The Importance of an Effective Wind Barrier Contractor Near Victoria, Nanaimo, Qualicum Beach


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Does your insulation act as a wind barrier? If not, it's keeping you in the COLD!

Batt or cellulose loose—fill insulation does not resist heat loss caused by wind. These types of insulation are not air barriers. Imagine yourself wearing your thickest wool sweater on a really cold and windy day — how warm would you be with the wind blowing through it? Now put a wind breaker jacket over that sweater — that's better, isn't it?

Building paper, Tyvek and other weather membranes are designed to act as that wind breaker, but improper installation, staple holes, non-sealed joints, etc., allow the wind to leak through, robbing your insulation of its thermal properties. For a free consultation and energy estimate in British Columbia, contact Island Basement Systems today!

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Spray Foam Insulation IS a Wind Barrier!

Spray foam insulation is the ultimate in keeping your house warm, whether it's new or 100 years old. By completely encapsulating the gaps, joints, nooks and crannies of the wall, you have 100% insulation. Even better, the wind can't blow through the spray foam, which means it stays 100% effective! Batt or loose fill insulation can lose 50% of the insulating capability in a 15mph wind.

Choose spray foam insulation for warmth, comfort and Energy Efficiency-- contact Island Basement Systems for a free consultation and quote today!

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