Island Basement Systems Case Studies: Exterior home energy retrofit in Victoria, BC

Monday, April 28th, 2014 by Chris Schmidt


This Prospect Lake home had a mould problem on the interior due to the poorly insulated walls. Every winter, condensation would form on the cold walls, leading to a pretty nasty mould issue. In 2009, the owner had enough and the house was retrofitted.


To repair the home, the walls were retrofitted by removing the batt insulation from inside and adding R13 of Icynene open cell foam. Then we added an exterior layer of R18 closed cell foam, along with a rain screen system and new Hardie Plank siding. Now the walls are R31 rated and are completely air tight! The roof was re-insulated as well with an exterior layer of closed cell foam, and new sheathing and shingles to complete the package. This is a true deep retrofit that also scored an 84 on the EnerGuide rating.

Project Summary

Products Used: Open Cell Foam, Hardie Plank siding

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