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Air Movement in a British Columbia home

If your home is drafty and has significant air leakage, you're suffering from many problems in your home that could easily be taken care of by a professional spray-foam contractor. More than just wasted energy in the home, these leaks create an uncomfortable, drafty environment that costs you money while making your utilities work harder and more often to try to condition the air. A sealed home is also much more in demand by buyers, bringing in a better price on the real estate market. For a Free Estimate on sealing your home in , call or contact us by e-mail today!

How to Stop Wasting Energy Through Heat Loss and Cold-Air Infiltration?

You have two options:

Increased home heating in a Duncan home through lowered thermostats and sealing a home with spray foam insulation

  1. You can turn your thermostat down or off. This will definitely use less energy, but you will also be cold.
  1. Improve the air sealing of your home. This way you will use less energy because the heat you do use will stick around. The drafts that make you feel cold and create uneven temperatures in your home will be sealed up. Your home will be more environmentally friendly, and you will stay nice and warm all winter long. In the summer, the reverse happens—you're much better insulated against unwanted heat from outdoors, and the need for air conditioning is reduced. It's a win-win situation!

What Makes Air Sealing and Draft-Proofing so Environmentally Friendly?

Air movement outside means air movement inside when a home has open holes and cracksEnvironmental concerns and taxes are forcing people to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Air sealing and draft-proofing your home is one way that will bring you comfort while saving money!

Studies show that the average Canadian homeowner can attribute the largest portion of their carbon footprint to the energy used in their home! Since up to 58% of this energy goes towards heating and cooling the home, reducing heating and cooling is one of the best things you can do to make you and your family more environmentally friendly.

Everyone has heard of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". Use this practice with your energy consumption! Insulate your home, reduce your wasted heat, then reuse and recycle this heat by keeping it indoors and implementing an efficient HVAC / heating systems. Think about upgrading windows, if needed, to complement the system.

Why Improve my Home Now? I've Lived With it So Far, Why Not Wait?

Government Grants Encourage Warmer, more Energy-Efficient Homes in places like Campbell River

  1. Energy Efficiency and Comfort: Many people put off fixing the problems in their homes until they just can't take it any more. Or they wait until they sell their home. Then they wonder why they didn't do the repairs or improvements years ago.

    They've been putting up with daily discomfort when they could have been enjoying the benefits all the while. And they paid for them either way.

  2. Code Compliance and Home Resale: It may soon become mandatory for all houses sold in BC to have an energy efficiency audit. Buyers may shy away from an energy money-pit. Don't wait until your realtor tells you that you need to bring your home up to modern expectations and standards.
  3. A Greener, More Energy-Efficient Home: For environmental reasons, the sooner you make the change, the better!

What are Air Sealing and Draft-proofing Systems?

Using a blower door fan test, we find and seal the drafts in your home. We implement various methods to seal these air leaks, ranging from caulking, air barriers, and firestopping expanding foam to complete or partial spray-foam applications. Once we have completed the air sealing, a final blower door test is provided to ensure that you have met your EnerGuide targets.

Don't wait until you can no longer afford to heat your home! Call us for a free air sealing and draftproofing inspection today!

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