Protecting Your Basement from Flooding in Case of Power Outage


A customer from Nanaimo, BC asks Chris if there is a way to keep her basement from flooding with the power goes out and her sump pump is not working.

It is an unfortunate that many homeowners in Vancouver Island learn the hard way that the same storms that have the potential to flood basements are also capable of knocking down power, putting even the best sump pump totally out of commission when you need it most.


Ideally, every homeowner should have at least one backup sump pump, and it should be a battery-operated unit. If you want to really reduce the odds of a basement flooding to statistical insignificance, Chris recommends the TripleSafe Sump Pump System, installed exclusively in the region by Island Basement Systems. 

The TripleSafe has not one, but two backup sump pumps: a powerful electric model, and a battery-operated backup pump. The battery-operated backup pumps offered by the company comes with a battery that is specifically designed for this purpose – unlike store bought units that have an adapted marine battery -- and can withstand long periods of being unused without failing. It can run for about 3 to 5 days of normal power failure to keep your basement dry.

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