Deep Energy Retrofits in BC: What They Are and How You Benefit

Friday, May 16th, 2014 by Chris Schmidt

Spray foam application in British Columbia

Most homeowners in British Columbia are familiar with the energy efficiency rebate programs that have happened over the last few years. Both LiveSmartBC and EcoAction programs were terrific, as they really helped a lot of homeowners be able to upgrade their homes. Houses in Vancouver Island are expensive enough, let alone trying to heat them with the rising electric, gas and oil costs.

One of the downfalls of these rebate programs is that they were targeting the “low hanging fruit” of the residential home. Simple, easy to fix items were focused on, in order to bring as many homes in Vancouver Island to a higher level of efficiency, at a range that the typical homeowner could afford.

Many homes need more than just a little bit of caulking and adding some attic insulation. The focus of our Deep Energy Retrofit program is to examine the home as a whole -- a system that works together to condition the spaces within. Deep home energy retrofits will oftentimes result in savings of nearly 30%!

With a whole-house approach, we'll look at the entire home from the footing to the peak of the roof. Then we come up with a comprehensive method to apply energy-efficient solutions, smart building techniques, R2000 and Passive home ideas, all to provide you with a home that exceeds the minimal levels required by BC building code and either of the two expired programs.

Deep energy retrofits are an extensive repair job; usually involving removing the cladding, some drywall, roofing, etc. A retrofit program can also be phased in over time. For example, if you're replacing your shingles, then that's the right time to upgrade your attic! Making some changes to the layout of your main floor? Well, let us improve your home's energy performance at the same time!

Some of the best options for deep energy retrofitting include heat recovery ventilators, spray foam insulation, and window replacement, to name a few.

Heat recovery ventilators take advantage of a counter-flow heat exchanger to provide fresh air and improved climate control, and at the same time minimize energy costs by reducing the requirements for heating and cooling.

Spray foam insulation is an effective energy retrofit due to its high r-value and excellent air sealing capabilities. However, this will typically be applied to open framing, and as such, is more difficult to do once a space is finished. Replacement windows are another excellent investment, as energy-efficient models will minimize drafts while offering an attractive look.

Every home is different, which is why we custom-design our deep energy retrofit program to address each home's unique needs. Island Basement Systems can design the right system for you! Find out more about our home energy services and home insulation solutions in Nanaimo, Saanich, Victoria or contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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