How We Install Our Spray Foam Insulation Near Nanaimo, Saanich, Victoria

A nasty, mouldy crawl space in Langford, British Columbia

Before: A nasty, mouldy crawl space

Note the bare dirt and gravel floor, the exposed beams, and cold concrete walls. Additionally, this crawl space has a serious moisture problem! More mould and rot would soon be on their way.

Crawl space vapor barrier system in Courtenay, British Columbia

First, we take care of the moisture problem with the CleanSpace® crawl space vapor barrier system. By sealing off the crawl space vents and doors and covering the concrete and floor with a vapor barrier, we can be sure that moisture is kept back.

Once this has been completed, we can begin to solve the cold problem by insulating the space.

Spray foam insulation in a crawl space in Port Alberni, British Columbia

The walls and joists are covered with spray foam insulation. Spraying into the joist ends to stop air leakage is important for energy efficiency. The crawl space doors and vent covers also help to isolate the crawlspace from cold air outside.

With the CleanSpace® liner partially up the wall, the spray foam insulation creates a perfect seal.

A clean, insulated crawl space in Squamish, British Columbia

After: An attractive, clean crawl space.

The entire crawl space is protected with a liner, with properly sealed floor, insulated walls, and insulated joist ends.

Cold air is stopped from flowing upwards into the home. Utilities, heating ducts, and hot water pipes, are protected from crawl space air, and the entire home is more comfortable and energy efficient!

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