Do I need a dehumidifier in my home?


In this video, Chris gives a Ucluelet, BC customer, a few very good reasons to purchase a dehumidifier – and not just any dehumidifier but the best available in industry.

“If you live in a home that is well insulated, it also means that it should be reasonably air tight.” – explains Chris. “As we live inside the home we produce moisture, by breathing, cooking, cleaning, showering, all those things.”


To get rid of that moisture homeowners mainly rely on basic ventilation: they turn the bath fan on and it will pump the moist air out. The problem is that most homeowners Chris and his team work with don’t usually turn bathroom fans on for eight hours a day, as required by building code.

All this moisture builds up inside the home by human activities, plus some humidity left over from when the basement was leaking or from the crawl space – and it is important to get rid of it.

There are only two ways to get rid of it. Ventilation or dehumidification – and Island Basement Systems provides both.

The SaniDry dehumidifier is a whole house dehumidification and air filtration system and is a fairly superior alternative to generic, store bought dehumidifier.

Generic dehumidifiers are expensive to run, and they only address small areas of the house. They also have a tray that needs to be emptied regularly; otherwise they will run but not withdraw any moisture from the air.

The ENERGY STAR® qualified SaniDry offered by Island Basement Systems was designed to dehumidify large areas of up to 3000 sq feet, while ridding the air of mold spores, dust mite pellets, pet dander and other harmful particles as small as one micron.


The SaniDry operation is virtually maintenance free. Once set, the unit automatically monitors relative humidity levels, withdrawing moisture as needed, and self-emptying into the drainage system.

By keeping RH levels between 49 and 50%, the SaniDry will keep your home mold free, improve indoor air quality, and make your house more energy efficient, because dry air is easier to cool and heat. Your HVAC system won’t need to work so hard to keep you and your family comfortable. 

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