Crawl Space Repair Customer Testimonial from Ron A. in Nanaimo, BC

To Whom It May Concern:
Our house is 28 years old and when it was built a plastic ground cover was placed in the crawl space. Over the years the plastic (6 ml code) became moved and torn. About 8 years ago we put a gas furnace in the house and the furnace went into the crawl space. Over the years it attracted critters from the outside which caused this area to become smelly and the smell would come into the house through the furnace vents. The items we were storing in this area would at times become damp where the plastic had moved or where it was broken. My son and I cleaned out the crawl space and I intended to either put more plastic in it or have someone pour cement. The smell remained.

If we were going to put plastic back my wife wanted me to have someone do it. I had heard on Shell Busey's radio show about Basement Systems for this type of work so I checked his referral service to find it was listed there as well along with Island Basement Systems - they are related companies. I phoned the company in July of 2005 and made an appointment to have someone visit. Within a week Peter Spaans dropped by, assessed the work, sat down with us to give an explanation of what he would do and gave us a quote. Because of Shell's recommendation and the description of the job Peter gave us we decided to have it done.

We have been very pleased with the work. It was done quickly and Peter was careful to clean up after his job. In fact there was still some wood left in the crawl space which Peter removed from the premises. When I went under the house it was neat and tidy, the membrane was glued and secured right up to the top of the foundation. The white surface reflects the light well making the area very bright and clean looking. We have now had it in place for six months. It is so dry down there that we again have decided to store some objects there without fear of damage. The smell has totally disappeared as well. I have found Peter and the other two people from the company I have spoken with to be courteous and helpful. When I have talked with people I know who are having similar problems I suggest that they give Island Basement Systems a call.

Ron A.
Nanaimo, B.C

- Ron A. of Nanaimo, BC
Wednesday, June 14th
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