Island Basement Systems Case Studies: Re-insulated home in Oak Bay, BC

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 by Chris Schmidt


For this Oak Bay home, the homeowner was complaining of cold walls which were dripping in condensation. The problem was, that she already had cellulose installed in them.


After some thermal camera inspections, we determined the cellulose was not working due to voids and gaps, and was too loose to be effective. Our solution was to cut open sections of the stucco and vacuum out the cellulose. We then injected the walls with the open cell foam to create an airtight, dense and completely filled cavity. The stucco was repaired and matched, and the attic was insulated with our open cell foam as well. Now the entire envelop of the home is properly air sealed and insulated, and the homeowners have been warm and comfortable.

Project Summary

Products Used: Open Cell Foam

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