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Learn more about Island Basement Systems' recent work requests in Nanoose Bay, BC
Vicinity of Avondale Place in Nanoose Bay
Crack in cement in crawlspace
Vicinity of Matthew Rd in Nanoose Bay
Hi there, We have a 6-foot crawlspace which we need to insulate. Do you do the spray foam for basements to meet code? We have about 41 feet by 27 feet and need about 4 feet on each wall covered. Are you able to provide me with a price based on this information? Thank you!
Vicinity of Bonnington Dr in Nanoose Bay
We have 1860 sq ft rancher we would like to have the batt insulation removed from between the floor joists in our crawl space and replaced with spray closed cell foam insulation
Vicinity of Collins Cresent in Nanoose Bay
We just replaced our old deck with a new enclosed one. We are looking for three quotes using PolarFoam Soya.The first one doing just the ceiling.The second one doing both under the suspended floor as well as the ceiling. Finally one for three outer walls, the ceiling and under the floor. We want at least R28 in the ceiling and floor and R20 in the walls.
Vicinity of Dorcas Point Road in Nanoose Bay
We have a two foot crawl on dirt that needs repairing, insultation. House was built in 1985, we have been in the house 2 years in July. We have just evicted an otter from the crawlspace and both my hushand and I said time to get this done.
Vicinity of Henley Place in Nanoose Bay
Depending on the weather, we have experienced a minor leak around the place where the concrete wall meets the floor in our storage room in our basement. Not every year, but on occasion.
Vicinity of Collingwood Dr in Nanoose Bay
Hi there We have water seeping out beside a drain pipe installed to channel water from the surrounding rock into the floor drain. This work was done by your company 3 years ago. I have picture but cant attach it here. I would like to have this looked at and repaired. Thank you
Vicinity of Sea Otter Pl in Nanoose Bay
We have recently moved into a 2150 sq ft single story home with a heated uninsulated crawl space (approx 3'). We have just had a home audit completed by City Green solutions and would like an estimate to insulate our crawl space and ensure we do not have moisture problems (Crawl Space Encapsulation?). We are also looking for quotations to replace our hot water tank system and are considering requesting quotations to install a heat pump system to replace the electric floor mounted heaters. We are not sure what the sequence should be?
Vicinity of Morello Road in Nanoose Bay
Crawl space at present is only insulate with fiberglass insulation in the floor. Perimeter is not insulated
Vicinity of Remora Place in Nanoose Bay
Large rock area with cement foundation on top at the front. The front rock forms are the area where water seeps in creating a musty smell.
Vicinity of Dolphin Drive in Nanoose Bay
I have a rock crawl space with a coating over it. 18 year old home. there is a musty odor in it and it is seeping into the ducts and in other spaces(the cupboard in the bathroom)My daughter has begun coughing and this hasn't happened since last fall/winter so I am wondering if it allergies to this musty odor.

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