Work Requests in Duncan

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Learn more about Island Basement Systems' recent work requests in Duncan, BC
Vicinity of Coronation in Duncan
I am looking at purchasing a house on coronation ave, there is some Crawlspace repair needed. Is there someone that can take a look? There are signs of rainwater infiltration and 2 cracks on the foundation wall
Vicinity of Somenos Rd in Duncan
Rats periodically in crawl space in warm weather and water when it rains a lot.
Vicinity of Hillbank Rd No in Duncan
I have a 1000 sq foot qunsit and it is leaking. Can this stuff be used on a slope or even vertical..? Very interest, please respond.... What is the average cost per square inch
Vicinity of Somenos Road in Duncan
Foundation/drainage issues causing front and back porch corners to give way.
Vicinity of Beverly St in Duncan
Crawlspace collects water during heavy rain - already has three inches of water. Looking at installing an interior drain system plus sump pump or other feasible options.
Vicinity of Cowichan Lake Road in Duncan
I am interested in getting a quote to put new insulation in our crawlspace. It is approximately 400 sq ft and about 4.5 feet high
Vicinity of Chaster Street in Duncan
We are looking to have spray foam insulation in the crawlspace of our rental.
Vicinity of Cowichan Lk Rd in Duncan
Crawl space is damp never been sealed properly have to crawl on ones belly to get around
Vicinity of Eagle View Place in Duncan
Selling our house and have been asked by a prospective buyer about our crawl space. As far as we know it is dry and there isn't any mould. It is encapsulated in a thick vinyl. We would be interested in having a free inspection and your recommendation of anything that needs to be done along with the cost. Many thanks.
Vicinity of Kinch Ave. in Duncan
Hi, we need the dirt floor in our crawlspace evened out, covered, & rat-proofed, and the crawl space insulated. Need done fairly soon so we can apply for a rebate. Can you please contact me to arrange for an inspection and quote?
Vicinity of Maple Bay Rd in Duncan
Looking for a quote on insulation for am unfinished basement that we would like to finish.
Vicinity of St Anns Dr in Duncan
Leaking crail space
Vicinity of Cowichan Lake Rd in Duncan
Partially insulated dirt floor crawl space needs upgrading
Vicinity of Gibbins Rd in Duncan
Hi I just moved and renovating a 1940's character home in Duncan. I know I have a few foundation cracks but also want quote for crawlspace to put something on ground down there so I can't see dirt.
Vicinity of in Duncan
New efflorescence creeping in basement. Need possible ceiling insulation increase.
Vicinity of Algonkin Road in Duncan
We have a large crawl space under our living room/dining room area that is not insulated. It creates very cold spaces during the winter. We would like an estimate on having the crawl space insulated.
Vicinity of Tbd in Duncan
I am looking into purchasing a home in the Duncan area. Inspection revealed some concerns with the crawl space. Recommendation to clean up and replace old ground sealant, remove old insulation from the joists and replace with perimeter insulation and reinforce beam supports.
Vicinity of Maple Bay Road in Duncan
Crawl space with dirt floor and uninsulated exterior block walls, Floors are also uninsulated, looking to get exterior walls insulated and install a good ground seal if recommended. (I've heard different Opinions on installing a ground seal)
Vicinity of Chippewa Rd in Duncan
Hi, we have what appears to be the beginning mold in our crawlspace. It appears in the framing and possibly in the fiberglass insulation. Can someone look at it and quote us on a solution. thanks,
Vicinity of Cambrai Rd in Duncan
We have an unfinished loft 800 sq/ft we would like insulated. exposed metal roof and rafters. We would like to be contacted to arrange a quote and discuss insulating options for the space. Thank you.
Vicinity of Arbutus Avenue in Duncan
I have a dirt crawl space and no proper insulation. I am wondering what it would take to alleviate this.....
Vicinity of Somenos Rd in Duncan
Non-insulated crawspace especially on foundation and joist boxes, damaged /missing ground sealed, present of dirt and debris
Vicinity of Trans Canada Hwy in Duncan
I am a realtor with Remax in Duncan. I have a client who has purchased a home and in the home inspection a small portion of the sill plate and rim joist in the crawl space have dry rot. She does not move in until end of October but is wanting to get some general quotes on what the repairs might cost. Are you able to give me a rough estimate? Thanks, Melissa
Vicinity of Sherman Rd in Duncan
Excessive moisture in crawl space. Floods in heavy rains
Vicinity of Herd Rd in Duncan
We have an addition on our modular home that is 14' wide by 40' long so 560sqft and I am wondering about getting 1-2" of closed cell spray foam for a bit of insulation but mostly for the vapor barrier. Wondering what the cost would be to have that done. Just the underside of the floor joists. Thanks, Tom
Vicinity of Deykin Ave in Duncan
I am looking for a quote for 3200sq.ft. of ceiling to be insulated. The trusses are 4/12 pitch 2' o/c. I need a price for open cell and blown in. As well I need a price for 264' of 9' 2x6 walls in closed cell spray foam. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Trillium Way in Duncan
Crawl space needs insulation/windows/roof Home was built in early 70's
Vicinity of Powell Street in Duncan
Hello. I am looking to get just a rough estimate to install a large sump pump in a crawl space that has water issues. If you could email me or call me ASAP that would be great. I just need a rough estimate as its for a house we are looking to purchase.
Vicinity of Wedgwood Drive in Duncan
Would like a quote on a sump pump install in our basement.
Vicinity of Maple Bay Rd. in Duncan
Foundation Crack(s)
Vicinity of Campbell St. in Duncan
47 year old rancher on crawl space. In area of duncan that previously flooded in past, so soft ground under house. Center two post and pads "sagging". Want to discuss repair options, reinforcement, pouring additional pads or your opinion. Small cracks in exterior foundation walls, unsure if they are an issue. Also future Reno possibilities as part of repair, will elaborate further later.
Vicinity of Menzies Rd in Duncan
Unoccupied part of underground basement has been weeping slightly for the past 20 years. It is coming in from a wall that is protected from the elements. New perimmiter drains were installed a few years back except for the wall side that is leaking. Before I can decide to have it fixed I would need to know how much it will cost. As there is no panic and since you are located in Victoria and you would like to give a quote don't make a special journey, when you are in the area is fine
Vicinity of Constitution Place in Duncan
Interested in a quote for foam insulation in a crawl space.
Vicinity of Fairview Way in Duncan
We've spent a fair amount on upgrading the windows, doors and heating systems in our home, but still need to invest in new insulation for our attic, and possibly for the roof of our carport (which is directly under our kitchen).
Vicinity of Cedar Ave in Duncan
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Woodland Place in Duncan
I moved into a new house and I know from the house inspection the crawl space has had water and mold problems in the past. I would like for professionals to come in and inspect the crawl space to determine the extent of the damage and look at what can/should be repaired as air quality in the house is a concern for me.
Vicinity of in Duncan
1) Strong mould smell from bathroom/laundry wall and crawlspace. 2) sheet of plastic laid down in crawlspace needs removing/replacing? 3)Rodent proofing if possible.
Vicinity of St. Ann's Close in Duncan
Puddles in basement floor
Vicinity of Genoa Bay Road in Duncan
This year we plan to build our o energy home and would like to know what to expect in cost using your spray foam for the ext. wall 6 inch.
Vicinity of Hykawy Road in Duncan
We have water pooling in our crawl space and suspect perimeter drain problems.
Vicinity of Norcross Road in Duncan
Air sealing, advice on window replacement, advice on basement/crawlspace insulation
Vicinity of Bell McKinnon Rd. in Duncan
Low dirt crawlspace; partially uninsulated, partially fibreglass insulation; no poly liner.
Vicinity of Escarpment Way in Duncan
Classic crawl space issues; not insulated and damp.
Vicinity of Maple Bay Rd in Duncan
Hi I had an inspection done in June, and have been too busy to call the man back that did out inspection until now, but have lost his card, could you put me in touch with the person who did it, so we could go over the video. Thank You Chad
Vicinity of Sunrise Rd in Duncan
I have recently installed a new foundation around my crawlspace, and would like it encapsulated. It is dry, but has no ground seal.
Vicinity of Prevost Rd in Duncan
I have a dirt floor crawlspace and am interested in doing the spray foam and water barrier. the house is about 1200 sq ft on one floor so that is the aprox area i would need delt with. looking for pricing on this. also... can the crawlspace celing/house floors be spray foamed as well as they are extrememly cold. thanks
Vicinity of Lomas Road in Duncan
It's just like in your picture "ugly crawl space" would like a cost estimate of fixing the crawl space.... not sure if the liner is effective... but it definitely does not cover the foundation walls. Some of the old insulation got wet at some point and is hanging down. Also crack in foundation, and wondering about mould?
Vicinity of Palahi in Duncan
Hello I have storage room under a deck that I want to insulate. There is no ventilation. How much to spray foam insulate. area is 320 sq ft, 2by 10 floor joists
Vicinity of Arbutus Avenue in Duncan
Two crwal space walls, and possibly crwal space ceilings. Dirt floor (damp in places)of one crawl space. Please email first. Home is in Maple Bay. Thanks
Vicinity of Pacific Dr. in Duncan
Want to know if there is moisture problems in crawl space.
Vicinity of Auchinachie Rd in Duncan
Older home cement on one side dirt on other built in 1923 with addition but in in the 70's
Vicinity of Wharncliffe Road in Duncan
Located near cowichan river in Duncan. Right now, we are 6 inches deep of water in the crawl space. Wooden posts holding up the floor, are in sunk in the earth. They are not on concrete footings. There is some erosion at one point of the foundation wall underneath.
Vicinity of Highland Avenue in Duncan
Our basement only leaks when it rains a lot, or we have a lot of melting snow. We have a sump pump, but still, we have some seepage. We re-did the drainage tiles, but they were never placed deep enough to deal with the water table on that side of the house. We have reinforced the inside wall with concrete, and tried other things. We would really appreciate some outside advice - especially if its free! Perhaps there is something that can be done that we don't know about. Thanks so much. Patricia
Vicinity of Normandy Rd in Duncan
One corner of the basement/garage with bedroom over, settled over 5 yrs ago and we would like to repair.
Vicinity of Deborah Drive in Duncan
Rancher built in 1981. 147 feet above sea level. Crawl space has 6 vents and used to have a makeshift (baseboard) heater. Seems dry on older part of house. The new addition is on the south side and is dry. Crawl space is vented too much and is cold in winter. I'd like a way to close the vents in winter time. Also during winter months, a gallon of water a day is removed from the main floor by a dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Somenos Road in Duncan
Crawl space is approx. 1200 sf with a dirt floor. Walls are approx. 3 1/2 ft tall concrete block. (Approx. 530 sf of wall). I'm interested in vapour barrier seal all through so I can close off the old air vents and insulation on the walls.
Vicinity of Gore-Langton Road in Duncan
Hi there; We received your mail-out coupon a couple of months ago, but weren't able to take action on getting our crawlspace addressed due to work/scheduling conflicts. We'd really appreciate someone getting back to us quickly as we'd like to move on getting this cleaned up and sealed in. The cottage has been around for a long time, and the old girl could use some help. We'd love to set up the free-estimate visit asap, and we'd *really* love to get this all buttoned up by Christmas if possible (we're also very hopeful you'll still honour the discount too). :0) Many thanks, Joanne

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