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Island Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Salt Spring Island. Learn more about Island Basement Systems's recent work requests in Salt Spring Island and nearby areas!

Learn more about Island Basement Systems' recent work requests in Salt Spring Island, BC
Vicinity of Broadwell Road in Salt Spring Island
Hello, We are interested in getting a quote for having the main floor of our house insulated. It is approximately 1000 square feet and mostly sits over bare earth. Please get in touch, thank you very much.
Vicinity of Valhalla Rd in Salt Spring Island
I have an uninsulated crawl space.
Vicinity of Junier Place in Salt Spring Island
New house on Salt Spring, 1405 sq. ft. one level with a crawl space.
Vicinity of Bradley Road in Salt Spring Island
Would like a quote on crawlspace sealing and insulation, plus sealing and insulation of a small attic area.
Vicinity of Marina Crescent in Salt Spring Island
Entire crawl space requires encapsulation and ?
Vicinity of Sarah Way in Salt Spring Island
Very high hydro bills so we are interesting in getting a blower door test on our house. Do you service the Gulf Islands?
Vicinity of North End Road in Salt Spring Island
I would like a quote to spray foam insulate my basement and perhaps my two attics.
Vicinity of Mt Baker Cres in Salt Spring Island
Spray on insulation questions in ceiling
Vicinity of Bittancourt Road in Salt Spring Island
Want eco-friendly spray foam insulation in basement and an estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Kings Road in Salt Spring Island
Older building crawlspace requires a ground seal and spray foam foundation insulation for an energy audit requirement
Vicinity of Dean Rd in Salt Spring Island
Crawl space
Vicinity of Byron Road in Salt Spring Island
Crawl space problems! Salt Spring Island has had a rat infestation over the past few years and now it's my turn to have them in my crawl space insulation. I have rid the space of rats now using pest control, however I'm left with the clean up and I need to make the crawl space insulation rat-proof! The current insulation is fiberglass batts between the joist. Chicken wire was placed below it to ensure it stayed in place, however I see now that the chicken wire made a nice stable base for my rat friends, allowing them to be on top of the insulation and not falling down. Not good. I'm wondering your opinion on spray foam insulation for a crawl space? The thought being if the spray insulation was adhered to the floor, then pests won't have an area to walk along. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bob.
Vicinity of Deer Park Road in Salt Spring Island
I need a quote on completely insulating a 2,800 square foot house with crawl space.
Vicinity of Burgoyne Bay Road in Salt Spring Island
Interested in getting a dehumidifer for our full height basement (1/2 finished 1/2 unfinished approx 1200 sq ft
Vicinity of Fulford Ganges Road in Salt Spring Island
I have sinder block basement, house built 68 - 70 Last couple yrs water has bee getting in in one corner, lay of the land the water comes to this side of the house. I can see where the water fill into blocks, change color with the water, and eventually creeps in, last year bad because of the heavy rain. I would like to have a discussion and get a quote`.
Vicinity of Teal Place in Salt Spring Island
We would like to get a quote on possible foundation repairs and insulation of crawl space for our Salt Spring Island home. Could you let us know when you might be available to do this? We are currently living in Vancouver and tenants are in our Salt Spring house. Therefore we need advance notice regarding this inspection. Thank-you
Vicinity of Northend Rd in Salt Spring Island
I need to insulate my steel building with a non toxic spray foam
Vicinity of Wright Rd. in Salt Spring Island
The crawl space has bad water leakage when it rains. It's 1,000 ft. sq., ranging from 4.5 ft to 2.5 ft height. Ceiling of crawl space (floor of first floor above) is not insulated, nor are the concrete walls of the CS. Just had an energy audit done for the whole house - which identified the crawl space as a major source of heat loss; would like an evaluation of the crawl space. thank you, I look forward to hearing from you, John
Vicinity of Upper Ganges Road in Salt Spring Island
Cold basement no isulation wondering if this would help ?>? Kenn
Vicinity of Lawnhill Drive in Salt Spring Island
There is a musty odour in the house which I believe is coming from the crawlspace. I am having it cleaned out today, but would be interested in having an inspection to see what I need to do once I clean it.
Vicinity of in Salt Spring Island
1800 sq ft home under construction in Port McNeill. Needs spray foam to walls and roof. Which foam do you use and how do I get an estimate ?
Vicinity of Rainbow Road in Salt Spring Island
Hello, House was built in 1944. Basement flooded first couple of years. We have since installed drainlines for downspouts and a perimeter drain on one side which has helped, but water still seeps up through the floor after a heavy rain and often through cracks in the foundation wall. Interested in a free estimate please. Thanks!

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