicinity of Dover Road in Nanaimo
Crawl space smell though it seems dry.
Vicinity of Eberts Street in Nanaimo
I bought this house in December and it needs both the crawl space and attic properly insulated and sealed. I am looking for a quote for repair.
Vicinity of Cross Bow Drive in Nanaimo
I would like to add blown in insulation in the attic of a duplex. Could you give me a quote?
Vicinity of Cavan St in Nanaimo
6,000sqft 80+ year old heritage office building Heating and cooling costs are prohibitive Appears to be ~R12 insulation in the attic Large gaps in vapour barrier Need a quote to repair breaks in vapour barrier & install R50+ insulation throughout
Vicinity of Leo Terrace in Nanaimo
I am having sound problems between my basement suite and the main part of the house. I was told that it might be possible to put spray foam insulation above the ceiling in the suite to help with the sound barrier. Could you please give me some information on whether or not this would work, and what the cost would be for an 850 sq ft. basement suite.
Vicinity of Glenayr Drive in Nanaimo
We have an exterior drain that backs up occasionally and floods our basement. We are putting in a basement suite and I am looking for some advice on what I should do to prevent this backup. Thanks
Vicinity of Emerald Drive in Nanaimo
Wanting floor (which is entirely closed in) insulated, between garage and room above it.
Vicinity of Townsite Road in Nanaimo
Hello, I would like to arrange to get a quote on perimeter drain replacement. Could you please give me a call at the number above as soon as possible. Thank you.
Vicinity of Starling Rd. in Nanaimo
We have had water in our crawl space several times and have been told by people who have done repairs for us that we have serious mold problems. We would like to have someone have a look for us and give us an estimate as to what needs to be done to get rid of it and how much it will cost.
Vicinity of Biscayne Bay in Nanaimo
We are looking for a quote on spray foam for our attic space. We had an energy audit today and the advisor said we have about an R8 and it should be R50 at least!! Please let us know what you need for a quote and timeline to book an appointment. Thanks! FYI: we are a 1800 sq.ft split level with the attic easily accessible from the stairwell.
Vicinity of Summit Drive in Nanaimo
Need spray foam with insect repellent in crawl space, foundation on rock, rock needs to be covered, possible heaters installed in crawl space. Available after 3 pm mon to sun for inspection quote appointment.
Vicinity of Vancouver Ave in Nanaimo
I have a crack in my foundation and would like to get it repaired. Pls call me to set up a time where someone can come have a look at it.
Vicinity of Fifth Street in Nanaimo
I would like to have someone look at my crawl space. It is an older house and the floor inside the house seems to be saggy and creaky. there is also a newer addition on the house I think a lot of the floor joists are starting to sag. there are a couple of things that I would like to have quoted along with the foundation being checked. and possible insulation.. there is 6 mil vapor barrier installed but in one area there seems to be a little water pooling. Let me know Chris Godfreyson
Vicinity of Gail Place in Nanaimo
Crawlspace has non functioning joists; especially under the bathroom; bathroom appears to be sinking.
Vicinity of Strickland St in Nanaimo
House is 80 years old approx. 3/4 foundation Dirt crawlspace. Looking for estimate Thanks
Vicinity of Bradley Street in Nanaimo
Basement is flooding. need help!
Vicinity of Haliburton Street in Nanaimo
I have an older house on a crawl space. It's pretty nasty. The floors of the house are quite cold. Can you help?
Vicinity of Werners Way in Nanaimo
Looking for a quote for crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Maple St in Nanaimo
Footings need to be replaced/concreted (currently sitting on dirt floor) and the foundation is crumbling in spots.
Vicinity of Sunset Drive in Nanaimo
Was curious if the injectable foam insulation was usuable for sound proofing between a basement suite and upper suite in a house. Currently I am not reachable by phone but would love an email reply. Thank-you Jacquie
Vicinity of REGAL ST in Nanaimo
I want to spray Foam my house.
Vicinity of Lenhart Ave in Nanaimo
I would like to get a quote for sealing my crawling space, insulating the crawlspace and air sealing my house.
Vicinity of Newport Drive in Nanaimo
Termite damage repair estimate required. Pest control completed
Vicinity of Szasz Drive in Nanaimo
We have a damp crawl space and would like an estimate on moisture proofing it. Thank you.
Vicinity of Cambridge Pl in Nanaimo
Interested in crawl space inspection
Vicinity of Groveland Dr in Nanaimo
I own a rental duplex with a vented crawlspace. The heating costs seem excessive. I am wondering if there is any way to insulate the floor to reduce heating costs. There is currently no insulation under the floor. The crawlspace has a gravel floor, and some insulation in the outer walls.
Vicinity of Strathmore St. in Nanaimo
I am looking for any suggestions on repairing or water proofing a crawl space. the crawl space varys in height from approx 4ft down to about 2.5 ft. the concrete floor, is so porous that the water seeps through and so weak that you could push a finger through it.
Vicinity of Adby Rd in Nanaimo
My daughter is suffering from asthma and I am wanting to have our crawl space looked at for potential barrier problems. i have been down there and it is very poorly finished with only a few thinn sheets of poly scattered. Thanks, Juliana
Vicinity of Asteria Place in Nanaimo
Uninsulated crawl space and drifted insulation in attic.
Vicinity of Chelsea St in Nanaimo
Our Crawl space experiences moisture and we recently notice approximately 1/2 to 1 inch of water after the heavy rainfall. We are interested in the free inspection. Thanks
Vicinity of Milton Street in Nanaimo
Old house with an old foundation, after very heavy rain, tends to leak. New gutters installed 1 month ago, didn't solve anything.
Vicinity of Planta Road in Nanaimo
We have a ground level entry where we recently put down a floating wood floor. We are notiving cracking and we are wondering if a dehumidifier would be a benefit?
Vicinity of Dockside Way in Nanaimo
One corner of the crawl space has evidence of water seepeage. It stinks in the crawl space of damp and wet wood. The smell can permeate the whole house on some days.It is a cement floored space approx 4 ft high, 20 years old. There is white crysatllization on parts of the crawlspace floor. Gail
Vicinity of Oakley Street in Nanaimo
It's about a 3-5 foot crawl area, with dirt ground, insulation on outside walls, apprx. 1200 sq ft area, gas furnance in crawl area
Vicinity of Forest Drive in Nanaimo
I would like a quote for insulating my attic space? Thanks
Vicinity of Harvey Street in Nanaimo
1250 sq ft, 625 sqft finished suite, 625 sq ft partially finished. Flooding up to 5 inches three times over the past winter, leaking into the partially finished side of the basement.
Vicinity of Sealand Road in Nanaimo
Are you located in Nanaimo and do you fix crawl space sill rot?
Vicinity of Needham St. in Nanaimo
My basement flooded a bot over the winter so I decided to get it fixed this summer. I have a high slope on the one side of my house where all the moisture seeps out. I have recently dug up the dirt to see if I could fix it myself but there are a few problems I'm not sure about. Could I get someone to give me a free inspection and written quote soon? Thanks.
Vicinity of Manning Street in Nanaimo
My 1908 house drops 3 inches on one side. The foundation is cider block. Can the footings be replaced and the house bottle jacked up to fix?
Vicinity of Pirates Lane in Nanaimo
Our house was originally a summer cabin built on pier blocks and posts but had a foundation put around the perimeter in the early 80's and an addition on foundation added in mid-80's. The old part of the house has very low clearance off the ground and the newer section has about 3'. There has never been a moisture problem in the crawl space, but it is dusty and dirty. There was a thin plastic sheeting over the dirt but that is now a mess. I am interested in getting an estimate to put a proper heavy duty liner in this space and/or discuss other options.
Vicinity of Albert Street in Nanaimo
It is so wet fish can swim there. The rest of the old basement is dirt. Help!
Vicinity of June Ave in Nanaimo
Basement suite 1000 sq feet. Ceiling and walls.
Vicinity of Uplands Drive in Nanaimo
I have an approximately 1100 square foot crawl space that is about three feet high. I would like to have a vapour barrier installed (with perhaps insulation in the walls) so that we no longer smell a musty odour. I am interested in an estimate.
Vicinity of Glen Eagle Cres in Nanaimo
40 yr plus home with a partial crawl space of 500 square feet no previous hst of dampness til last weeks rainstorm..Recent upgrade of 4" foam insulation. Has concrete 2" floor not entirely sealed, over vapour barrier. Has 4 vents for fresh air...but still has slight mustsy smell in the bsement Rec Room... What are my options Eligible for bc/fed grants . HRTC has beenn exhausted so lets do not go there...Want honest know what the hell you are doing opinion ..and price quote that is competitive ........Bob
Vicinity of Brebber Road in Nanaimo
Crawl space below a mobile home
Vicinity of Northumberland in Nanaimo
My basement has been filling with water since this morning and I am still vacuming at one in the morning.
Vicinity of Albert Street in Nanaimo
Part of my basement is "raw" with rocks out of which pours water when it rains. there is a sump pump but I am worried that it will stop one day and my basement will be flooded. It probably needs all around the house irrigation which also would hopefully get rid of the big puddle in front of the basement door.
Vicinity of Green Acres in Nanaimo
Home is 20 years old, crawl space used for storage-just earth, not cemented. We have lost items due to dampness and rot.
Vicinity of Bowstring Close in Nanaimo
We have a crawl space that has a sump pump hole that is quite large, it also seeps water through the concrete at certain times of the year, I am sick of the musty smell.
Vicinity of Haliburton St in Nanaimo
55 year old house built on solid rock. Cement foundation, rock floor. Water seeps in at ground level during wet winter.
Vicinity of Johnston Place in Nanaimo
I have a small leak that comes up through the cement in a corner that I plan on digging down and pouring cement to hopefully eleviate the issue of water coming in in this area, otherwise it seems that my crawl space is damp, I have figured it out to be the vents that some say should no longer be used, I would like to find out how much it cost to incapsulate this area to get rid of musty smells and or any moisture issues, was thinking of doing it myself if I could find the time, but if its reasonable getting a proffesional job is always best. can you give me an example of cost, my crawl space is 4 ft ish in height, so no problem to move around in very easy access to whole crawl space.
Vicinity of Nanaimo Lakes Road in Nanaimo
We have a 1100 SQ. Foot Rancher on a Concrete Foundation with Dirt floor and would like a Quote to have it Encapsulated. We are also on Septic so you wouldhave to leave that area accessable. Thank You
Vicinity of Berkshire Place in Nanaimo
20 years old, has water from time to time which builder tried to fix way back. crawl space 40*20
Vicinity of Oakley Cres in Nanaimo
It is unfinished with a partial dirt crawl space.there is mold growing on the concrete foundation walls. HELP!!!!!
Vicinity of Bowen Road in Nanaimo
Hi, I'd just like to to know if you can supply me with a cover and an audible alarm for my outdoor sump pump? Thanks very much! -Will
Vicinity of Bird Sanctuary Dr. in Nanaimo
We have both a rodent problem and a problem with moister. We insulated the floor only to have the rats crawling around inside the insulation. Some are even geting up throught the walls and we don't know how they are getting in. If we could control the misture problem and seal up the crawl space some how I'm sure we would eliminate the rodents.
Vicinity of Hammond Bay Rd in Nanaimo
Crawl space, dirt floor, crack in foundation. Would appreciate estimate.

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