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Learn more about Island Basement Systems' recent work requests in Parksville, BC
Vicinity of Foxtail Avenue in Parksville
My buyers Blair MacMillan and Brandy Nixdorf now have an accepted offer on 691 Foxtail. There is moisture in the crawl with a fan. We need you to come out asap to provide a quote to fix this issue or even to just give us a quote as to how much it will cost to fix? Our offer is subject to your quote. Many thx
Vicinity of Lodgepole Drive in Parksville
I have had a problem with rats in my crawl space. I believe the access is now blocked but need the space cleaned.
Vicinity of Thorpe Road Qualicum Beach in Parksville
I was installing Roxul insulation in the perimeter floor joist space and when I came to an area it did not have a vapour barrier on the existing insulation. So I pulled an exposed batting out and saw that there was plastic on the cold side of the exterior wall floor joist space and I touched it to see if it had moisture and it does.
Vicinity of in Parksville
I would like an estimate to spray foam my crawl space. It is a small are of approx 825sq ft. Also if you have any information on rebates that would be appreciated. Thank you
Vicinity of Magnolia Dr in Parksville
Water coming into crawl space near finished basement on slab. Had a appt last year and thought the problem was solved. Clearly it was 2 problems. Would like to get a quote ASAP and likely book for sump pump installation
Vicinity of Maple Lane Dr in Parksville
Drainage around our house and water proofing the foundation to prevent moisture from coming into our basement. It's a older home and the basement has potential to be used.
Vicinity of Admiral Tryon Blvd in Parksville
Requesting information about an attic insulation upgrade.
Vicinity of Mills St. in Parksville
Vicinity of Foxtail Ave in Parksville
We have had some dampness in our crawl space. Caused by plugged perimeter drains. We would like to get the area cleaned up and waterproofed from the inside.
Vicinity of Oak Ave in Parksville
Crawl space with dirt floor - needs new vapor barrier and has a musty smell - need an inspection and evaluation
Vicinity of Kingsley in Parksville
Have accepted offer on home. Home inspection reveals a wet crawlspace with evidence of moisture in footings and floor joists. Water actively entering crawlspace. Home inspector suspects there are no perimiter drains, or they are in need of repair/replacing if they are there. He suggests the crawlspace needs insulated and properly ventilated. Depending on sellers response, may need quotes for repair arranged.
Vicinity of Humphrey Road in Parksville
We have just moved into our home that was a rental property prior. The crawl space (about 3' in height) needs to be vacuumed and all refuse removed. The home is approximately 1200 sq ft. Could you please advise if you do this service and how much it would approximately be. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Vicinity of Gsetjen St in Parksville
Water in crawl space after heavy rain. There was no water a week ago.
Vicinity of Little Mtn Road in Parksville
Cottage on dirt crawl space with bad odour in the home
Vicinity of Price Road in Parksville
Would like a quote on 1250 sq ft. crawl
Vicinity of Lanyon Drive in Parksville
Need a price for blown in insulation into my garage attic which is approx 22x22 I live in French creek Pat
Vicinity of Doehle Street in Parksville
Brand new home. Mould growing already in crawlspace. Need estimate asap. Thank you!
Vicinity of Hamilton Ave in Parksville
Our home is 12 years old and moisture content in the crawl space is 70% and it has a musty smell?We have a relatively sealed crawl space and are considering a dehumidifier or a HRV system. We are not sure what to do.
Vicinity of Willow Street in Parksville
Strong smell when fan turned on, strong smell of dampness in crawl space, inspection shows black mold growing on one of the outside walls in the crawlace.
Vicinity of in Parksville
Dusty, dirty, and has moisture issues
Vicinity of Bridgewater Lane in Parksville
Crawl space with high humidity, approx 1650 SQ
Vicinity of Leask in Parksville
We have just purchased a home with a dirt floor crawl space which has had rodent problems in the past, the home inspector noted some dampness and a significant amount of insulation has fallen from the joists. We would like to have it sealed against rodents, insulated and dry.
Vicinity of Osprey Way in Parksville
We moved into our newly-built house 3 years ago and noticed a small amount of water infiltration in the middle area of the crawlspace but was advised it was nothing to worry about. Over the next three years the infiltration appeared every fall/winterspring and is becoming more widespread. We need an expert in this field to let us know the cause and how we can stop the infiltration. Thanks.
Vicinity of Riley Road in Parksville
I have an old mobile with addition that I am having odour/moisture issues in the crawlspace. It has a full cement foundation and I don't know how to solve this. I would like to book an appointment for someone to give me an idea of what the cost is to fix this issue and what needs to be done.
Vicinity of in Parksville
My home is 4 years old. The crawl space is very very dusty. There is no damp as far as I am aware and no bugs. It is empty of storage. It just needs a thorough cleaning. Crawl space is just over 3 feet high. I would be interested in hearing if you can do this work and your cost.
Vicinity of Alberni Hwy in Parksville
I have an old rental home. Not sure of the age, recently been doing reno's to it and relised there is no insulation in the home. I was wondering how much to spray foam it. Because of it being a cheap rental home Im not willing to spend a fortune on it. Thanks Tiffany
Vicinity of in Parksville
Musty, rat poop and have tried dehumidifiers and have put heat into crawl space.... crawl is 5 and 1/2 feet tall.
Vicinity of Maple Lane Dr in Parksville
IBS installed the waterproofing system last November. No problems until about a month ago when there appeared a strong "musty" smell. I removed anything made of cardboard or paper but the smell still exists, although not as strong as before. The house is now for sale and last week a realtor told us that the smell was a real turn-off because otherwise his clients liked the house and property.What could be causing the smell and do you have any recommendations on how to correct it?
Vicinity of Little Mountain Rd in Parksville
My crawl space requires new insulation as the old fiberglass is falling off the walls as well as underneath the floor. It is a dirt crawl that has moisture problems. The ground is usually damp. The house is 28yrs old, post and beam with lots of cedar and a cement tile roof. The house (and crawl) are U shaped, 1700sqft. The crawl hight goes anywhere from approx 4' to 2' as it has a gentle sloping grade. I would like a quote on spray insulation as well as putting the liner on the ground. Thanks Mark Bentley
Vicinity of Price Road in Parksville
We'd like to upgrade our partially floored crawl space in order to store things in it. It is a 4 foot crawl over a 596 square foot cabin. We have an extensive water purification system in the crawl space as well as an "on demand" water heater.
Vicinity of Bellevue Rd. in Parksville
I would like an estimate for insulating a dirt crawl space. Please call ahead when you will be up this way. Thanks
Vicinity of Arbour Lane in Parksville
Saw your billboard ad on the hwy. Please call me.

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