Warm Up Your Floors with Insulation Near Victoria, Nanaimo, Qualicum Beach

Spray Foam in the crawl space in Victoria

Spray foam insulation will keep your ground from losing heat to the basement or crawlspace – and seal air leaks, too.

Ground level floors may get too cold in the winter if the spaces beneath them are cold. Existing insulation (if there is any) is often inadequate or improperly installed beneath the floor boards. Floor surfaces cool as the heat they contain is literally sucked away. Drafts cool floors, too.

As heated air escapes from the upper levels of your home, cold air is drawn in through cracks around lower level windows and doors, from below the floor, and from outdoors. The cold air is heavier than warm air, so it tends to hug the floor and cool its surface.

Insulating the floors in your home will reduce drafts and help you save each year on energy costs! Island Basement Systems is your local home insulation company, providing our professional floor insulation services to local homeowners throughout Vancouver Island. Contact us today to get started on living comfortably at home!

One-Stop Insulation Shopping

Island Basement Systems doesn’t rely on one insulation product to solve all the energy loss problems associated within the home. Instead, we tailor our solutions to your home and the way it was built. Anyone who tells you that one type of insulation can solve all of your problems is probably someone who is only equipped to install only that type of insulation. At Island Basement Systems, we have the training and the specialized equipment to install various types of insulation from spray foam, cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool, rigid foam board, and more.

Finding the Best Solution

Garage Insulation in Powell River Salt

Smart solution. Basement-to-Beautiful panels are designed for installation against basement walls. Panels are made from rigid foam to provide excellent durability and R-value. Integral steel studs make it easy to attach wallboard.

If possible, bring the “below-grade” space inside your home’s foundation within your home’s building envelope. This upgrade will increase comfort and decrease your heating and cooling costs. For example, by insulating basement or crawlspace walls with rigid foam insulation, floor surfaces directly above these spaces will be much warmer in winter.

See basement insulation and crawlspace insulation for more information.

When it’s not possible to insulate the walls of your basement or crawlspace, ask us about insulating the joist bays (spaces between joists) under the floor.

We have various types of insulation materials that can do the job, including spray foam and rigid foam.

Our installers will pay special attention to critical areas, such as perimeter rim joists – a notorious source of air leakage.

Whichever option you choose, it should be accompanied by a thorough air-sealing of your home.

Air sealing reduces the stack effect that is continually trying to expel air through small openings all throughout the upper reaches of your home, while it pulls in air through gaps around the lower levels of your home. See air sealing for more information about this Island Basement Systems service.

Cold floors above garages, balconies, and porches

More tips for warmer toes

  • Vinyl, carpet, cork, and wood feel warmer than ceramic tile, stone, and concrete.
  • Install glass doors on your fireplace.
  • Where feasible, supply outdoor combustion air to your furnace or boiler. Drawing combustion air from your basement or utility closet creates drafts.
  • Weatherstrip your windows and doors, especially the gaps between the bottom of exterior doors and the thresholds.
  • Wear warm slipper and socks!

Ground level floors aren’t the only ones that can get cold. Rooms built above garages are notorious for having cold floors due to lack of insulation and so is any floor that’s cantilevered (overhangs the foundation perimeter).

balconies, bow and bay windows, and bump-outs are all examples of cantilevered spaces. Their floors are especially prone to air leaks because of ill-fitting soffits (boards used to seal under the overhang) combined with direct exposure to wind. Island Basement Systems has detailed solutions for each and every situation.

We will specify the most appropriate insulation solution based upon you home’s construction and your budget.

Start saving energy and money today with an insulation upgrade. Call 1-855-206-4811 or contact us online for an insulation estimate in Nanaimo, Saanich, Victoria and nearby!

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