Why should you care about crawl space environment?

Sunday, July 21st, 2013 by Cynthia Freeney

Dirt and/or vented crawl spaces are such a huge problem across the US that they are being called a true "housing epidemic".

Dirt and vented crawl spaces are prone to retain moisture from the air, from the ground and the rain. Moisture in the crawl space creates a number of other problems. As it is absorbed by the wooden structures, such as the floor joists, and organic compounds find in some types of insulation it creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow and spread, causing those organic surfaces and structures to rot.

Dust mites and other moisture loving pests find humid crawl spaces particularly appealing, and once they get in they remain undetected until a considerable amount of damage is caused.

Small rodents, stray cats, snakes and other wild animals find shelter in them, and sometimes find their way into some structures where they get trapped, die and the stench of their decomposing remains will make your home smell terribly for what seems like an eternity, if you can't locate and extract them right away.

In addition, due to a simple physics principle called "stack effect", 1/3 of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawl space. As the heated air in the house rises and is eliminated through any openings in the attic and upper floors, the air supply is replenished with the air sucked in from the lower levels of the house: the basement and crawl space.

The airborne mold spores, and dust mite pellets will be carried into your home as the crawl space air is sucked in. If you and/or a family member are suffering from indoor allergies, the cause of all your problems might be lurking in your crawl space.

On the other hand, an encapsulated crawl space in Saanich, Vancouver Island and the surrounding British Columbia area, can give you extra peace of mind, by getting rid of moisture and the problems it causes and helping keep animals from getting in. In addition, it will help lower your heating and cooling bills up to 36%, making your home more energy efficient.

If you live in the greater areas of Nanaimo, Saanich, Victoria, Duncan, Campbell River, Langford, Courtenay, Port Alberni, Squamish, Esquimalt or the areas nearby,Contact us for a Free Estimate, and see how much we can improve your home, health and finances!

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