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Island Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Qualicum Beach. Learn more about Island Basement Systems's recent work requests in Qualicum Beach and nearby areas!

Learn more about Island Basement Systems' recent work requests in Qualicum Beach, BC
Vicinity of Dogwood Road in Qualicum Beach
We have a dirt crawl space that has been covered in plastic and insulated but still results in moldy smell in the house.
Vicinity of Quatsino Road in Qualicum Beach
Would like a quote for @ 1000sq ft basement cleanup and re-insulation/sealing. It's currently easy access but 2ft crawl space with regular insulation. Have had previous rat habitation and may also have potential bug issues (none currently that we are aware of). We just took ownership of the place so we are looking to clean it up.
Vicinity of Quatna Road in Qualicum Beach
We have a earthen crawl space we would like to rat proof before the cold weather hits.
Vicinity of Boorman Rd in Qualicum Beach
Crawlspace insulation of 3' high and an approximate 30' X 58' house perimeter.
Vicinity of Crescent Road W in Qualicum Beach
We have a dirt crawl space, covered in heavy vinyl plastic. We would like to be able to control the humidity without having to physically crawl in there. We also have caught some rodents in there and so would like to seal up any entry points.
Vicinity of Leeward Way in Qualicum Beach
Efflorescence in crawl space between bottom plate and top of concrete along one side of building.
Vicinity of Hoylake Road East in Qualicum Beach
Long story but basically had water in our basement while we were down south this winter and our house sitters had it cleaned-up but we need a long term solution. Believe it was hydrostatic pressure which brought water in through cracks in floor and where walls meet the floor. Interested in your sealing process.
Vicinity of Fourth Avenue West in Qualicum Beach
Vicinity of Palm Drive in Qualicum Beach
I need to replace my pleated filter for my SaniDry Mini crawl space air system. Can you advise where I can get them???
Vicinity of Bluffs Dr in Qualicum Beach
We have a crawlspace that has exposed concrete walls and the concrete on the floor is cracking with damp patches...
Vicinity of Balsam Street in Qualicum Beach
Just moved into a 1976 rancher in qualicum, inspection noted foundation crack ( stated minor ) want to get it checked and estimate for fixing. Thanks
Vicinity of Eaglecrest Dr in Qualicum Beach
I would like to book an appointment to have our annual Sump Pump service done. This pump and back battery pump were installed by your company.
Vicinity of Canyon Crescent in Qualicum Beach
We have a musty smelling crawlspace and house, with a forced-air furnace. We are wondering if you can provide a solution. Thanks
Vicinity of Bradshaw Road in Qualicum Beach
Interested in replacing batts of insulation in crawl space ceiling with spray foam insulation. Please email only.
Vicinity of Judges Row in Qualicum Beach
I have a 3-4' crawl space and I would like the floor spray foamed. It has fibreglass batts between the voices right now but it is falling down and is a mess. The area is about 800 sq.ft I believe.
Vicinity of Dogwood Rd in Qualicum Beach
Water coming in under the footing . It is seeping in between the crack of the footing and the cement floor.
Vicinity of West Ridge Way in Qualicum Beach
Crawl Space- High humidity with water seepage through floor and dripping down walls
Vicinity of Pelorus Place in Qualicum Beach
I am looking for some sound barrier in between the floors of my house. So I would need a spray in foam to access between joists and ducting.
Vicinity of Island Highway West in Qualicum Beach
Need a vapour barrier put in crawl space, a check on our sump pump and want to know where the water comes from down there.We live on mainland but the access to the space is open. Would like to see if someone can tell us what the white pipes in the yard are for too - some covered by metal plates at right end of paved area near sump pump corner....
Vicinity of Tamarck Drive in Qualicum Beach
3 feet Crawl Space Cement Floor
Vicinity of Brittain Blvd in Qualicum Beach
Damp and wet crawlspace - 3ft height with concrete floor
Vicinity of Island Highway West in Qualicum Beach
Hello, There is a musty moldy smell coming from the crawl space of our clubhouse here at Eaglecrest Golf Club. Being a very old building, the crawl space is very short (10-15 inches). This is the first year that we have noticed this type of smell and it seems to be getting worse despite our efforts.
Vicinity of Compton Crt in Qualicum Beach
Just purchased the house. Interested in your airtight crawl space vent covers. (have been moving contents into space and notice spider webs/sacs near vent areas etc.) Also do you do floor insulating in the crawl space to help with heating and sound proofing (hardwood floors). Crawl space is in good shape, all concrete and looks to be sealed. Just looking for approximate costs etc. Thank you.
Vicinity of Balsam Street in Qualicum Beach
We have one area in our attic which is seeing moisture buildup under the vapor barrier and causing some mold on the ceiling in one of our rooms. This room has many devices which cause excessive heat as well.
Vicinity of MIDIRON CLOSE in Qualicum Beach
We have minimal water seeping into our crawl space. C/B sweating? Require inspection and recommendations and approx. costing. Thank you
Vicinity of Primrose Street in Qualicum Beach
Small amount of dampness in one corner of a crawl space. Has a bit of odor and some plants growing in the same corner. Obviously has has some moisture at some time. The crawl space requires some cleanup in general as well. Small difficult area to access because of cross beams under floor joists.
Vicinity of Bristol Place in Qualicum Beach
42 inch crawl space in 1880 sq ft bumgalow in Chartwell area of Qualicum Beach,clay soil with high manganeze & iron soil content in a high water table
Vicinity of Seaward Way in Qualicum Beach
Our crawl space has no ventilation. We have an intermittent rodent problem and water is seeping in when heavy rain.
Vicinity of Hoy Lake Road West in Qualicum Beach
Have just purchased this home and move in September 23, 2010. House is new construction at 5years old. Need spray foam insulation in separate 2 car garage/shop and separate out building/office at approx 350 square feet (new construction. Want to set up quote for Sept 25 or 26 in the AM.
Vicinity of Island Hwy West in Qualicum Beach
7 foot plus basement and 20 by 20 crawl post war
Vicinity of Nenzel Road in Qualicum Beach
Three story Commercial residential project. The building is called Terra Verde - Green Planet. Murray Frank and Building Science Corp out of Toronto are consultants on this project. We have SIP and hybrid wall systems but need another clever solution for the East and West walls.
Vicinity of Garden Rd. East in Qualicum Beach
Raise R value in Attic Insulate crawlspace
Vicinity of Hazelwood Place in Qualicum Beach
Please contact me by email. I am interested in insulating the crawlspace to R24. City Green has already done the first assessment for qualifying for grant monies. I would like to set up an appt. for the end of March.
Vicinity of Crescent Rd. W. in Qualicum Beach
Dry .......but a dirt floor...with not much height......the furnace is in the crawl space.

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