Crawl Space Repair - What is the best way to treat a mold infested, dirt crawl space?

In this video, Christian helps a customer in Lund, BC who is looking for the best to solve the problems with her crawl space.


“The key thing that a homeowner who has a crawl space needs to remember is that they need to treat the crawl space as if it were a basement. There is no difference except the height. That is it. A crawl space is a short basement.” – he explains.


That said, Island Basement Systems solves most crawl spaces problems in four steps.

  • Make sure that the crawl space doesn’t flood by installing proper drainage and a sump pump
  • Make sure ground water is not allowed to evaporate into the crawl space, by lining the floor with a vapor barrier, as mandated by local building code.  Our sturdy, 20mil CleanSpace liner is a superior crawl space encapsulation alternative to generic poly sheets used as vapor barriers. It is puncture resistant and has a 25 year warranty against damage from normal wear and tear.
  • The third step is to insulate the walls in a way that air doesn’t leak through. By insulating and air sealing the crawl space walls, your home will become more energy efficient, solving problems such as cold floors and drafty rooms.
  • The fourth step is to control relative humidity levels in the crawl space by installing an energy-efficient crawl space dehumidifier. 

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