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Advantages of Spray Foam Roofing

  • Ideal for flat and low-slope roofs.
  • Seamless: no joints to repeatedly seal against leaking.
  • No flashing; SPF will form a resilient seal against parapet walls and roof penetrations.
  • SPF can be applied over any substrate, even old roofing in bad condition.
  • Exceptional insulating value (R-7 per in.) results in lower HVAC costs.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Speedy installation (many jobs completed in 1-2 days).

Spray foam technology has had a huge impact on the related fields of building, remodeling and energy efficiency. Homeowners rely on disposable cans of one-part spray foam to fill gaps and seal leaks around the house. Architects who specialize in energy-efficient designs specify spray foam insulation for wall, roof and floor assemblies. But spray foam roofing has had an even bigger impact, enabling home and business owners to permanently solve difficult roofing problems while improving building comfort and energy efficiency at the same time.

A special formulation of spray foam is used for roofing

The spray foam used for roofing is technically known as closed-cell Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF for short. Island Basements uses a special SPF formulation designed specifically for roofing applications. The higher density of our roofing foam (3 lb. per cubic ft.) provides extra durability and load-bearing capacity –two important characteristics for roofing.

Interested in our spray foam roofing service? We have the skills and experience needed to apply spray foam quickly and efficiently, providing a lasting solution to your insulating and air sealing needs. Call or contact us today to schedule a Free Estimate. We serve all of the Vancouver Island area, including Nanaimo, Saanich, Victoria, Campbell River, Duncan, Courtenay, Langford, Squamish, Esquimalt, Port Alberni, and the surrounding cities and towns.

Direct application over old roofing is a big advantage

One reason that spray foam roofing has become so popular is its compatibility with existing flat and low-slope roof finishes. The mess and expense of tearing off old roofing is largely eliminated when you opt for spray foam roofing. Instead of removing old roofing, it can be left in place, serving as the substrate for new SPF roofing. SPF is super-adhesive; it will stick to any material and even fill gaps and cracks in old roofing to permanently seal leaks.

Three steps to a new insulated, leak-proof roof

Watch the video. See how a typical spray foam roofing application is done and learn more about the advantages of this innovative roofing technique.

The skilled SPF crew at Island Basement Systems will handle your new spray foam roof application from start to finish. Here are the three main steps:

  • Clean. Debris, loose material and grime are removed from the roof, and the application surface is allowed to dry thoroughly.
  • Apply. Technicians will spray on the expanding foam in several layers, building up a total thickness of several inches. After expanding for several seconds, each foam application cures with a hard, impermeable surface.
  • Coat. We spray the cured foam surface with a silicone finish that provides protection from UV (ultraviolet) degradation. The finish is typically renewed every 3-4 years.

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