How To Keep Your Crawl Space Clean and Healthy

Friday, June 1st, 2012 by Chris Schmidt

How do you keep your homes crawl space clean and healthy in the greater Nanaimo, Saanich, Victoria areas? Crawl spaces can often be damp, dirty, moldy places which can contaminate the air in your home. Island Basement Systems can show you how encapsulating your crawl space in Saanich and the surrounding British Columbia area can make your home a cleaner healthier space.

A crawlspace after cleanspace upgrades

Healthier Crawlspaces

The first step to a healthier air in your crawl space that is to eliminate any air leaks in the space. This also will help lower your utility costs.

Second make sure any standing water issues in the crawl space are removed. This usually requires the installation of a sump pump.

Next install crawl space support jacks in floors to support sagging or damaged wood due to moisture, rot and water.

This is followed by the installation of a 20 millimeter crawl space liner and insulation called CleanSpace. CleanSpace stops water vapor from being pulled through the soil and into your home.  This, combined with the elimination of standing water issues controls the moisture from seeping into the air in your home.

Lastly a SaniDry Air System or dehumidifier is installed in the crawlspace. The crawlspace system’s temperature can now be controlled to within 3 degrees of the home’s temperature.

Once the new crawl space system is installed and the crawl space is encapsulated you can enjoy your new clean, dry, crawl space as storage space for your family’s home.

A crawlspace before updates

Island Basement Systems helps homeowners make better, more energy efficient use of their crawlspaces and basements in Campbell River, Duncan, Courtenay, Langford, Squamish, Esquimalt, Port Alberni, and the surrounding British Columbia area.


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